Tuesday, July 13, 2010


For more than 20 years, this was
my view of the Florida SUNRISE--
Thank God, for SOBRIETY today!


Florida's summertime showers
Happen daily, with regular hours
Usually in afternoons, two 'til five.
Gladly help everything to stay alive.

Thus, I perceive almost every morning
As Glorious renewal, a fresh new day,
God's Beauty on Great Display
Noticeably absent: my former forlorning.

Reflecting in sudden breaks of light--
Rising sun, left-over dampness from night...
And with exquisite smells, odors of Creation.
There begins my elation--my summation.

Every morning a lighted pathway....
Each dark night, a map to the stars!


(NOTE: The last 2 lines I picked off 
someone's blog, but cannot remember 
whose.  If it's yours, let me know please.)

Picture: Sunrise in a Bottle 3 by wbskinner.png @ Deviant Art


jinksy said...

left-over dampness from night...
And with exquisite smells, odors of Creation

How apt! At the moment, the honeysuckle and jasmine in my garden greet my nostrils from sunset to sunrise, as I lie in bed and try to sleep!

THE BEATY said...

wow great poem and perfect pic to go with

THE BEATY said...

wow great poem and perfect pic to go with

Brian Miller said...

ha. i love the odors of creation line...but the beautiful renewal each day at the masters hand...magnificent. have a wonderful day steve.

Susan Deborah said...

The picture looks beautiful from an artist's perspective but given the fact that the bottle stands for something else, it is a great image.

I am glad that you chose a different path, Steve. You are a blessing and are blessed.

We are more than conquerors and you are the greatest one!

Joy and passion,

Crown of Beauty said...

Hello, I'm back at your blogplace. So glad I "discovered" your blog. The photo is awesome, but even more so the lines of poetry under it. In just a few lines, you communicate volumes. I love poetry.

It saddens my heart to know of the deaths...so sad, so uncalled for. But the story of the man who stayed...for 36 years and still going strong, because of a word of welcome- that is something so encouraging.

We never can tell when a word we speak will spell the difference between death and life. You are right to acknowledge that the Higher Power or Supreme Being or whoever others call him, is really God.

By the way I will try the deviled eggs this weekend, and then let you know how they turn out.


Syd said...

Nice that God's beauty is on display.

drybottomgirl said...

Ahhh, you make me long for the ocean and I live in a state with lakes! But having just spent time at the lake the feeling is the same. His awesomeness is everywhere. And the last two lines (though borrowed) fit beautifully...

Dream's Scribe said...

Thanks Steve for the comment on my blog! I love this pic! I lived in Florida over on the east coast for a while and I definitely remember those drenching showers!!! Thanks! Love it!

Ces said...

Terrific photograph! I love Florida. used to vacation there twice a year in Sarasota for twelve years.

Steveroni, this is a quick one because I have to work:

What do you mean when you said "I can't BELIEVE this?" To what were you referring?

Ces said...

Still not explaining yourself. You thought I was joking when I said I will give you some acorn drawings?

Claudia said...

I'm so glad that your former forlorning is noticeable absent - so good to read about your lighted pathways..

steveroni said...

Yep! Ces, I thought sure you could not mean to do that for me, really. But I also thought it a pretty poor joke.

My 16th birthday was THE joke of my life, I had been told I'd receive an Army surplus JEEP, Hired hands, family, friends had told me so. VERY excited was I (1949) and at breakfast, there was my "Jeep" a little thing, what we now call "matchbox car".

I have never forgotten. It is time to let that GO!

Thank you, thank you Ces.....

Crystal Mary said...

Hello, this is my first time here at you place...I know I am welcome because you are my brother-in-Christ. I have attended AA meetings and enjoyed them, the friendship and helping hand from one person to another. I am not a drinker but attended to support my patients while working in a Drug and Alcohol unit.
Dependency on anything accept our Creator is a sly weapon the devil uses to keep people in bondage...Now Jesus has set you free...Praise His Holy name.
If I could have learn any instument it would have been the violin. I love the haunting melodies, the romance and the nostalgia. They make me thing of Johann Strauss and the bygone era of Vienna...beyond beauty....
God Bless you this day, and all your talent.

margg. said...

light is so important.
this is wonderful.

Dulce said...

Sweetes Peep!
I wish I could say those were mine

Every morning a lighted pathway....
Each dark night, a map to the stars!

BUt they are not. Anyway, they suit so perfectly with the rest of the poem... Ohyou romantic Sweeter man

Still busy busy working

Hugs and besitos