Thursday, December 18, 2008



It has been forever--never?--since I've been dubbed "honest" then along comes this Linda S. girl, from "Psyche Connections" who obviously knows me not, with an"HONESTY" award for me.

Being unaccustomed to receiving such accolades, I am overcome with Thanks, Gratitude, and Happiness. I shall write out ten long ones before Linda changes her mind.
Might I say that it IS about time someone out there recognized true great honesty, when it speaks through the printed word.

Actually, from here on, I am trying to BE honest--but it IS long--I warned you, Linda! -grin.


First rule for this award looks easy.
Second rule, I would not know where to begin, since I believe this has gone around recently? 1. List 10 honest things about myself (TRUE and interesting things - not just the color of my socks!) 2. Pass the award on to 7 bloggers


1. (Gosh, do I hafta?) I haven't mowed the yard for more than a month. Now, I'll have to visit
"Rent-a-Cow"...let's see, we've got 16 telephone books. Now where did I put them?

2. A young girl school teacher, age 40? (well. it's Polly--again!) utters a favorite phrase, whenever she thinks someone has shared exceptionally well. She says, "That was 'good shit'!"...and she said that to me one time! -grin.

3. My computer desk, my 'regular' desk, and a L A R G E coffee table nearby are all LOADED with 'stuff', just laying there helter-skelter, and piled quite high--picture a movie scene of an aged reclusive guy in his room for the past 20 years (Hey! That's ME! -grin). Today is "Clean-up-and-throw-away" Day, for me. Under one pile of 'stuff' I found that old statement from State Farm, saying we had seven days to pay...or else! No wonder we had to switch to Allstate!

4. About every two weeks, when my "facial hair" (that's what my mother called a beard!) becomes really a grey-white color, I use some 5-minute light brown beard-coloring stuff. Funny, a day after, some guys always ask me, "Are you REALLY 75 years old?". Hell, I act young, might as well look young. I call it 'young', others call it 'immature'! ...And I could not care any less than...you know what.

5. (See #3) Still cleaning up the table tops: I'm finding (My next blog' title will be "FIND-ON II"!!!) more and more things which I had 'lost'. Here is an American Express Card, a favorite pen (I love it!), some misplaced prescription eye drops, my checkbook, one of our three wireless telephones (ringer silenced--GREAT!). I quit for now.

6. Shopping is not my bag (pun intended, if ya c'n find one!). I ALWAYS have a complete list, because I do forget things...everythings! So you would think I'm "good-to-go", right? WRONG! the problem is, I drive 15 miles to my favorite store, like Sam's or Costco. Well, that's still not the real problem which IS...I forgot my list! So I end up buying loads of stuff for people, stuff they'll never ever want. ORrrrrr, I buy loads of stuff for ME, stuff I didn't know I wanted, only to find out that it's TRUE...I DIDN'T want it. So, I leave shopping to my wife, who forgets HER list, etc., etc.

7. When my wife asks, "How does THIS dress look on me?", I finally have learned to say always...ALWAYS, "Just GREAT, Dear!" Then, when she asks, "Are you SURE", I've learned to say "Yep!", as I am speedily leaving the premises to mow grass or at least go somewhere and THINK about mowing the grass. With my luck, she'll be reading this, and "the grass will be my ass, and she will be the lawn mower." Hoo, boy!

8. Many things which lots of people take for granted as everyday "do-it" stuff, are activities which I put off. Procrastination is a real defect with me, I do not put off until 'tomorrow'. *I* put off until FIVE YEARS FROM NOW! But then, once I get started, I say to myself, "Wow, that wasn't so difficult now, was it? Why oh why didn't I do this five years ago. I'm talking about maintenance, fixing the sprinkler system, starting the 3-yr-old-but-still-brand-new gasoline generator, to be certain it will work in an emergency, things like that. One more example: winter is our 'dry' season, really. So why should I fix the roof when it ain't leakin'? I'm afraid to go up and walk on it, I might fall through the rotted part.

9. No, I'm not mentioning the color of my sox, except it is not unusual that one may view a different color on each foot. At least now they are clean! Several months ago, on one of the "honesty" thingies, I posted that I wear the same sox for four days without washing. SIX GIRLS dropped off my blog roll the next day. I won't ever EVER make that mistake again.

10. I got to go do laundry now, excuse me. 12 pair of sox are waiting. Last secret--when I say "I love you"...I mean it, at least at that moment--to my never-ending detriment...I say this to males AND females, because I do REALLY love people, and I'm learning to let God show me the way and I'll walk it, come hell or high water...sounds like a joke punch line, which you are NOT going to read at this time. Are you fortunate, or WHAT?

Well, gotta go shopping, and have lots of musical events cropping up now, until 8 PM New Year's Eve. That means Prayer Girl WILL celebrate the new year with me...for once! She may also celebrate Christmas Eve with me, if she attends either a 3, 4:30, or 8 PM mass, with a pot luck dinner thrown in at 5PM. Lots of wonderful Italiano cooks in our parish...ummmmm!
Pretty sure PG will attend!

Tomorrow that Christmas Spirit thing (AWARD!) from:

Jess, Mistress of Mischief

And you betchum, Red Ryder, I love her TOO! Thanks SO much, Jess.



1. Prayer Girl mowing the lawn ---- NOT!!!

2. Polly and I both shared an hour speaking this morning at the 8 a.m. AA meeting. IMHO we both shared "Good Shit".

3. Computer desk, regular desk, coffee table, I wonder which one it was I ran into?

4. Misplaced Rx. eye drops, no wonder steveroni keeps running into ME.

5. I imagine Prayer Girl now knows more than you meant for her to know.

6. -GRIN-

Zanejabbers said...

Listeroni - your table, desk,whatever, sounds like my whole house. Well actually just the office, the LR, all three bedrms, the master bath, the kitchen, the dining room is in perfect condition, well almost. I have a #3 washtub in the entry way to the Dr. Goats arae best for grass and then let them loose on your tables.

steveroni said...

Zane, you gave me the laugh I really needed before hitting the sack. Thanks. LOL (That was some "good shit"...)

Shadow said...

why are boys such horders??? i clean up house and cupboards when both are away and toss, toss, toss. i once did it while they were around and ended up throwing nothing away because all had to stay 'in case'... nice list!

~Tyra~ said...

Great list.

Christy said...

Steveroni rocks.