Sunday, July 25, 2010


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Saturday's post on steveroni.

the bad bed
Beautiful, comfortable, sleepable big bed.
"Why only half-used?" She mused...
Responding to herself she said

"He went away, in middle of night
And now I cannot tolerate the sight
Simply cannot stand Stan
Any more, that stupid man!

It has been nearly two weeks since
(Just thinking of it makes me wince)
And I have heard a bit of news--some
Crazy man jumped off a thirteenth floor

To his death. Oh! Think of the gore,
All those broken bones and more.
It could NOT have been "stupid-the-bore"--
Or...could it? I'll just go back to bed. ZZzzsnore!

Can't get to sleep.
Damned horn Beep.
What is it, Pops?
Oh God, it's the cops!

Ma'am, do you know this man?
Officer, this is the guy who ran
Out on me, left me all alone.
Don't care if he NEVER comes home.

Shhhh! Now she is thinking:

OMG, I cannot suppose
That big ugly construction fellow
With two rings in his nose
(couldn't abide streaks of "yellow")....

Oh crap--he DID say he'd "take care of things".
Packing two guns along with those rings
Did  he "take care of" my man?
Oh! What they do to you, Stan?

My bed is but half filled
No more will I be thrilled
By such as your sweet touch
I sill love you very much

But rot in hell, you bag of bones!
Again my bed and I are not alone
Didn't you ever, ever even once suppose
I might be playing with the rings in Joe's nose?

As I understand, to do a MAGPIE, write a short story or rhyme using MAGPIE'S weekly PICTURE as a guide. It is REALLY FUN--or I would not be here. Go to MAGPIE for more info, hardly any rules...and lots of leeway for this one, Peeps!


steveroni said...


swputh said...

Cant just stop thinking and sleep on that .. Thought provoking bed:)

RA said...

This was a riot! :D

Brian Miller said...

nice and twisty steve...

Claudia said...

this was twisty indeed - and gosh - you have lots of imagination

dulce said...

What did you do to them?
Put them back on and in to that bed
Agai, I am amazed
By these things that come to
your beautiful head..


Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

You sure are having fun with this one! I really love the creativity that comes out!

Helen said...

Loved your Magpie! Full of energy ... it came to life as I read it.

Saw your comment on Willow's blog .... if you ever get to Central Oregon, you can look me up!

steveroni said...

Possibility is much more likely for central Ohio--grin! than Oregon...I think! (Should quite that "thinking" biz.)

JESS: FUN it REALLY is!!!!!!!

DULCE: Isn't there always more, always just a little more? In each of us? YOU have in each Posting a LOT more!

BRIAN and CLAUDIA: "Twisty" is a real compliment. Since this is first attempt, I'd like more twistiness...

RA: I LOVE that word "riot"! In the context you wrote it. Thanks!

swputh: Are not ALL beds "thought-provoking"? Having never considered that--I'm not sure!--BIG GRIN!

Gabriela Abalo said...

A Magpie full of fun! I love it.
well done

Nevine said...

Cool beans, you are writing more fiction, Steveroni! Fiction and poetry and playing with words and I love it! So much talent in you... and your voice rings through everything you write.

I would recognize you anywhere, Steve! ;-)


willow said...

This piece has such a fun kind of adult Seuss-ian quality! Great Magpie!!!

Tumblewords: said...

A wildly riotous rhyme!

shewriting said...

before even seeing willow's comment, I was going to ask you if you are related to Dr. Seuss. Entertaining Magpie, steve! Hope you can stop by and check out my first one at shewriting.wordpress.com

signed...bkm said...

Fun, fun read...enjoyed it...Great Magpie Steve...bkm

Sarah said...


I love it!

steveroni said...

SARAH: I love you for loving it!

bkm: Glad you enjoyed it, my first attempt at LOL "serious" writing--grin!

SHEWRITING: Been to your blog, liked the post, commented, and thanks for stopping by here today.


steveroni said...

WILLOW: Your encouraging words mean more than I can say--so I won't try, OK? THANK YOU!

TUMBLEWORDS: Riotous Rhyme! THAT'S something I LIKE to read, especially when it's about something I wrote--grin!

steveroni said...

NEVINE: Each time I publish a post, I say to myself, hopefully, "Oh! Nevine, please come by today and read and comment here. Your words mean more than "How nice..." And I'd "know" you anywhere also. ;-)

GABRIELA: I am going to visit you ANON! Thanks for stopping here, and commenting so nicely.

KB said...

I love your take on the photo. I may give this a try next week. Have a great day.

Jingle said...

very enjoyable twists...
Happy Sunday!

Agneta said...

Your blog.....


Agneta, the swedish one ;)

steveroni said...

KB: Oh really, you MUST do this it is FUN...so many directions you can go. Do you know, I just start writing with no idea where the story is headed, and it just unfolds by itself.

This was my first "stories" like that.

JINGE: I am glad for your visit, and comment. Thank you, dear!

AGNETA: Do you know I was dreaming that one day you would grace my "comment area" with one of those beautiful "drop-down" lines of yours. Thank you for being here, and allowing me this happy moment today.

kathew said...

oh so clever and fun! Great post!

sheri said...

got to love it! you really put some imagination into this one...either that, or you have a neighbor who is always giving you something to write about?? either way, your work is fantastic and so much fun :)

steveroni said...


I have NEVER
Been called CLEVER

And I LOVE that word!!! Thank you!


Blog ideas are mine alone. My neighbors ALL speak some form of Spanish exclusively. (I should learn Spanish, and get some fresh ideas to write?) This was my first little story--there WILL be others. I thought absolutely NOBODY would care for this...from me. THANK YOU!

Sam Liu said...

Wonderful, Steveroni! It read like the most intricate and layered Christie novel. This was a joy and a delight :)

Syd said...

Nicely done. I was wondering about old Joe and his rings.

Tina said...

You made me giggle with your ending. You should definitely write more fiction!