Thursday, July 8, 2010


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The City, San Antonio:
site of International Convention
of Alcoholics Anonymous
Celebrating the 75th
Anniversary of AA


 City that never sleeps:
Could be that all the Peeps
Are breathless
Nervous in

On "high" which
Will not switch
To low gear?
Not to fear.
Another Starbucks here!!!

Never had city seen
Such sights.
Stay, lights!

Never before
Thousand Sober Peeps
Drinking coke, coffee
Maybe a spot o' tea

....At Midnight



g-man said...

I Love San Antonio..
I love your service to mankind
I love it when you visit.
In reference to that great city...
Remember The 55!!!
Stevo...I love you, your beautiful bride, and all that kind stuff you send my way.
I also love the fact that you are living proof, that I may still be able to think lucidly at age 85.
Have a Kick Ass Week-End Maestro...

g-man said...

Consider yourself...

Mona said...

reminds me of New York in America & Bombay in India :)

steveroni said...

YA, G-Man I saw YOU blogging about that near-tryst in 1940. So I guess you were the youngest prisoner in Stalaag Paris?

Most days I feel like 55...occasionally...well, 85??? Ya know, I really do not think about that too much. Today, this day, is too much FUN!--grin!

Thanks again, BUD_D_D_D_DY!

steveroni said...

Mona, I wuz gonna mention NY City in the 55...just no words left.

I think I would LOVE India..Bombay. Also Egypt enthralls me...

Alice Audrey said...

It's a beautiful place for sober tea drinking. Cool.

A Daft Scots Lass said...

Sounds like a fab place to visit. Kewl 55. Mine is also up.

PattiKen said...

Sounds like a Starbuck's dream come true.

Anonymous said...

I often visited San Antonio while I was on a job assignment close to Austin. Lovely place with lots to do, and lots of Starbucks around! I especially enjoyed the Riverwalk, at Christmas, wow!

John's comments said...

champagne foam
melted into metal
glass rivers
flowing upwards
and things you won't tell to a priest
you reveal to a cabdriver


Gone for romantic tragedy today. Click here to read my 55 story.

Brian Miller said...

glad you had a great time...bet it was a shock to their system...lol. love the riverwalk....nice 55 steve. hope you have a wonderful weekend!

my 55 is up!

RNSANE said...

It is a great city, isn't it, Steve. Our forensic nursing group had a conference here as well...at the Hyatt Regency on the River Walk. Of course, we were sampling a lot of the libations...a little place just up the way had wonderful mango margaritas.

Syd said...

It is a nice town but really hot. The Red River doesn't get much windage and the sea breeze is minimal. Glad that your time there was great.

Claudia said...

Big cities never seem to switch to low gear - and the engine speed seems always be too high..
Enjoy it!

izzy said...

love waterways, lights,
and midnight sobriety !

Em said...

I'd love to visit :) and I love to visit your Friday 55's :)

Kim A. said...

I will never hear about San Antonio again without remembering all the joy that I've read about the past few days from those who went. :-D


The Invisible Seductress said...

I want to go now and hide away there...

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

The spirit of that experience lives on and on and on!

Cindy said...

I want to be there too!

Titanium said...

Beautiful city... and an excellent occasion to celebrate with an espresso at midnight.

I do that fairly often, but only because it's light 24 hours a day here in the land o' the midnight sun.

Jingle said...

sweet and remarkable 55.
lovely images,
beautiful words.
perfect entry.

Monkey Man said...

Sounds like a pink cloud experience for you. Keep coming back. My 55 is HERE .

Nevine said...

What lovely shots, Steveroni! You really had a blast in ole San Antone, didn't you? Staying up till all hours and just living life up... and that's what good living is all about.

Your 55 was a delight to read, Steveroni!

Have a blast of a weekend!


Nara Malone said...

Beautiful oictures, like paintings. and your words. I like the idea of so many people sober and seeing each other without the veil of alcohol.

Heather's Mom said...

64,000 - a lot of people!!! What a turnout :) What a great city! Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures.
God bless.

Lu Ann said...

Oh! I´d love to be there!


Nice nice :)

Katherine said...

What a pretty city your St Antonio is! Wow... I would love to have a coffee or two on your beautiful river walk. What a wonderful thing to be celebrating too :)

steveroni said...

EVERYONE!!! I am coming to visit you ALL tomorrow. Because I WANT to. But I am sitting here "falling asleep at the wheel", so gotta get some sleep.

Thanks for understanding.

But I LOVED the comments here--you Peeps DO read this stuff!


Dulce said...

Lovely lovely beautiful... Oh those shots make want to go there... you should have waited until I arrived!

Hugs Steve!

Dianne said...

Are breathless
Nervous in

On "high" which
Will not switch
such a poet, Steve.
and a musician, too? is that your bass in the header photo?

Ces said...

Where did you stay? I love San Antonio!