Wednesday, December 24, 2008


One of my Grandaughters

Let's see...oh yeah, about serenity!

Monday: Suzuki bike battery dead--just how dead IS a doornail? -grin!

While battery was on 14-hour "tickle" charge, I had to use the truck to get to a rehearsal. Well, the truck began losing power, and I kept it going for a mile until I could barely guide it off the road. Also, 'Truck' is just recovering from a recent dry-rotted, flat tire.

Tuesday: Bike runs F.I.N.E. and by late afternoon (and almost $600), truck was back on the road. It will probably sit in our driveway from now on, because I ride the bike everywhere, even on violin gigs which require tuxedo garb or full-dress (tails flapping in the wind!).

Tuesday at 5:30 meeting I was sharing about how good God is, and how He took control of several reconciliations in and with my children. I told them that I had neither high nor low expectations (meeting topic) but in leaving it up to God, I just let Him be in charge--so I needed NO expectations.

One very grey-headed, retired university professor, age 75, who has great trouble believing there is a God (also great trouble staying sober!), wearing a dirty-haired pony tail tied with a bandana--does anyone know the type?--said something which bothered me.

Right after I had told the group of 60 recovering Alcoholics that I had NO expectations how my two weeks might turn out, he said the following: " I (pronounced "oye") am so tired hearing some of the ass holes in here who claim to have no expectations, and who consistently parrot the program, always taking the "party line", who never have an original thought..."

Well, your steveroni had to ask the guy sitting next to him, "Did he just call me an ass hole?" Several people around nodded affirmatively. I tried and tried to pray for him. With everything else that had happened the earlier 24 hours, I do here and now admit it. I failed. At the end of the meeting I still wanted to jump up and throttle the old guy. I'll keep on "trying" to pray for him, that he gets everything I'd want for myself. (Is it OK to wish myself dead??? -grin!)

And so, dear fellow bloggers, Mr Imperfect is now admitting to possession of a character flaw--certainly not the only one--but today's prize winner.

PUNCH LINE: I'm still happy, at peace, and ya know what? I'm serene! Yes, I have to admit to that also--that gift from God--serenity--simply will not go away yet...........YET! And, as long as I stay close to you people, and my groups, and my sponsor, and my program...as long as I trade hatred for LOVE, as long as I pray, as long as I am ..."willing to grow along spiritual lines..." serenity will be mine.

And my Christmas wish for EVERYONE, is that serenity be yours also. That is my prayer!

Peace, and LOVE!

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Anonymous said...

I have never read a blog post to my husband, but Steve, sitting here on the couch reading your post, I just couldn't help myself. That was hilarious. I might have to go back and read it again...

steveroni said...

Hi, Kristin!

Funny! But ya know, I did not think it was funny until you wrote that. I was--am--SERIOUS!

Quit laughing at me you people! See, here I am , going back into my dark of paranoia, maybe all the way back to the womb? -grin

Steve, shut UP! You're digging, and you're almost through to China, time to stop for a break...OK?

Akannie said...

Hi honey....I'm home......

Glad to see that you're still out there kicking up the dust, my friend. If you were perfect you'd be out there marching across the gulf....

I loved this post. And I love you.

Keep Coming back, knickertwister....xoxoxo

Linda S. Socha said...

Hey Steveroni...Staying close and connected to the groups you belong can be a good thing:>)

Have a great Christmas

Hope said...

I have to admit I laughed outloud too.
Sometimes all I can pray is for a willingness to want to pray good things for others.

mile191 said...

very nice. but what a day. so good that you were able to be positive and that you recognized that you were positive. thanks for sharing. hope your holidays are wonderful.

love and hugs ♥

Findon said...

Fantastic. I once shared that life was being a little troublesome and an old guy who hasn't been able to stay sober for any length of time shared that maybe I should look at the steps!!! If he hadn't been a Normandy Vet I may have throttled him. Have a happy Christmas you and your family.

Shadow said...

serenity... the perfect gift. merry christmas dear steveroni!!!

♥Shann♥ said...

grrr I have issues with people who are so rude like that in meetings... sheesh lawesssh who the heck are they ??? lol well glad you didnt retaliate...
Merry Christmas

Gabriella Moonlight said...

Wow, I've been to meetings like that and all I could do was feel uncomfortable for both parties. It's obvious he's still sick and that he is feeling pain; it's also painful to the other...this is a great post and your granddaughter is beautiful...thank you for sharing and know you're loved.

Syd said...

I've always heard that when we point the fingers at others in a judgmental or critical way, we are seeing something in ourselves. Maybe the old professor is having a hard time this Christmas and his expectations are running above a flat line. I guess it's best to walk past those who are miserable or perhaps wish them well in prayer. He sounds as if he is still sick and suffering. Have a great Christmas.

mile191 said...

your grand daughter is beautiful she and you are lucky and blessed to have one another. I am doing well this early morning and just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas. Christ WAS that is how I am celebrating today....thanks for the love, and the Hope, and the reminder of serenity. Merry Christmas to you and Prayer Girl.