Thursday, November 13, 2008



When I told my mother that I am an alcoholic, and a member of Alcoholics Anonymous, I expected her to say something like, “That’s wonderful! My prayers have been answered!”

Instead, she said, “That’s wonderful! Let’s just not tell anyone else about this, OK?” (My parents are now deceased.)

Since I live 1,150 miles from my family, we all get along now pretty good. I Email them a “family” letter about every six months. Somehow, I just seem to be too busy. However, I realize, this is a defective trait of MINE, not theirs. Shhhh! Don’t tell anyone, OK? -grin- Yep, Steve, God will do the growing in your garden, but YOU gotta do the hoeing.

Another topic: Another Alkie from my past called late last night (no one can believe I rise and shine at 4:30 AM (Eastern). He is the only one I ever knew (I was his sponsor 20 years ago) who officially "resigned" from Alcoholics Anonymous--I have the letter to prove that. Maybe some time I should just publish that, with names changed.

He has been in the revolving door pattern for lo, these 20 years! Last time I saw him, I figured would BE the last, he looked so emaciated. But evidently, God had other plans. He smiles a bit now, has a sponsor--a real taskmaster--and I pray he keeps coming back. (Note: I'm not a 'rule maker'. If ya 'do-it'--*four-letter word*, fine. If ya 'do-not'--*five-letter word* OK by me. I'm stayin' sober!

This re-run has asked me to supply him with copies of a CD on which I am SO SOLD: The Alcoholic speaker's name is Father Bill Wilson, a catholic priest, who has a H.U.G.E story to tell--full of miracles. Big ones. (As if there is such a miracle as a "small one" -grin-!) So I will show up at the "cookie" meeting tonight with his CD's, and hopefully he will be there. Who knows? God knows! And I have confidence in God...not much else, though. At least, I am confident that God will see to it that someone (hope it's Polly!) brings some chocolate chip COOKIES! Didja hear that. God?

LATER: Polly did NOT make the cookies tonight, but she did me one better. She wrote out her recipe for her very own special (I had asked for this a week ago) Choco-Chipo Cookies, on the back of an envelope (during the speaker meeting...shhhhh! Don't tell anyone. Please.) So now, I may just buy those ingredients and build me a platter of cookies! I do not think the microwave will do the job, though. So first, I'll have to learn how to turn on the oven, etc.
Thanks, Polly. Maybe!

Only thing I've ever made in the kitchen is deviled eggs...but thy ARE good. Whenever I make them, they disappear quickly. Usually I do a batch of 70 for 35 people. Hey I'm serious, folks. I hear laughter, or is that snickering? Well, I'm gonna snicker out of here. NOW!

"Easy Does It!" ...Grateful and Sober today, OK?


Shadow said...

i sometimes consider myself blessed that my family lives overseas... and now choc chip cookies have taken over the better part of my brain, thanks again dear steve, heee heee heee

vicariousrising said...

Ohhhhh! I loooooove deviled eggs. I could eat 50 of them myself. Well, maybe not, but I could eat a lot of them.

Writing a letter to resign from AA seems like a bad karma thing to do.

big Jenn said...

Do you mean Father Martin? If so,( and I think you do), He's my favorite! I used him for educations at the place I worked and I would always stay and watch even though I always had allot to do. So full of Grace!
I think you can figure out the cookie thing, I have faith! jeNN

dAAve said...

Thanks for sharing, Mr Steve-roni.

Anonymous said...

A resignation letter? How formal. I would love to see it one day.

Anonymous said...

A resignation letter? How formal. I would love to see it one day.

AlkySeltzer said...

jeNN...Howdy from Naples!

Sorry, I DO mean Fr Bill Wilson...what a coincidence, yes? I'll look up some info. Later. OK?


Gabriella Moonlight said...

I think that family is a sticky wicket indeed. I like Kristin would love to see the resignation letter, interesting...but now as it's Friday and I'm at work I am thinking only about Choco-Chipo Cookies...mmmmmm "cookie monster."

Hugs on this grateful, sober Friday!

J-Online said...

what your mom said to you when you told her you were an alcoholic is exactly what I would expect my mom to say when I tell her. she's always worried about what her "friends" will think.

♥Shann♥ said...

I want one of those cookies :)

Syd said...

Deviled eggs are great. What a coincidence--Father Bill Wilson!
Have a great weekend, dice-n-slice-em-aroni.

big Jenn said...

Sorry, my bad!I still love Father Martin! jeNN

Kathy Lynne said...

Thank you Steve..that was just what I needed to read exactly when I needed to read it...xo

Mary Christine said...

I want a cookie!

Anonymous said...

I make the deviled eggs for all of our family get togethers. There is never an egg left....if so, I grab it.


Boiled eggs sure stink up my fridge though......eewwww.

Now I want to make some. You are making me hungry.

Addicted Rantings said...

My mother STILL refuses to tell anyone I'm an alcoholic. I think she feels partly responsible. ~AR

Mary Christine said...

Where's Steve?

Just Another Sober Guy said...

Thanks for sharing Steve....

How bout sharin that recipe, eh?

Maybe the one for the deviled eggs? I love them!