Wednesday, November 12, 2008


No, guys...this is LAST year's tree!

A "BLONG" (long blog)

The house I live in is way large for two people. I love a 'way large' house. Some would say that communicating is a problem. I say, not if you want to spend quiet time. I know men and women who have to close the bathroom door to have quiet time, to pray, to meditate. All I have to do is walk to the other end of the house. Living in Florida, our house--like many older homes--is a single floor plan.

We have a two-car, two-bike garage which contains a warehouse of stuff. What stuff? Just stuff. Lots of stuff. In a few weeks, there will be less stuff. Some of it will be in our house, or outside our house. It will be Christmas. Soon after, as winter sets in for the long haul (Ha! we live in Florida, remember?), I'll fix the sprinkler heads and lay some piping. That means dig, dig, dig. The grass will grow, along with those weeds. And I can get out there and pull weeds, until all my frustrations are history. Until all the fights have been fought.

Realtors have implied--some have simply told me outright--that our house has lost market value in the past ten years. They say it is because of our neighborhood, which has become basically Latin. Our neighbors are Haitian, Jamaican, Columbian, Cuban, Dominican, and Americans. These are our friends, friendly friends. The kind of friends who knock on the door to inform me early one morning, that the water company is turning off our water. (The water company had hired a new guy who was working in our yard, the wrong house.)

Some say the neighborhood music is too loud. I *love* it. A few moments ago I stepped outside and somewhere up our street was playing VERY loudly, a medley of Christmas songs. Beautiful. Bing Crosby. Thank you, Haitian people! I wonder why, when I hear these tunes being played in Walmart in September, it bothers me..slightly. Yet, when it is blasting away in the 'hood, I am enjoying it. Immensely!

The peacefulness, the quiet of night has now descended, and "Silent Night" has made the darkness into something shining--or is that the loony moon? Maybe I am getting loony, it's been another of those WONDERFUL days. I wish I could remember all the beautiful happenings those MIRACLES of today. They come along so quickly, there is not time to jot them down. God works fast, when He is ready to "make His move". Too many miracles? Maybe it's NEVER "too many"!

I attended two meetings this morning, 6 and 7 AM. Then the Eye doctor...said I'm doing F.I.N.E. (Syd , thanks for that!) and my sight IS improving, week after week. Thank You, God! Another miracle!

Had late breakfast with a sponsee this morning 11 AM. He's recently returned from their home on a Colorado mountain (Powderhorn, a bit east of Montrose, I'm sure *everybody* knows where that is-grin-). After breakfast, we went to the beach, sat in a garden setting, on a bench, overlooking the Gulf of Mexico. Ahhh! Peace (again) and tranquility! We talked, had a lot of catch-up to get done. He thinks I'm too spiritual. Or maybe Whack-o. He doesn't say so, but I catch that in his 'look-in-the-eye' moment of truth, which we all can recognize. We get along real well. We understand one another. We became very close today. He has 23 years sobriety.

Wish the 'other' sponsee had some...he has 22 years' experience in Alcoholics Anonymous, but not "SOBER" experience. At least every time he's near death, he returns. He has been a good lesson for MANY beginners in our rooms.

It has been a long day, and I'm wandering in my head. This Blong IS long! Sorry 'bout that. Also sorry I did not get to read the blogs today. Maybe tomorrow I'll read and comment, and not write my own , for a change! I truly love you ALL, and that's about all I have to give you...except HOPE. Whoever is hurting, suffering, or white-knuckling it, I wish to give you hope, that if *I* could do it , I KNOW you can! Just Let God in.....

Whoever read this far SHOULD receive an award.
Or maybe a reprimand for not doing something useful! -grin-


Kristin H. said...

Have a good night Steve-O.

big Jenn said...

Thank you! jeNN

Just Another Sober Guy said...

Thanks Steve! I like the term 'Blong'.... never heard that before. I am kinda new to this whole blog thing so I guess I have a lot to learn. Anyway, thanks for sharing your day, your thoughts, your hope with us.


AlkySeltzer said...

Hey, Sober Guy, if you read this..."Blong" is the first original thought I've had in 34 years which is my own created word.

Shadow said...

heee heee heee, hubby's not here to reprimand me for reading...

and as long as home is home, what does it matter who live in your neighbourhood.

you gave me a freight though, thought you'd put up xmas decor already..... although the bean sure would love that.

dAAve said...

I live in Montrose, but it ain't in Colorado.

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

I love you're blongs...

besides, "we never apologize for God, instead we demonstrate, through us, what he can do." pg.68

It made me go back to the book and look for the quote... good thing!

It also reminded me of many wonderful things that I have including:

~A latino group living across the street who also always have music playing outside their house
~Wonderful memories of Christmas, including and especially Bing Crosby at my Grandpa Stenson's house and dad whistling White Christmas...

Sponsees, calls from newcomers and going to great meetings...

And being here to read the great "blongs" in the first place!

Thanks for being the roam-a-roni of my day!

♥Shann♥ said...

U are funny.. I would looove living in your hood :)
Have a good day ♥

Banana Girl said...

hahaha: I do know where Powderhorn is! Loved your neighborhood description. What a tapestry of sound! Keep weaving! BG

J-Online said...

instead of pulling weeds to help with your frustration why don't you try using scissors to cut the grass. i could just see you out there all day. And yes Anna, you can thank me later! LOL

Cat said...

Have a great day Steve! I never heard the term Blong before - i like it - and your home, sounds peaceful and quiet and lovely.


Syd said...

It sounds like a great neighborhood. I think that it sounds great to know your neighbors and to watch out for each other. I am a bit more isolated on this property so meditation can come from inside the house or in the yard. But there are times that I miss the idea of having close neighbors.

Gabriella Moonlight said...

Your hood sounds great!! I love this BLong...what a great post! Keep on blonging along!!!

Zanejabbers said...

A blog or a blong, I always enjoy your post. Glad your sight is getting better. See ya on the sphere.