Saturday, July 24, 2010



It must have been that first step. But that was NOT my first thought, which was more like "Wheee! This feels almost like flying!" What a short-lived thrill. Flapping my arms and hands did nothing to level my flight. Even my feet were trying their best to bring me back.

Why do I still feel that sharpness-of-needle-point poked into my wrist? What the bloody hell, enjoy it while it is happening, yes? I was instructed only to take one step, the first. Simple. Easy. GO for it! I'm drowsy, actually sleepy...scarcely remembering. Why did those men have guns? They had been shoving me around like a wet rag-doll.

And then...well, NOW--it is becoming clear. They were bad men. They drugged me. They put me at the edge of the world, a doorway into nowhere. Everywhere. "Take one step forward".....

Oooh-kaaay! And--feeling as if in slow-motion, it became my final unwilling--yet willing--human act.

Yes, there is that tunnel. At the end, WOW! that bright light. I believe there is no way to go back--do not wish to go back...back.....back......black, black, BLACK!

"HEY! Did you guys SEE that? Fellow just walked out on the ledge, said something about 'Take one step' and over he went. Didn't he know we are on the thirteenth floor?  OKAY guys, back to work, I'll call EMS. Did anybody recognize him?"

"Sargent, we had never seen him before this evening. He just mumbled he was going to take Step One. Guess that First Step was his Last Step."


NOTE:   This is my first recollected try 
at a 'real' short story, which is NOT about
...well, me!  So please be kind this time. OK?



Crown of Beauty said...

Your blog entries are very honest, and the pictures you post with them are so artistic.

I've been reading your posts even if I have not commented. Your new header picture is beautiful.

I don't know if men also like awards, but nevertheless, I'm giving one to you for your lovely blog.

You don't have to pass it on, just receive the award.

A friend,

Brian Miller said...

i look forward to seeing hte rest of this steve...some good descriptors...for me that tells the tale of a story...puts me in with what is going on...

Claudia said...

Ah - now comes the storytelling - curious of what will follow...
But I have to tell you - it's always nice when you write about - well - you!
Have a great weekend Steve!

willow said...

My Magpie piece kinda ties in.

Sam Liu said...

And a wonderful short story it is, Steveroni! Excellently crafted, the suspense is a joy to lose oneself in. I look forward to the next instalment :)

dAAve said...

And now...
for the rest of the story.

Alice Audrey said...

Yep, this does go well with my 55 this week.

Are you going to enter it in the Weekend Writer's Retreat?


dulce said...

Greatly done. You writer of the heart and soul... Need to read the rest aa well!

linda said...

wow, that had me at the first words...and i am very glad it was not you at any time ever......and thank you for you kind words on my blog post...as always appreciated to read them. and no, i won't get in front of the tractor and it is still running ;)

Syd said...

I have had a few sponsees that never even completed step one. They could not get honest.

Crown of Beauty said...

Posted a video on my blog today (July 25 here) - it's the song You Raise Me Up performed by the Celtic Woman.

It's beautiful... In fact, I remembered you while listening to it several times, because of the violin and the orchestra. But also the song is so meaningful and full of hope.

May you can listen to the song when you have time.

izzy said...

I like the way you wrap it and warp
it back and forth! It reminds me of some of my weirder drunks (although I never served in the military).Looking at the steps didn't make any sense at first- but I hit the deep abyss just at step four.

Crystal Mary said...

You are a wonderful story teller. You didn't say if it were a person who took that last step? I was thinking it was because the Emergency was called. But the cat pictured on the roof looks ghostly so perhaps the cat took the last step. No matter. The story was great. Well done!!!!!

Manon Doyle said...

You have a way with words, my friend!! Bravo!! I'm a little jealous to tell you the truth...lol!

Steveroni...... Exuviation it is. I honestly had to look it up because my FPOT is not well formed like my girl, Ces!! Glad you like my blog and all my small talk!

TALON said...

I'm so glad this wasn't about you, Steveroni, because it would have given a new twist to the term "ghost writing" ;)

Drew me right in and I felt so sorry for him. But I was comforted to know he saw the bright light. Am I crazy to wish for a happy landing? Maybe something soft laying on the ground floor? Or am I being overly optimistic?

Tina said...

You hooked right away. I kept thinking of what it feels like to come out of anesthesia...and then you took it somewhere else. VERY glad to hear it's fiction ;-)