Monday, July 19, 2010


There go I

 Sunday evening as I sat admiring a painting on the blog of fantastic artist Manon Doyle, a title for her piece came to me. I commented (Why-oh-why do I DO these things?) that if she would use my title, I'd write a song to go with it. NEVER in my life have I even distantly harbored a notion of doing something like this. 
Anyway, I sat right down and the words (lyrics, if you will--grin!) just poured forth, "ready-or-not---here-I-come"-type of thing.

Manon seemed to like what I wrote, and we'll see what happens with the music. I invite any of you bloggers to give me some ideas--pointers, on writing a tune. I'm just a fiddle player. I can write notes, do not understand "charts"...
You might wish first to zip over to Manon's blog and see the wonderful work she does there. This URL is specifically for the painting "Where Goes My Heart Go I"

Where goes my heart go I
There goes my heart, so why
Do I not follow close
Even though most
Of me--body, soul--yearns to fly

To meet my beloved
To see him, kiss him
Yes, I wish to touch
Him. I miss, I need him
Way way too much

Fly me away to Asia
Europe or Malaysia
Afrika, Amerika
Wrap me in a package
Marked "Sent to the Orient"

To meet my beloved
To see him, kiss him
Yes, I wish to touch
Him. I miss, I need him
Way way too much

Each time we've met, I cry
Where goes my heart go I
My heart is already there
No! Here I will not stay

To meet my beloved
To see him, kiss him
Yes, I wish to touch
Him. I miss, I need him
Way way too much


Manon Doyle said...

Perfect words, Steveroni!! You put your money where your mouth was...lol....love that!! I'm glad that my painting inspired you!!

Ily said...

Beautiful, passionate and fitting! Your inspiration has inspired ME! I love the painting, btw.

Syd said...

You have become the poet, Mr. Steve.

Brian Miller said...

wicked cool lyrics steve...i bow to your poetic mastery....that is a cool painting...

steveroni said...

MANON DOYLE: I bow to The "Queen"!

ILY: For me, writing poetry--good or bad--is great fun. And inspiration sometimes just barges right in--as when I viewed Manon's piece.

SYD: Thank you. Maybe one day i will be able to accept that title.."poet"

BRIAN: She is really good. There are three others I admire greatly and from time to time will introduce them to Peeps who may not have yet the pleasure.

Shadow said...

those lyrics are amazing!!! you do have a talent there for sure.

A Daft Scots Lass said...

lovely...so tender.

steveroni said...

DAFT SCOTS LASS: You are so nice to comment. Glad you are here, girl.

SHADOW: ...I bow also to the Queen of Poets. And when you comment like that it is encouragement, support, and even more. Thank YOU!

Susan Deborah said...

I like the woman's perspective. I know that it's for Manon's painting, which was equally lovely. "Marked "Sent to the Orient."" I was imagining a big parcel to India. Ah! the connections, you see.

Truly you rock, Stevie.

Hope the Hersheys are not going in a lot as you are getting sweeter by each post.

Joy and love,

Tess The Bold Life said...

Hi Steveroni!
I love the art and your lyrics. Thanks for visiting my blog. Oh and I grew up on a farm too...in Michigan.

izzy said...

Very cool! and thanks for the intro
to another special artist!

steveroni said...

TESS: Yep! farm life was some "good shit"...had to shovel and fork LOTS of it. My violin even achieved a newer reddish color.

In time, peeps would comment on the beautiful varnish--grin!

Thanks for dropping by, you and your Peeps are the BEST at what you do.


Sweeter said...

Good lyrics,
can't hear the sound of music though...
Maybe you must come kinda nearer?

♥ always

Anonymous said...

... Thanks for the link to the blog of Manon Doyle ... The paintings are beautiful ....

Claudia said...

Ahhh Steven - this was beautiful - sensitive musician you are.
And Cosima is already commenting on your blog... I was about to tell you that she's the mother of a good friend of mine and just started her blog a few weeks ago - think she's an amazing lady (but hate to tell you that Saxophone is her preferred instrument... ;o)
and no - she didn't want to rent a car - she was talking about my heart.

sheri said...

steveroni :)
you commented on my blog several weeks ago and i was thrilled! up until then i had only seen your comments on many of the blogs that i follow, always admiring you and loving the encouragement you gave to others. so, i finally decided if i was ever to hear from you again then i would have to join the club and come along for the ride...so i did :) can't wait to find out for myself why you are so endearing :)

otin said...

You wrote that? Wow, very impressive! I am blown away!

steveroni said...

SWEETER: I'm guessing I know this "anonymous" LOL! Singers do not "come nearer" any more. they just buy mega, mega amplifiers. After all, sound is simply waves which can be discerned by the auditory nerve. The old question, is there sound even when no ears to hear it?

Thank you for your help on my blog design. I like it! IMMENSELY! I even gave you credit on the bottom of the blog...

COSIMA, since you are "new" here, I will say that your presence is most welcome. Thank you for following me (DID you follow? I do not know--grin!) Oh well!!!!

CLAUDIA: I love the sax. Fellow named Sigurd Rascher used to play it with symphony orchestra accompaniment...concerto for sax, etc. Knew him in 1952. He was world-renowned during those years.

BTW, I KNOW what "herz" means--grin! (opposite of "his" right?)

SHERI: I HAVE been to your blog quite q few times...do not know why we are not blog-friends. Some times I Pi*s peeps off. Hope that did not happen in this case. I will go tonight and see who are you!

OTIN: Yeah I typed it, but the words just kept coming. Found out ya only have to write half of the lyrics in a song, since the chorus always can be the same, same, same!

It is YOU who I respect and admire SO much, i cannot find words to express--and you must KNOW how that can be...NO, maybe you do not--grin!

Susan Deborah said...

Steve, came back to say that the new layout looks lovely and elegant. Is that your younger-days picture on the header?
The violin's picture in the side-bar also looks great.

Have a lovely remainder of the week dear Stevie.

Joy always,

RNSANE said...

The painting is beautiful as are your words, Steve!

DJ said...

What a wonderful musician-blog-writer I've found through Manon's painting that led me here.
Thank you for sharing the beauty in your heart with us mortals...
More of your poetry, please.
The world is waiting and is in great need...

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

so beautiful!

Calli said...

Gorgeous lyrics Steve. Now let's hear the music to accompany them...

You are becoming more talented every day!!!

and I'll comment here about the rest of my experience this morning. I love your blog's new look. I love all of your posts.

You are shining MR!