Monday, December 22, 2008



  • What does it take to hope? EVERYTHING!
  • Hope means never ceasing to be amazed.
  • Hope means wearing my SOUL on my sleeve.
  • Hope means holding my breath while I'm waiting to hear--"I love you, too!"
  • Hope is believing that tomorrow will be better than today.
  • Hope is believing that I'll get a second chance.
  • Hope is knowing I will make a difference.
  • Hope is knowing that I matter.
--Lee Ann Womack (with Slight edit by steveroni)

Prayer Girl and I attended a Party at the home of B and K this afternoon and evening. Most of the more than dozen guests were members of my 6AM Group. We laughed, did a Chinese Gift Exchange, ate great dinner, laughed, ate more dinner and some great desserts, loved and laughed
some more. It showed me again, what I've known for years, that ya don't have to be 'bombed' to enjoy life and each other. Thank You, God!

Love you, Bloggers!
There is enough HOPE for all of us!

WHO posted this blog?


Kristin H. said...

Good stuff there Steve-o. But then it's all good stuff, isn't it?

You can stop holding your breath now: I love you!

steveroni said...

Kristin, ya 'got' me with a 'gotcha'! Thank you SO much...I can finally turn in for the night. However, it's difficult to get to sleep when I'm laughing so hard! Thanks for that, too.
Peace, and love, from

downsizing-the-laugh-in-a-smile-kinda way-on-this-the-most-neautiful-day-in-December-steveroni, smile-a-roni

TraceyBaby said...

Love that. Hoping that tomorrow will be better than today.

Sounds like a fun party! What's a Chinese gift exchange?

Hey, heads up, I think Prayer Girl kinda likes you!!


mile191 said...

THANK YOU. did you hear that across the world....THANKS. I do appreciate all you do that is so active in my healing. Thanks for loving me, a stranger, and lifting me up. I feel your love and prayers, and HOPE for my healing. Thanks, steveroni, you and Prayer Girl are some of my best people. You are my virtual sponsers...and 1427. love to you all ♥

Christy said...

I'm showing this to my husband. I think he really needs to read this tonight. Thanks for posting Steveroni! I can always count on your posts to lift me up! :)

Shadow said...

that's lovely. hope is everything, damn right!

Banana Girl said...

Thanks for the reminder about Hope. It is a motivation I need this season to keep me grounded in prayer which I forget to do except for foxhole prayers around my family. I will take this on the road. Merry Christmas! J.

Cat said...

Happy Holidays to you and PG!

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

I always know when the Spirit is in something because I can't stop the tears from welling up...you know... I always liked that song, but today you re-introduced me to it at just the right time and I cried because it took on a new meaning for me. A new Light.

Thanks for continuing to carry the Spirit to me, thanks for showing me the Hope in hopelessness.

Love ya steveroni!

steveroni said...

The love you all describe to me, well, I do not DEPEND on it for my sobriety.

However, I WILL tell you now, it is the BEST antidote--for me--for loneliness (even though surrounded by people), stinkin' thinkin' (even though surrounded by the program of Alcoholics Anonymous), and just feeling 'ho-hum' sometimes...when I am actually "up" and happy, and serene???

When I consider that 'love' and 'support' are so closely united in this regard, I do love more, more often, with more genuineness, and with more honesty.

Thank you ALL, and Merry Christmas!
REAL love and wishes for PEACE for you ALL, from
Steve E.

Syd said...

I like that about hope. Hope is also the second step too. I've always liked that idea.

Gabriella Moonlight said...

You amaze me in your poetic and brilliant sharing of hope and I agree with Kristin that it's all good stuff...period.


pat said...

I totally agree, my dear friend.

Hope said...

Hope continues to be my favourite word. Before I surrendered my life to a Higher Power I had no hope. I will never forget those first glimmers of hope. They continue to glow.

J-Online said...

I'm learning how to have fun again without alcohol at a party. Thanks for the post. jen