Monday, December 15, 2008


Haze over Cincinnati--
I prefer Moon Over Naples!


In Cincinnati OH, my birthplace, there was begun a tradition of wonderful Spaghetti Dishes, Chili- Dogs, and the like. The carefully guarded recipe is a Greek chili, melded perfectly with fresh, raw onions, baked beans, spaghetti, and topped with a true mountain of finely-grated sharp cheddar. This beautifully tasting plateful is called by a name worthy of a gourmet dish by a fine Paris-trained chef.

Named "FIVE-WAY" (FOUR-WAY would be without onions), this is what I introduced my sponsor to last Friday.

We had just enjoyed a noon meeting called "Brown Bag", and for some reason, that meeting always makes me hungry. Maybe it's the name, suggesting a lunch bag--or could it be that the meeting ends at 1PM, and that is usually a long time from last night's supper!

So we said, "Let's meet, and let's eat!", and it was F.I.N.E. It is always a good day when I can meet with my sponsor face-to-face. Nuts to the old phone calling. That's for the beginner (and ME!) who needs hourly validation that he IS an alcoholic, and cannot have a drink--cannot have a drink, CANNOT HAVE A DRINK...until one day he wakes up to realize--to really know--that he finally can!....................finally CAN!----(what?)--------NOT HAVE A DRINK!

Back to meeting with my sponsor--it is highly recommended, for both sponsee, and sponsor. I know, because I too, am a sponsor. Frequently, when I meet with my sponsee, I benefit more than he, I'm certain of that. Because I walk away thinking, "Wow, I never thought of that!" Or..."Thank You, God for sending me such wonderful people with which to work, play, learn, and most importantly, EAT ICE CREAM!

Other than the 'personal' stuff my sponsor and I discussed, e.g., my character defects, my obsessions, my sex (Ha!) life, my continued self-centeredness, my Pride, stuff which would never interest you all?...We did talk about my favorite topic--God. Yes, that God, Who resides within the heart of EACH ONE of us. And since I believe He is there, it behooves me to treat each one of us--you--with respect, attention, and love. And I am doing that today. Tomorrow???

Peace, and LOVE, from
("posted by" WHO?)


Anonymous said...

My husband (from Ohio) introduced my to Skyline Chili (five-way of course.) It's awesome. And so are you. Have a great week Chili-o-roni...

Syd said...

Chili dogs are great, especially around a campfire where the hotdogs are roasted. We each ate two of those this weekend. Great campfire food.

Progress, Not Perfection said...

Have you ever heard of a hot weiner ie gaggers? I think it's a RI thing. But they are MM MM Good!
Its a boiled hot dog in a warm bun with mustard, raw onions and meat sauce. BEST INVENTION EVER! I would love to check out your version.

Other than that I would like to say I took your advice to other days from one of your posts. You were talking about old timers in the program and one of your friends told you to, when you were annoyed at some of them... just to pray for them. I have been trying to do that in my own life lately when someone really gets on my last nerve.

Not sure if you watch the show 'Survivor' but one of the girls on the show is very mean spirited and as she was talking last night I wanted to yell throught the screen, I wanted to write her a nasty email etc... then I thought. She just needs prayers. :)

Thanks Steve. Happy Monday!

Zanejabbers said...

All Right Steveroni - You just turned on my taste buds big time.
Tomorrow! I know you live in the NOW so what's with tomorrow? TEE Hee.

Findon said...

What I am going to do the next time I come over to your great country is have a list of things I need to eat. Chilli dogs, Five ways, feel free to chip in with any other delights.

steveroni said...

Well, there's always (you're ancestors probably *invented* these) Elephany Ears: Ultra thin deep-fried-in-butter doughlace while still hot with a copious amount of powdered sugar. The perfect ending--or beginning--of amy bazzar, carnival, or fair. Ummmm.

NOTE: Some will disagree with me on the scrumptiousness of this delicacy, but ya gotta throw caution away on occasion.

vicariousrising said...

Oh Lordy, you had to bring up 5 way chili. That is food if the gods. There was a place in Raleigh, NC that used to make it (I read it closed down some years ago) called the Bulldog, I think. They had a Wall of Flame with hot sauces to choose from to add to the dishes. I miss that place.

Is it dinner time yet? Next time I'm in WPB, I'm going to invite you to my in laws and make you bring food.

J-Online said...

all that talk (writing) about food is making me hungry!

big Jenn said...

I just got home from a weight watchers meeting. Sigh. jeNN

Ghost Dansing said...

i was searching for spaghetti......

steveroni said...

Dear Holy Ghost (Dansing?)

That is just SO FUNNY! Thank you for posting your comment instead of passing and grumbling to yourself. I love people who have a sense of humor...it is SO God-like!


steveroni said...

Zane, my "tomorrow" has ????'s after it...OK????? -grin

bigJENN, You threw in a funny one also. Congrats! LOL! Sorry about that. You need more work on Weight-Watcher's Step 1 which states, "Do NOT read steveroni's blog."

Kristen...Yep heard of gaggers, one of my sponsees is a RI escapee...also Italian. He tells me there IS no Mafia any more--All done! B U T...I have seen his weapons stash!

Syd...you ate only TWO? Oh, that's right, you're Alanon...Oh well.

chili-o-roni (Thanks, K H!)

mile191 said...

this was a nice post. thanks for reading. and i really like the comments from everyone. it feels so connected. so much like a home away from home. thanks everyone.