Friday, November 28, 2008


"Going, and almost gone, said he....but WAIT!"


It is not really a joke, but it does show me that God is not above a little humor. Thanksgiving Day we drove to Tampa FL, to have some 'family' time. A daughter and son invited us to share the holiday dinner with them this year. Wonderful! (Well, I guess so...)

At first mention of us going out of town for this Thanksgiving, I felt a knot in my stomach. For twenty-some years I have spent at least part of most holidays at our 24-Hour Club. There I've always been surrounded with a couple hundred 'friends' and we have eaten, laughed, and 'caught up with each others' lives.

And I might miss all that, PLUS a 1PM Speaker, plus maybe an extra AA meeting or two? As it turned out, I did miss all of the above, but it was not a big deal. After all, have I not prayed to my Creator, "to do with me whatever He willed, for ONE REASON ONLY! Only one reason am I asking for help, and that IS that I may show others the great works He has done in *my* life. That I may help others to know of God's Greatness, His Power, His Mercifulness, His LOVE. This shall be the ONLY result of doing His will. My sobriety and changed life come to me from Him only through you people, and other people, maybe even animals, maybe even trees? (And I thank Him, of course!)

Well, you all KNEW there'd be a 'punch line' here somewhere (like the joke: kid digging in pile of horse manure, saying, "There's GOT to be a pony in here somewhere!")

In Tampa we were assembled, for the family celebration, but one person was still missing--a friend's father--who most of us had not met...yet. As I am that kind of guy, yeah!--with another, I got out into the street to wave the fellow in. I could see 'signs' of behavior, that indicated he "might possibly" be 'one of our kind!' And he sat down right near me. Someone mentioned to me that he attended AA meetings. OhhhKaaaay!

This man told me he'd been in AA for about 20 years. Well folks that word "about" tells me something usually...so I quietly asked him "How long you been sober *this* time?" His answer brought out the bumps of geese on my arms: "about Two Weeks." WOW!

So, inwardly I said to my Higher Power, God, "You 'fooled' me! You let me think I should be somewhere else, when RIGHT HERE is where You wanted us to be! Oh, thank You, my God. And so I 'went to work' on (let's call him) John.

John and I got along marvelously for the rest of the day...through dinner, dessert(s), and after. During two football games. People all around us. Doing all kinds of things, being busy. We simply talked the evening away. I felt SO as if I had known this man all my life, and that's the way we both talked. It's almost like a boy and a girl, who 'meet'--across a crowded room, who have eyes for nothing else but each other...well, not QUITE -grin-we're both guys, ya know?

Anyway, we were more or less oblivious to the goings-on around us, as we talked 'recovery' and 'program' and 'Steps', traded war stories, phone numbers, and Email addresses (he lives in St Petersburg). And so, my blogging friends, so ended one more HAPPY THANKSGIVING for me, steveroni. Wish that everyone could have had as filling a day, with turkey...and as *fulfilling* a day with a PIGEON (NOTE: Dr Bob's name, for AA beginner!).

Peace...and Love to you all, from

(NOTE: Picture was removed from Internet before I got a chance to copy photographer credit)


mile191 said...

this picture gives me hope. Hope, wow. thanks, and thanks for the kindnesses you constantly bestow. i am glad that you have found God, and peace in the path. love ♥ hope

big Jenn said...

Glad you had pigeon for Thanksgiving as well as turkey! jeNN-girl

Atiyanna said...

I am just loving reading both yours and your wife's blogs. So full of love and so inspiring. This entry gave me goose bumps and brought tears of joy to my eyes, as I know the feeling of realizing you are where you are supposed to be even it isn't where you palnned on being. Thanks so much for sharing.

Kathy Lynne said...

thatsa nice...and I did get to spend part of the day with a beginner...I will not use the word pigeon...EVER!

I love how God works in our lives. Thanks for all your encouranement.

Gabriella Moonlight said...

Ah, the lovely Squab and Turkey, what a day!!! I am so grateful that you were there for him...what a gift indeed!

Many grateful hugs,

steveroni said...

Kathy Lynne. Sorry I offended you with the "P" word, but when I came in that was what we newbies were, and it felt like a hear-warming term.

However, I shall never, NEVAH use it again on these blogs...unless I just slip on this slippery keyboard. (It's only thirteen years old!).

Thanks for the heads-up.

Anonymous said...

How awesome! Sounds like God put you right where you were intended to be yesterday.

I'm so grateful to know you, Steve. You have been such a source of support and kindness. I am still soaking up the words in the recent email. Thank you. Thank you....THANK YOU!!!

Kathy Lynne said...

Not offended at all..I understand and accept the usage by you oldtimers...I just won't do it, that's all.

I heard they used the word pigeon because of party lines to protect the annonymity of people. I've heard other stories too...like, because they always sh*t on you. Not sure of the origin but .....I like newcomer better. xo

Shadow said...

mmm, guess one is supposed to be, where one is supposed to be....

J-Online said...

What an awesome story! It's amazing to watch God's work unfold. Happy Belated Thanksgiving!

vicariousrising said...

Your story brought happy tears to my eyes. I am so glad you were there for that fellow alcoholic. What an awesome Thanksgiving gift for you both.

I'm in the West Palm Beach area of Florida, since you asked, in a town called Wellington. It's where lots of horse people hang out for the winter (I'm not a horse people tho). Lots of good sobriety down here. Lots of older gentlemen wanting to hug me too.

mile191 said...

Please don't feel in any way bad to be reading my stuff. you have given me so much hope, there again. Hope.

And you really do have such wisdom about God and healing that i appreciate your input. You have been through your own pain and struggle to get where you are, and you offer words of courage.

Also, you are not the only man reading. I think quiet rage has written something that alluded me to gender. I think he spoke of being a man in one of the comments, and also about struggling to overcome abuse like mine. So check it out.

I am glad you are here. Thanks for all you have shared, and inspired with your words.

take care. ♥

♥Shann♥ said...

God freakin ROCKS!!!

pat said...

God works in his own way doesn't he?

cgotsmart said...

Great story, Steve. Thanks for sharing.

dAAve said...

We DO seem to be everywhere.

Hope said...

This made me cry.
God is good.
Thank you for the poem and comment on my blog this morning.
Hope continues to be my very favourite word.

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

God really knows what He's doin'!!!