Sunday, December 14, 2008


One of my daily morning readings is GOD CALLING, by A.J. Russell. When I read the following post for Dec 13, I had the feeling that it would hit my blog one day soon! And heeeeer's God (Calling!):

"Perpetual Guidance"

"Fullness of Joy. The Joy of Perpetual Guidance. The Joy of knowing that every detail of your lives is planned by Me, but planned with a wealth of tenderness and Love.

Wait for Guidance in every step. Wait to be shown My way. The thought of this loving leading should give you great Joy. All the responsibility of Life taken off your shoulders. All its business worry taken off your shoulders. It is indeed a Joy for you to feel so free and yet so planned for.

Oh! the wonder of this, a God-guided life. To think anything impossible in such circumstances is to say it cannot be done by Me. To say that is surely a denial of Me."


I am so grateful for DAILY Inspirational Readers like GOD CALLING, which I have been using (finally recently got a new one!) since 1980. I am also grateful for:

A concert of music tonight by Naples Philharmonic and the Phil Chorus.

That the Director of Music (Eileen M) at the church where I regularly play mass, gave us two tickets for that concert (She sings in the Phil Chorus.)

For ability to still play violin gigs at age 75. Thank You, God, for allowing this.

For the Living Christmas Trees performances.

That I've been hired to play rehearsals and performances of opera (La Boheme) in January in Naples. I love opera, and to play in the pit is another dream again come true.

That I trust God will grant me the strength to do these jobs which He has given me.

A no-nonsense sponsor, who tells me how it is, what to do about it, then leaves me alone--to deal with the issue.

That I had BETTER do what he told me, and deal with the issue--or else!

That I live in a town where there are approximately 250 area meetings each week.

That weather is nice enough to "ride" to meetings every single day, except during hurricanes.

That our house is paid for.

That's ALL that's paid for.

We're saving for a trip to San Antonio in 2010 for the International Convention of Alcoholics Anonymous.during AA 's 75th year.

We're also saving for ANOTHER SOBER GRATITUDE CRUISE the same year...in early November

Anna and I are in fairly good health.

We are HAPPY, that's for sure! And I am at peace much of the time. Anna can speak for herself on this!

That there are still many items for which to be grateful...saved for another list, another day!

Peace, and LOVE!

NOTE: The "Meditation part of daily readings in the 24-Hour Book (Hazeldon) is usually excerpted from the same day of "God Calling"...someone out there may not know that--and someone else may be not interested in the least. -grin. NOT "grin-ch"!!


Zanejabbers said...

I would say you have a very full life ahead of you. ENJOY.

J-Online said...

You sound Grateful and Happy. That's what matters most.

It sounds like there are some issues you are working to clear up. Not sure if this is related to your post the other day or not but I'm proud you are doing what's right for you. I know I always feel better once I do my part.

I hope you and Anna are having a very blessed Sunday! Jen

Findon said...

Life planned with a wealth of tenderness and love. That is so good. Yes it is the 24hrs a day. I never knew that. Thank you so much for this post. I am very pleased you have so much in your life. So much to do, so much to enjoy and so much still left.

mile191 said...

another beautiful and peaceful writing. thanks for sharing today. i needed to hear your words. off to ponder, and maybe get something done that will help me to feel better today. love and thanks, hope ♥

Anonymous said...

I think it is so cool that you still get to play, Steve. I really miss the outlet that performing provided. It's so cathartic, IMO. Thanks for the share.

Shadow said...

i'd say your life is pretty near perfect...

Hope said...

What a gentle post for me to end my day reading. Thank you.

mile191 said...

i know i have already commented but i am up it is late, came to say hello. thanks for all your help. really, it is helping. love and thanks. i haven't checked email for a while. if you have contacted me i will get back to you. thanks...♥

♥Shann♥ said...

good morning, so much good stuff and we are saving too for the Internation AA Convention in 2010!

Banana Girl said...

You always make my day! Thanks for the last two posts. I have been reading daily but too busy to post anything short of nonsense. God bless you. J.

Syd said...

You sound happy and at peace. What more can we ask?

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

See, I just knew you had to be a God Calling Guy!!!

I read it every day, in fact they have a service (twolisteners.org) that sends it directly to my in-box each morning ... a new gift to open every day!