Monday, July 26, 2010


There exists SO many fine--THE finest, most sensitive, spiritually-centered--artists in these blogs. I have "met" about a small number of them through our Blog Connections (one in person!). An art connoisseur I am NOT! But I have come to love, in this short half-year, the people who do this, the messages, and their work.  CALLI, sent me her LADY IN RED, last year, which is hanging now above my computer. CATHERINE (CAT) VIBERT sent a print (#1/100), postcards, and a bonus piece which I love. All are hanging here.  Other artists which I admire SO much are Manon WOW!, LINDA, California girl, whose Header "FARM SCENE" has so wonderfully changed (as if by magic) over this year...and there must be more? Oh Yessss--Cessss! (Actual Name: CES ) who provided inspiration for this blog post titled:


Ces sent me an Acorn which she drew "just for steveroni" (I have to believe that--pride, you know--grin!)  ACORN is pictured below, I propped it against a vase in dining area:

Hey I had to get some BLUE in here, OK?

The Biggest Damm Acorn Ah Evah Deeid See!


CES, CES, CES! YOU have sent me the most nicest gift, and porquoi? For doing simply what I enjoy, staying up late, and kibitzing with others (like you) who stay up late.  PURE happy moments, exchanging silliness in early-morning comments.

And you GIFTED me!  How EVER can I thank you, except maybe to do something for another.

My blog would like to post most of this Email, unless you have an objection.

YOU! A real blogger-friend.
Steve! A real grateful blogger guy.

PS I'd like to tell you about this funeral I played Saturday.  It was quite large in numbers, a prominent AA guy here, and big BIG Italian NYC family--looked like Mafiosi to me! Anyway, one of the Mafia Princesses sang the whole mass, and Panis, and Ave Maria. I played obbligatos to her singing. 

As soon as we began our brief rehearsal, we each looked at the other, and KNEW we had "clicked". It evolved into a most beautiful musical funeral. The whole Italian family (7 sisters, and all their husbands and children, etc) loved every bit. 

A truly wonderful experience for this old fiddle player. Man who died, age 53.....I overheard someone say something about a garrote. Does that mean he died in the attic?--grin!

Peeps, that is my post for today. Soon I will be posting other artists with whom I've become acquainted here. It is my HONOR to applaud them, the only gift I have--and to love. 

And yep, 
I am sober today.
At peace today.
Love you Peeps, always and forever!



Sam Liu said...

I completely share your love and enthusiasm for blogging, Steveroni. One meets such diverse, talented, friendly and wonderful people through blogging. And how marvellous that you have such a close blogging friend! Wishing you well :)

willow said...

Very nice! My sentiments on blogging, as well.

Brian Miller said...

steve i must say you brighten my day as well when you drop by...and to me that is what this crazy online community is all about...really a beautiful acorn...

dulce said...

Oh VEroni
You are such of love
Cess must be really happy and honored with this beautiful post.
Thank you for being so special!

Sweeter hugs ;)

Maha said...

I find it so cool to make contact with bloggers.
P.S. you HAVE to make us hear your music. I am dying to see you playing!

Ces said...

Steveroni, thank you for this very special post all about me! You did not have to do this. Now I have to pick up the pieces of my brain on the floor because I was so thrilled and KA-BOOM! You are a lot of fun! I only give Thank-You-Nuts to special people. Go ask Manon!Then I realized that I only gave you one nut! A Gemini brother must have two nuts. I will correct that! HAHAH!

Ces said...

BTW, the blog you linked o this post was private. I made it public just for now, besides, I am still here.

sheri said...

steveroni, this is one of the nicest tiributes i have ever read...each of these blogger being real friends and people you surely admire for their numerous talents. you're so generous with your compliments to each one, no wonder you are so loved by all!!

steveroni said...

YOU, Sir, make five brief lines of support and encouragement sound utterly ELEGANT! Thank you.

Probably you are the third most bust Peep I know in these blogs, yet you find the time to get around to me
and grace my post with a comment. So many thanks!--you have been teaching me, you know?

For you to write that one "brightens your day" is a high honor, indeed. However, YOU are the real "giver" here! Bless you!

You sound better, even when sending one other a compliment. So sweet, at that! "Besos" (I learned that from Angeles--grin!)

Yep. Blogging is the coolest activity for ANY age group, that I have found in many years of looking. In 1975, I remember DREAMING of have this kind of enjoyment with a computer one day.

The violin is a possibility, but certain problems exist. If there is an Email address on your profile, I'll write you a note about that.

'Nuff said for now? You are Goood!

Probably like most of us, if I cannot compliment, I do not comment...But that is RARE! Usually it is simply a time constraint--again, as with MOST of us--grin!!!

Syd said...

A really nice gift. The pen and ink acorn looks great.

Crown of Beauty said...

Such a lovely picture, an acorn for Steveroni...it means so much!

Full of glorious possibilities in that single acorn.

Your creativity knows no bounds...dear new blog friend.

You are indeed loved by many.

Let that bring encouragement to your heart again and again.


Nevine said...

Well, lucky you for receiving gifts from your blogging buddies. I'm sure it makes you feel like a million bucks. And these friendships we create online are truly wonderful. It's amazing that we can feel an affinity for someone we have never met, isn't it? But still, we do know...

Mmm... are those your fingers on that violin on the sidebar? Just poking my nose...

Have a brilliant Tuesday, Steveroni!


Ces said...

Where? Where? I am waiting... You ought to know better than to do that to a Gemini, make her wait...

JStar said...


Sympathy For The Devil said...

hello this is my first visit.
thank you very much you are very funny but i think that all my Grandewitch's friends are very funny.

i just read your profile, i love Godfather too!
i even have the Godfather video game and i like playing mafia!

Grandewitch always asks who
Apollonia Vitelli is because im following her blog as Apollonia Vitelli :D

Shadow said...

you're a special guy indeed!

Claudia said...

Steve - it's just so good to read your posts - I love how you honor other people - and for sure - you are one of the treasures I found out in this blog world. You have the ability to connect with other people - and I confess - my heart jumps when I see your violin pic in my comments - looking so forward to what you have written - THANKS for just being YOU!!

steveroni said...

I have noticed that you have a gift for writing just the right words to make Peeps glad they are here...and so it is also with me, you make me glad to be "one-of-us"...
Special PEACE to you and your life!

Well, you have--for two years at least--been a special girl, indeed! And a trusted friend. Thank you.

Hey I've been to Apollonia's blog before now--I think! So YOU are one-and-the-same WITCH! I like Peeps who have more than one alias
...it allows mystery into the B'sphere, when all else is so understandable. Thanks for your kind (I think) words.


Geminis wait for no man...or woman
-all know this EXCEPT other Geminis.
Which Witch is Witch bewitched?

Affinities for those not yet met? Yep! And yes, I believe we DO know
and I believe it is a hint of what some may call heaven
NOT my fingers! (That will set Peeps to "talking--grin!)

YOU! Another who seems always to have the right words on hand to create gladness in the hearts of bloggers everywhere! Come back.

You are everywhere always, and with your schedule, how DO you do it? But your Avatar is a welcome sight on ANY site!

drybottomgirl said...

Thanks for sharing those wonderfully talented people! I always smile during and after reading your blogs, now that makes you very talented.......

Shirley said...

Steveroni - first of all..to receive a nut from the one-and-only Ces, is an honor, to be sure. She is one of the finest people here, and I am also honored to know her via the blogworld. Thank you for visiting my little place - it is so good to meet you. It will be a treat to visit now and again. Keep on playing! Our house has a bit of lovely violin playing from my 11 year old...she's going on 6 years now..so I can only imagine the music you must play...wonderful I'm sure!

Calli said...

Oh Steve, you are so wonderful! I have missed you, MR!!! I am slowly making the rounds this morning. I decided to visit, enjoy my coffee and move slowly while visiting my online family.

You are always so grateful and it shows. You are so deserving of gifts, from me, from Ces and others for you gift US everyday.

Your presence is felt even when you do not arrive in my inbox...;)

I hope to keep reading further to catch up...
lots of love & hugs~