Friday, December 5, 2008




This morning I saw a new--to me--fellow sitting alone, and looking 'alone'. I know the look, the feeling, I had it for so long a time--isolation...maybe that's why today, I feel responsible for stretching out my hand.

I'll call him "Roger". He told me he'd been 'around' Alcoholics Anonymous since 1981, so I translated that to mean he is still looking for "it"! And so, I've got me a new friend, Roger, who's 'been around the block'. Great...and listen to this: Roger just got out of prison after 42 months, and he's been a non-drinker for 30 days! HEY, GUYS...HE'S ONE OF US!!!

My heart beat faster as we talked, and I was SO GLAD that--at this AA meeting--I had left my favorite chair, between my two favorite guys, to go and welcome a beginner. And we stepped outside for a couple
smoker minutes.

I don't know if anything I said registered with him. But I know that something he said registered with me. He said, "Shhhhhh!", and so I "Shushed", and all I could hear was the distant, echoed sound of an airplane engine. He said, "Do you hear that airplane? It has been more than three years since I've heard that sound."

Well, just about everything Roger sees, smells, touches, and hears, is like a new experience for him. I said to myself, Wow! Imagine, someone relishing the drone of plane engines in the quiet of morning.

So we discussed the "new" sounds he's re-experiencing, traffic (he loves it), sirens, (he loves them), motorcycle engines roaring over all other traffic noise (Yep, a favorite sound), children laughing and playing in the park (he loves that), AA meetings with girls at the tables (he LOVES THEM!).

It made me realize, since I've never been locked up over night, a whole other world of incarcerated people live out there somewhere--those who have "really" lost their freedoms, even though through their own behaviors. And I never want to be there, fingerprinted and cuffed, humbled, to listen as jailers throw away the key to my cell..

How much more grateful am I tonight for AA, for the God or Goddess Who brought me here. I'm grateful for all my friends I see every morning in the meetings...and in front of all that, at the front of the line, a special gratefulness I have for and to all my blogger friends. How I miss you all. I hate lurking, commenting a bit, and then running off to take care of business. I need to let you know how I'm doing, and I need to know how YOU are doing. Really, I need to blog, it has become a habit--part of my sober life.

Maybe I cannot blog every day. Y'all understand. I know. That's what friendship is about, even more than love and service. Understanding! That is a"god-like" trait.

I am 'recovering'...and for me, IMO (In My Opinion), that does not mean I am 'recovered'! It does mean that God can--and does--use me to do some of His work, especially with alcoholics. And it is a thrill to be available for that. Amen!

still getting well-a-roni


Anonymous said...

How nice, Steve. Taking that extra time to welcome that guy. He appreciates so much now, things that we all take for granted. I can't imagine...

Shadow said...

you are an angel, taking care of the new guys at meetings. i'm the kinda person who, if i go to a new place with strange faces and don't feel welcome or approached, would in likelyhood not come back. it's people like you that make THE difference.

dAAve said...

Freedom and the things we take for granted. Great stuff!
Enjoy your weekend.

Laura said...

Blogging everyday is an option and some times life doesn't give us the time to choose to do all we would like to do.

At first, I was trying to post everyday but then that was another one of those things I found out that I didn't need to feel obligated to.

So, yes, I understand! :)

J-Online said...

What a wonderful story. I realize how much I take for granted. I needed to hear that today. Thank you!


Hey, I'm "really" glad you're back from time to time.

I love the picture and the wonder in how one alcoholic can know another alcoholic so well. And that one can share the joy of freedom with another - freedom from jail and freedom from alcohol.

God bless all you do in reaching out to newcomers and old-comers.

~Tyra~ said...

So glad to hear from you. Great post as usual.

♥Shann♥ said...

Good Morning, and I totally understand. I am glad you blogged today and really glad you reached out to that guy

indistinct said...

Takes time to blog every day. I know I don't have that time. One thing about sobriety is that my life got a lot busier and I am thankful for that.

Great share, Steve. I take it for granted, all that I have. And I have so much. Especially relationships.

Hope your friend hangs around.

Thanks for sharing.

Gabriella Moonlight said...

Hey Steveoroni~ I am just glad you blog when you do!!! I missed you for certain, but am just glad that you are here on the blogosphere! Much love to you and thank you for reaching out to the man who was new...I remember those reaching out to me and today I can stretch to others.

Thank you and love~

Cat said...

I really believe that the program - the good meetings are built on the shoulders of people like yourself - reaching out to say hello and to connect and I am ever so grateful that someone much like yourself reached out to my Rodger when he needed it.

Have a good weekend.


Anonymous said...

Good stuff here Steve-o. I wished I lived in an area where there were more newcomers. We don't get a whole bunch in these here parts ;) I got sober in an area of California where you couldn't go a week without seeing several newcomers at a meeting. Ahhh, I miss those days...

"Roger" couldn't have made a better friend.

steveroni said...

Henk (Indistinct) just to letcha know, the fellow "Roger" was back this morning for more...and there was the hint of a smile today.

Also -grin- today he heard and saw a HELICOPTER! And he was almost thrilled! Even if HE isn't having fun
(yet)...I am.

Syd said...

Good for you with the newcomer. I've never been cuffed and stuffed. I can imagine that life on the outside of prison is much nicer than that within the walls.

mile191 said...

thanks for being here for me. i seem to find so much love and comfort, and i never expected that. just a place to hide my secrets. but, having the support i do i don't feel that i am hiding out, i feel that the secrets are out, and i didn't die telling them. it has given me such courage, and i know God has given me the strength, and sent me angels to help me through this. thanks. i have a hard time going to meetings, and yet, i am getting something here. having to be accountable...and wanting to be.

thanks and ♥, hope

Anonymous said...

Your conversation with him made me feel grateful. I can take so much for granted. Thanks Steve.


BTW - Something I forgot to comment yesterday:

You captioned your picture, "TWO GUYS TALKING ONE ON ONE".

I think it should have been,
"Two Gals Talking One on One"

- after all, they are in pink and both are wearing lipstick. -Grin-

steveroni said...



Progress, Not Perfection said...

Wow, thats so much Steve for this post. It is all about perspective.