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A lover knocked at the door of his beloved.

"Who knocks?", said the beloved from within.

"It is I", said the lover.

"Go away, This house will not hold you and me."

The rejected lover went away into the desert. There
he meditated for months on end, pondering the words of the beloved. Finally he returned and knocked at the door again.
"Who knocks?"

"It is you."

The door was immediately opened.................


--Anthony De Mello, "The Song of the Bird", pp 99-100

After reading the above parable, a thought was implanted in my head as I rode the next early morning before meetings, before day began. I might say "before light". however, I seemed to have sensed a certain light from the pre-dawn darkness



In this dream-story, the 'Beloved' is God. I (or one of you Peeps?) am the Lover knocking. When God says, "There is not room for both of us in this house...", He IS referring to the 'self', my Ego, my Pride.

So, after months of meditation in the desert and a burning, yearning, learning experience I return to the door of heaven. In answer to God's query "Who is it?" I answer, "YOU!"

And the gates of heaven are swung open in true "welcome"...

What does this mean to me? All that there is left--after all's said and done--is GOD! That's why we say now, with certain certainty, "God, the Great Reality, is deep down within us...that is the 'only' place He can be found."
--Paraphrased from Big Book, Page 55

Isn't that a beautiful thought, a beautiful story? And...be pleased to know this IS the last you will read of it--from me, that is!

Thank you bloggers, for allowing me the freedom of expression. I write what comes to me, hoping you will forgive my inadequacies and share in the thrills of spiritual peace, day-to-day serenity, and little more than the willingness to be helpful to any and all, through Him, with Him, and in Him.

Peace, blessings, and yep! Love,




(It did not seem fitting to place this between what's
meant to be spirit-filled lines of thought above.)

When Berlin was under horrendous attack toward the end of WWII, two civilian enterprises there continued non-stop operation. The weather bureau and SEVENTEEN BREWERIES!

Parts of "Trivia" are taken from L.M. Boyd's "Curiosity Shop"


AlmightyHeidi said...

I *love* the pcture of the old door..paint peeling off of it but still standing..says alot about you :)

steveroni said...

Tired of the old fuchsia colors, and a violin (Header) which i did not own, I asked for a layout change in color and fonts, and some other stuff. Special thanks to Canary-Girl Click on Dulce
(Sweet Designs) who had all changes completed in 15 minutes...
Muchas gracias y besos

Carol said...

I like the new look. I actually find it comforting that the breweries and the weather stuff continued, it's just what we people do, like trying to stop ants from building a hill, you can't stop the will of the people.

Ces said...

I love the new header. Is that you? Oh by the way I sent your acorn today. Steveroni, I think the lover was welcome the next time he came back because he had presents? HAHAHAH!
I am sure I can make serious note of the post but right now I am just so groggy and sleepy. Someone has been downloading old parts of my blog and for two consecutive days I noticed this person stays on my blog for three hours reading old posts and downloading comments! Ugh. So I am unpublishing old posts and then will make my blog public again.

Ces said...

Oh I forgot. Goodnight!

Scott said...

great photos on the blog, Mr. Steveroni!

I love the parable

dulce said...

You've got a new post which does not SHOW?!! Why?

Interesting one this one...

So She is She and He is HE?
Or is you you, and she you too?

Of course just joking.... My sweetest peep!

PS It was my pleasure (the design) so happy you like it... and it did not take me 15 minutes but about 35... Anyway, Free of charge for YOU!


Kim A. said...

I am so glad I stopped by today. The door, the story, well, they were all meant to be today. I am smiling. Take care, dear friend.


Caroline said...

I love this story! So good to read....as I totally forget that God is within all of us. My ego is a trickster and a beast to deal with. I really enjoyed your thoughts on this. Very true.


Carrie Burtt said...

Love the story and all the truth in it! Thank you for your kind comments at my blog. :-)

steveroni said...

CES: The love was allowed into the house, because he brought with him two finely drawn, precious-and-prize-winning ACORNS! --grinning today!!!

Glad you like my new Header, etc, I was done by a good blogger-friend. I am terrible at those kind of works.

Good Night! WAIT! NO! It is only "siesta" time :-)= ZZZZzzzzzz
...no...t ...my...vi...o..lin

steveroni said...

SCOTT: Glad ANY time when seeing you. Thanks for nice comment!

DULCE: Do not know about the "Case of the Missing Post"...will have my Peeps check that out ANON! (does not here mean "anonymous"--grin!) and thank you always for following and keeping open the "Help Desk"!

Sweet Canary-Peep...keep on flying as you only can do--and writing those SO meaningful sequences of wordings... ;-)

steveroni said...

CARRIE BURRT: Truth is (usually?-grin!) a good thing. Reason is maybe because there is, in the final analysis only ONE truth. We can argue until the cows come home about which "truth" is true. I am pretty certain, one time we will all know which it is.

Meanwhile...I try to be as truthful as my compulsions, obsessions, biases, intolerance and lack of patience will allow.
---GRIN! (Big grin, right?)

Thanks for coming on over to visit. See you again.

CAROLINE: YOU are another of those who I respect highly, and whose comments are meaningful. It is ALWAYS great to see you visit. Let's do this again--grin!

KIM A: I also am so glad you stopped by today--author De Mello is special to me, and today is also special for other reasons.
I'll get over there to visit---

Claudia said...

Mr. Violin - when I read this, I had to think of an analogy. It says: when God looks at us - he does not see our sins and our faults and our shortcomings - but Jesus in us. And so - he's pleased..
This comforts me a lot.
And now I have two questions and a statement:
I like your new blog layout - is this you on the picture, playing the violin? And - did you really play with Sigurd Rascher - because - I would swoon - he's a legend!!

Claudia said...

And did you know that Sigurd Rascher once made this trial. He had a whole orchestra of wind instruments - and then he walked away - and one by one the sound was fading away. What was left in the end was the sound of the Saxophones..

Have a great day Steve!!

Anonymous said...

. yes, I like this parable... and it is true, what Claudia said: Jesus is that you in us, when we want...

steveroni said...

COSIMA: Yessss! So important to say "When we want"! Thank you.

CLAUDIA: this gives me the GREATEST pleasure that we have a common personage who was with me nearly 60 years ago. SMALL WORLD!

I wish to heaven I had kept the photo of he and I standing barefooted in that running brook. But in those day, NOTHING was so important to keep me from my alcohol.

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

I love this because I just read something else that talks about the knock of a certain friend. A friend called Luke wrote about this wonderful man who taught him how to pray and who suggested that a Father, when asked seeks to give his kids good things, knock, seek...receive and find. :)

Thanks for being a part of the absolute sure signs that this is true today! (no coincidences in Gods world.... when I read a bible verse then go back and read other things in moments later and find it's all a "coincidentally" similar message, well that's God showing off again! ;)