Tuesday, December 30, 2008


NOTE: My writing on these blogs usually has
to do somewhat with recovery from alcoholism.
But I'm gonna deviate one day (maybe two)
and write about some things a bit more personal.


If it might interest anyone: My violin is a Chanot (Georges), made in Paris (France, not Kentucky, guys!) in 1856 (before the Civil War?). It is a beautiful red color, the back is one piece, and the tone is superb.

Of course, the old joke is that someone will say, "Your violin has such a wonderful, resounding, clear, and mellow tone!" And the violinist (me) will put the violin up to his ear, shake it a bit, and say, "Funny--I don't hear a THING!"
(Maybe ya hafta BE there?)

I've been playing since age five--that's seventy years (Why am I telling YOU this?), and you'd think I would know HOW to do it by now...Hmmmmm?

The TRUE story is that after not drinking for about six weeks, my sponsor asked me, "How is that violin sounding, now that you've stopped drinking?"

I had to answer truthfully: "Jim, it's terrible. The vibrato is wobbly, the tone is bad, it's out of tune, it sounds scratchy..."

And he answered without a second's hesitation, "Well, being sober has cleared up your HEARING, then!"

So, if you're following this far, I'll tell you that even my violin playing--which is much better these days--I attribute to the program of Alcoholics Anonymous.

So now I play weddings, funerals, a stage play or an opera now and then, the annual MESSIAH, A Baptist Living Christmas Trees (eight performances to 16,000 people) and lots of masses at my parish church. Of course, always I'm ready for club dates, as a strolling violinist, where I play show tunes, classical, and just about anything. Yessss, including "Turkey In The Straw"!

Thank you bloggers, I love you all, especially PG!

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Hope said...

You have the same sense of humour that my dearest one has. It goes right over my head for that split second too long and then I get it. With any luck. I have been grateful so many times for that sense of humour. We'd have a pretty serious house if it hadn't smoothed out some of my corners by now.

Gabriella Moonlight said...

What a sweet and wonderful blog today! I can attribute that all of my life is the miracle of the program and all that AA has given me; I will spend my life reaching out to others as the hand that is there to meet them. Thank you Steve-o-Roni listening to all-a-roni in the blog-o-roni!!!
Hugs and love to you too!

Shadow said...

mmm, i remember this.... too funny!

vicariousrising said...

Hee hee! Your hearing cleared up!

My therapist's other job is a musician - he plays piano - and he's commented on how great he and some of his fellow musicians sometimes think they are jamming when under the influence. But when they've recorded some of these sessions they drunkenly remembered as brilliant, the playback proved otherwise.

There is another lovely woman in my home group who used to play cello in the NYC orchestra who said alcoholic drinking by some if the members often caused unfortunate impromptu solos. The soloists were quite certain of their genius. Others were not so convinced. Maybe they needed what the soloist was having.

Findon said...

It's amazing what gets better when I stopped drinking.. My driving improved in leaps and bounds. The programme has improved everything in my life. Sometimes though I don't see it until it's pointed out to me.

Cat said...

Wonderful post today Steveroni!

Have a splendid New year - with lots of music and love and joy thrown in!

Syd said...

I like reading about your interests. That violin is wonderful. I would like to hear you play. Funny about the hearing clearing up. You got new glasses too.

J-Online said...

It's wonderful you have a hobby you've been doing since the age of 5. I admire people who have musical abilities. I have none! Jenn

~Tyra~ said...

It's amazing all the things AA gives you, isn't it?

And yes, my sobriety date is March 31, 2008.

Zanejabbers said...

Wouldn't turkey be better with cornbread dressing. Straw sounds so Dry.

steveroni said...


Mary LA said...

Love that Chanot! And you.