Monday, December 8, 2008

OMG! TWENTY True Things

Anyone seen a thorn bug like this. And how do you get rid of them?
I used to squish them, but now there are a billion of them all over my
Tamerind bush--just killing it.

Seldom do I recommend a 'www' (What a Wonderful World, had to throw that in -grin), OK, a 'www' site to others, because we each find our own beautiful paths on the Internet. However, we are all doing at least ONE same thing on here, and that is called 'writing'. So stop here when you have a (HA!) spare moment. OMG, now steveroni is pretending he is a teach-a-roni....



1. I'm a darn good violinist

2. I AM married to the bestest woman in the world (for me)

3. I wear black jeans with my tuxedo jacket on gigs--nobody ever notices

4. I have LOADS of fun, almost all the time

5. I ride my motor scooter everywhere, even on gigs, with the tails of my full-dress suit blowing in the wind, the violin strapped on rear seat

6. I say lots of things which are true, but make them sound untrue, so I guess that's like...lying?

7. #6 is more facetious than it is lying...I think, think, think? (Now, from where did that come?)

8. I cannot pass a counter full of blue (or black) Levis without buying two pair--the word "pair" to me MEANS two! Right? Same with shoes, I buy two pair--or none. Always shirts by the twos! Same color.

9. Blue! Tried Brown last summer--have six brown trousers with matching shirts which I never wear

10. I lost 57 lbs in seven weeks (49 days!) by not eating ANYTHING--NOTHING! Drank lots of coffee and water, plus vitamin pill, plus doctor-supplied MEDIFAST supplement, plus weekly visit and blood test

11. Only once in 60 years did I miss a rehearsal or concert--for any reason. Even when I broke my wrist, they let me sit in back of the section in Cincinnati Symphony orchestra--and pretend I was playing. It hurt like hell! (Union rules allowed me to get paid.)

12. I go many nights with four hours sleep--thanks to reading and commenting on blogs

13. I live on coffee from 5AM until noon every day.

14. I like GOLD, it doesn't have to be "real" though. Gold goes good with Levis IMO

15. Once when I was sober about 20 years, someone switched a drink with me, on a music job, I had water with lime--it became gin and tonic. I immediately put down my violin, rushed to men's room, spit it out, and rinsed my mouth r e a l good. Only time in 34 years, since my first meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous that I came close, and I SURE didn't crave it...

16. That night I dreamed about it, wondered next morning--did I DO it? Did I drink? Answer: "NO!"

17 I love 'warm'. I love 'heat'. But I sure won't tell that to St Peter when we meet at the Pearly Gate.

18. I speed on my 650cc Suzuki scooter--regularly do 15-20 over the limit, all over town AND on I-75. It may kill me some day. Cops will ask Prayer Girl, "Why (in death) is he smiling?" I smile and laugh a LOT! I really INSIST on loving life, I'm NOT a "glum lot".

19. I'm a lot older (75) than I think...or feel...or behave, believe ME on this

20. Last one--gotta be good, OK. My wife, Prayer Girl will read this, and so I had to stay close to the truth! I sincerely LOVE everyone in the blog world, especially those who are troubled, physically, mentally, or spiritually, and pray always for your PEACE of mind. Thanks for reading this stuff.



vicariousrising said...

You are truly my kind of people. I hope I'm still as not glum as you when I get on in my sobriety. I sure try to have your attitude towards life (and I married the perfect guy for me too). You and your blog keep me grinning. Now if I can just get to hear you fiddle in your tails and black Levis...

Mary LA said...

What a heartwarming list!

Love a pic of you on that scooter with coattails flying --



Findon said...

75 and riding through town at that speed !!!! whatever next. You sound like a great person Steveroni. And jeans with a tux, wonderful.

Shadow said...

i think you're a marvellous person and am ever grateful to have 'met' you!

dAAve said...

Wonderful and thoughtful list Steve.

big Jenn said...

Denim is my favorite color! If it wasn't for your shout out and Patty's encouragement, I wouldn't be doing this blogging stuff. I'm so grateful to you for your love and encouragement. Thank you. jeNN

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

I apologize for the tardiness... The award post was saved to my in box yesterday, but I neglected to publish it. You are the first person I thought of when paying it forward.


J-Online said...

some interesting stuff there. The "pairs" thing made me laugh. I never thought of it like that.

indistinct said...

Great list. Lots of smiles and laughter. Thank you.

Gabriella Moonlight said...

What a great blog...I love every item on the list about you...you are amazing. I truly love the fact you wear jeans and your tuxedo jacket...

Thank you and I am so glad to have your amazing experience, strengtha and hope here on the internet.


Lou said...

I pictured many of these things about you...enjoying life to the fullest. Good for you!

Kathy Lynne said...

I just love that you are 75 years young!

steveroni said...

Indistinct...what the "H" do you mean? "...lots of smiles and laughter"

This was a SERIOUS BLOG AND LIST, gawlldangit. -big, big, grins-

Used to be a brother (monk) came to our farm to help out once in a while, and he NEVER swore, like all the regular farm hands did. But he DID utter his favorite near-swear word, "Gawlldangit" TOO often!

Kathy Lynne: I just LOVE that you "love" that I'm a young 75.

Vicarious: Come to the Grand Opening of Kristin's Coffee house, etc., IFFF she opens it within ten years--before 2019, and you'll hear MOI!

Big Jenn: Encouragement! That's all ANY of us need sometimes--and even a small amount will do!

I truly (Honestly?) love you ALL. Thank you for commenting.

Anonymous said...

I always seek out people like you in meetings. Your type raise the Happiness Quotient in the room :)

One day Gabi and I will get down there to visit you.

Cat said...

Ah wonderful stuff here Steveroni - I really liked 17 - what you would not tell St. peter! ha!

I also wish for your lively spirit when and if I am blessed to hit 75 years - oh and I am gonna buy a scooter too - that just sounds like a cool thing to do at that age!

Atiyanna said...

I dream of having what you have my friend, and will work hard to get it. I do see glimpses now and again of having that true joy and inner peace and it keeps me going and keeps me sober. Thanks for sharing.
Love & Light

♥Shann♥ said...

I love your zest for life!!! You are quite the wonderful character! Thank you for being so open with us about you

Christy said...

Oh wow... you make me want to go out and LIVE my life... what a guy you are!! I miss my motorcycle.

Syd said...

You are a cool dude, no doubt about it. I enjoyed all of those.

Progress, Not Perfection said...

You are funny Steveroni. I appreciate that. Sense of humor is what gets me through the tough times.

Fun list. Thanks,

Zanejabbers said...

Well Steveroni, one thing you did not list is your inability to read a calendar. It is a week before the 15th, but I am glad as hell that you are back. Read some of the earlier postings. You are very REAL.