Tuesday, November 11, 2008



Every catholic parish has its unique money-making scheme. Every parish calls it by the unique name FESTIVAL! Each church has its unique cuisine, a "speciality of the house", a unique sausage sandwich, with the generous lump of sweet Italian sausage well hidden under a pile of compost. A short twenty feet across several huge power cables lying in wait--a death-watch?--on the ground in the unique darkness, is a little outhouse-looking building, the name of which must be Elephant Ears. That's what the signage leads one to believe. I call it by a unique name, the "Unique-Sugar-Dough-Shack". OMG, I forgot the mountain of
"fries-with-that"--we needed a wheelbarrel to haul them to our table!

This 'happening' seems to 'happen' just following another eating contest--like a Caribbean cruise?. So, to support our church, I added five pounds to my waist--for God, of course! *grin*

So is set the scene which Anna and I faced the night we embarked on a trail of food, fun, food, walking, food, photo shooting, food, compost, and several elephant ears--which could not, even through MY vivid imagination--be called 'food'. Actually, the 'food' tasted so good, I ate two or three of those generous hidden lumps under dead vegetation, and at least two ears, or three, or four? My memory was failing by that time because my brain was listening to its growling stomach. To be honest, my memory failed in the year 1968 or maybe 1947 (as best I can remember!). That IS another topic!

Let's see, we did NOT ride the whirls-and-hurls (I stole that line from SYD, thanks!). But just watching the whirls-and-twirls almost forced me to hurl, and that was before devouring (savoring?) the rotted stuff and ears. But the sausage was "out-of-this-world GOOD". And that might be the only truth to be found in this post.

Every catholic church, except the Greek Orthodox (whatever that means?) has its colony of Italian female cooks--and cook, they do. In fact they cook so good, that some of the stuff tastes almost Greek!

Actually, this was the church's 27th annual Festival, and I've been to most of them, and I absolutely LOVE those affairs...and the food, of course, of course--for God, of course! *grin*



Just Another Sober Guy said...

Ok, I just had dinner a little while ago but I am now STARVING again!

Thanks Steve!

vicariousrising said...

I love sausage, onion and pepper sandwiches you can find at those kinds of festivals. They have their own special magic.

I'm hungry now.

Shadow said...

don't! do! this! again! pleeeeez. it's now only nearly 11am and i'm starving!!!!!!

big Jenn said...

Ahh, the elephant ear...to make us resemble one? Great post. I don't know who I'm adding pounds for these days. I don't think God's involved, but I know I'm starting to become a bit crazy over it. That's a topic for a blog.Thanks, Jen

recoveryroad said...

I'd go to my parish church more often if they had sausage.

Lou said...

What I'm hearing is too much sugar,

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

I'm hungry!! :)


This year's Italian sausages were absolutely the best "ever".

Elephant ears too!

Time to work out on some exercise equipment.

Gabriella Moonlight said...

I'm sitting at my desk at 9:41 am on Wednesday and now want a delicious sausage sandwich...


Hugs and thanks for the great festival reminder!

Kristin H. said...

I'm a sucker for Festival Food.

♥Shann♥ said...

sounds like you had a good time... ♥

J-Online said...

My mom's side of the family is italian so our christmas eve tradition is homemade pizzas and italian sausage. Since my uncle married a hispanic lady she brings homemade tamales. It's unusual I know but we all look forward to chirstmas eve snacks!!!

Cat said...


Syd said...

There's nothing like the odor at the fairs and festivals. It's a mixture of everything that is bad for you, like sausage, elephant ears, fried lard, etc. But the smells are heavenly. Glad that you didn't hurl. Those things make me sick just looking at them.