Monday, November 10, 2008


Gabrielle has "tagged" me. No, wait. She awarded me something--I forget what it was, but I do remember well our first meeting. Well, maybe I do not recall events as they really happened, but old people (think they) can get away with that!

Seems that Kristin went to a women's meeting which was not on her schedule of 'regulars'. And someone mistook her for tall, and pretty G., as she walked in the door. Later, a tall and pretty girl walked into the room. Now, the punch line: This girl was the 'real' G! Kristin met her look-alike one year ago September, and they have been fast friends ever since. Here's the STORY...

That very day (evening) G was linked to Kristin's blog , asked us to visit, and we went over to G's blog, "All Who Wander Are Not Lost" And many of us came to love the lady G, in a few moments. Gabriella, as she is now known, has come to be among my most favorite blog people.

So...SIX people. Right? Well, since Gabriella has already been accoladed above, I've got one down. These awards are for Brilliant Weblog Authors (I think!).

2. Mary Christine probably has 30 of these already, and deservedly so. She is so helpful to so many in our sphere, having given energetically of her limited time to her own blogs, and commenting on others'. I was made to feel so much at home last June, when she helped me get started here, She made me feel unique (my ego?) and then I discovered she helped at least a dozen others get their blogs rolling. Thank you, Mary C. I find your active presence to be that special glue which holds together our small community.

3. Kristin will one day be in the "Coffee-House" business. Where? I do not know, and neither does she. But this, we both know...I'll be there to help celebrate her opening day, drinking a double cappuccino and playing my violin. (Note: This had better be in the next ten or fifteen years, because my violin keeps getting older, ya know!) Also, we have a return trip planned (who knows when?) to Akron, to visit again Dr Bob's Home on Ardmore Ave. and a gas station where you can find "HAG" --Oooops--grin.

4. Mary Louise: Before I read my "24-Hour Book" each morning at 4:30 AM, before I read my "Daily Reflections", even before I, well...anyway, FIRST thing I go to is the blog written so capably wonderful, so descriptive, so full of insight and inspiration, posted by Mary Louise . Each morning I want to move to Africa, savor the serenity, the peace, the God of Nature, and/or the Nature of God. Exquisitely writing, she puts me in that mental place which sustains me until my first coffee, my first greeting, my first meeting. I thank God for her talent shared with us, and her spirituality, also shared with us. Bless you, Louisey!

5. Hank ...what can I say. Hank (Indistinct) and I have corresponded a couple times. He gives me (and all of us) thoughtful insights on any and every topic. He is open to suggested thoughts. He is VERY spiritual in his thinking and writing, and has helped me often to straighten my brain, but he doesn't even know that. Thank you Hank, for being here or there, one of the few guys. We need more, you know.....BALANCE?

6. Jenn1 is a girl who is close to my heart. Really. We have talked on the phone a couple times, and have written, and believe me, she listens, and then acts. It is a sincere pleasure to 'meet' and know someone who is so open to suggestions, who is SO willing to do well, who SO wants to 'get better', and who is doing her utmost to overcome difficulties (we all have them?) and live this program. Anna and I both love her...much!

Jenn 2 Having just 'met' Jenn 2 (I already have a Jenn in my heart!), I can say that EVERY man should have TWO 'Jenns'. #2 is sober and smart, and gifted, and sober, and smart, and loving, and sober, and also grieving (so I'll forgive her for being 'smart'!). She is also a giving person, and is only in her 7th day of blogging with us, but I sense she's here for the duration, whatever that is! I guess you can tell that Steveroni LIKES her! And I know she is worthy of this award.

7. DAVE: Here is another man I just met, Dave who is now writing on our monitors. He has a lot to say, and had already begun saying it, then we lost him. I'm sure he's still here, and by the tone of our Emails, he displays an enthusiasm which is catching. We used to call it "Gung-Ho". Dave has a lot to offer, and since this is his first award here, I hope he cherishes this moment in his career of sobriety.

I wish to God I was allowed THIRTY names, because that's how many are on MY favorite list.

Now, what are the rules? Well, this might be difficult for the newer bloggers here, but what the hel*, GO for it! (I'm winging it here, guys!)

1. List six (hope you can count better than I) names who are deserving of this award.
2. Say something nice, if possible.
3. Notify them to visit your site to receive (download the award?)
4. Move on to the business at hand...stay sober...be grateful...love everyone.



Just Another Sober Guy said...

WOW! Thank you.... thank you verry much (in my best Elvis Presley voice).

Seriously, it is very nice of you to recognize me here like this. I am new and I am 'Gung-Ho' as you said as well.

No you have not lost me at all, LOL. Believe me, once I crank up the machine a bit you'll beg me to shutup!

Really, my schedule is kind of strange and I can go days at a time and hardly be seen online. I work a lot, I go to 7-12 meetings a week, I have kids, plus I am one those artsy fartsy types, LOL

So with that I will accept my little award here and be off. Thank you again so much and I do hope to get to know many here soon and let you all get to know me as well.


Shadow said...

you're having fun with this. as you manage to have fun with just about everything you do. wonderful it is!

AlkySeltzer said...

Shadow...you have GOT MY NUMBER!



Mr. notglum-a-roni,

I'VE GOT YOUR NUMBER - your number is a "perfect prime" - I still love those "P"s.

Love the "P"layful spirit of your "P"ost.

"P"rayer Girl!

Cat said...

Congrats Alchy!! I love reading you!


Anonymous said...

(eh hem)"I would like to thank the Academy..."

Oh wait, wrong award.

Alky, you have done a fine job in your descriptive narrative. Thank you for your kind words. And I am looking forward to my return trip with you to Akron. Although it's a little disturbing that you are interested in Hot Akron Guy -grin-

Thank you for thinking of me :)

indistinct said...

One of my character defects is to sluff off words that say nice things about me. I always feel I don't deserve them.

Thank you, alkyselter, for giving me this award. I'll work at accepting it, allowing it to be true in my life.

I appreciate your enthusiasm for life and for people. You carry so much energy with you, so much fun to watch. That you share your experience with us. Thank you.

big Jenn said...

Thank you for recognizing me, and thank you so much for your support. It has meant more to me than you know! I don't know people well enough to tag six more. So I will not be giving this out. Oh and I am smart, a smart a--!
Yeah, you guys are stuck with me I'm afraid! Love, Jen

♥Shann♥ said...

I feel the same way about a lot of those people you mentioned... spreading goodness is good! ♥

Mary Christine said...

Well, Gee, Thanks.