Saturday, July 31, 2010


The following was inspired 
by Willow's Magpie Tales.
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FAR more creative 
poems, stories etc!



There is a twinkle in the old lady's eye.
My dear mother, all grayed, ready to die.
Where there's a will, there's also a way
To keep on moving in this life...to stay
In the situation. That is her today.
It is her mind which is failing.

With camera, computer in a tote
Inspiration called to me, and so
After lunch I sat down and wrote:

Once upon a time
A little man 
Wrote a little rhyme
In it he said that I'm
Nor fit nor able to climb
Up out of all this slime.

Forever he kept me
Under lock and key
Until, at last, you se.....
...(ring, ring!....ring, ring!)

Yes, what is it? What d'you wish to say?
Yes, I'm sitting. I am writing.
I am composing my first masterpiece
Which will breathe into my life new lease.
What is it?
Tell me, please...

Where? The Tri-State?
When? Last night?
How MUCH? Over $3 Million!!!???

I'll be right home! Wait for me, my love!

...Where have you been? So much time
To get home here with me, where you belong.
Your mother is in a reverie so sublime
Rocking in her chair, singing that happy song

She hasn't known a real thing for years
Her mind is gone creepy-weepy
Now we must design some good plan, Honey
For how we are going to keep all that money
From her knowledge.
She'd just end up giving it away
To some college, or to anoth-----DING-DONG!

The doorbell! But WHO? Should we-----DING-DONG!

OK I'll go see...Hello, how can we help you?

Good evening. I am your mother's attorney. She phoned my office as soon as she received word about her lottery winnings. We are here to discuss with your mother privately her wishes for handling a prize of this size--it IS a lot of money, you know......do you have a room with a lock where we may meet?


(Still sober--although you may be 
wondering about that by now???--grin!)


Claudia said...

...not as creepy-weepy as one would think..
and I'm glad, you're not a duck... ;o)

sarah said...

loved this....have a great weekend.

Brian Miller said...

give her the song...she will feel rich beyond her dreams...smiles. fun write steve...

izzy said...

Many fun things happening here!
goodness, the lottery, gambling
( we are dealing with Casino's up here in the Bay State) I'm no fun I never play...Thanks!

Syd said...

Wonder if the attorney will finagle things behind closed doors that are locked.

Jingle said...

playful and musical magpie.
enjoyed your talent!

dulce said...

whom else could take such advantage of such (apparently) simple image as that?
S T E V E R O N I! Of course

I am amazed


Sam Liu said...

This really made me smile, Steveroni. You have interpreted Willow's prompt in an ingenious, inventive and original way and created a wonderful piece of writing to match! :D

Helen said...

Oh so delightful! A wonderful read.

sheri said...

steveroni, what a wonderful magpie..you had me hooked from the very beginning until the crooked end!! i kept thinking to myself that things aren't always as they appear:)
bravo, my friend!!

Betty Manousos:cutand-dry.blogspot.com said...

What a wonderful read!
Great picture too!

I've seen you in so many blogs I use to visit and comment on. You're such a loyal follower! We share about the same friends as I can see.
I thought it was time to stop by your blog and say hi!

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!


Little Seed said...

:D Great story-telling and twist at the end! Your creativity has wrought much from a five word prompt accompanied by one image. Look forward to more.

Love is all,

RA said...

Loved it!

willow said...

Ack! Don't leave us hanging! You must do a sequel!

Marilyn said...

Oh the clever Mum, she wasn't as 'lost' as they thought she was. Lots of smiles.

jozien said...

:)this is just what i need,
actually the 'what if' question.
Do i already have what i need, or is it still under lock. And where did i keep that key?

Steveroni,I too look forward to your sequel.

Unknown Mami said...

Well, that was a fun introduction to your blog. Let me go check out some more.

g-man said...

You won The Lotto?

AngelMay said...

Well, now... THAT was enjoyable. ;o)

DJ said...

Love your writing, Steve. What a wonderful imagination you have; wish I could put as much into my art as you do a storyline.
I'm so thrilled to have found your inspirational blog, my friend ~

Felicitas said...

I love the composition of this story! It adds to the fun and intrigue. Can't wait to read your sequel!

Tumblewords: said...

Oh, no. Not the evil attorney. A great read!

Tina said...

You're very creative, steveroni. I always enjoy my visits here.

Tattered and Lost said...

Ah, what money can do to a family. I have an image of mother smiling like the cat that ate the canary.

Good one!

RNSANE said...

Terrific, Steve! Love these lottery tales since I am such a dreamer.

RNSANE said...

Winning all that money brought mom back to reality for a spell, didn't it? Now what....are you going to leave us in a lurch, Steve???