Sunday, July 11, 2010


May God protect the players--and the fans--at the WORLD CUP FINAL today, Sunday July 11 . ABC TV and UNAVISION will air the game between NETHERLANDS and SPAIN 
at 2 PM EDT in the area where I live.

One who commented on my blog asked me if the header picture is my bass. I wrote her that it wasn't mine, but that it was a violin.  So it is from Dianne's suggestion that I remember and blog this experience:

This story I may have 
blogged two years ago
not sure--oh well...


Fifteen years ago I was returning from Cincinnati Ohio, on a flight to Fort Myers, an hour drive from Naples Florida, home. home. Seated next to me was an attractive woman, very quiet, as was I--yes, believe that, if you can--grin! Fort Myers International Airport was being drenched with an electrical thunderstorm centered directly over the landing strips. Our flight was delayed. This resulted in a "ring-around-the-rosie" circling of the airport high atop mountains of clouds and high above the raging electrical storm.

The lady I'll name Ellen asked me if the case under my seat housed a violin, that she'd been wondering about it the whole trip.

ME:  "Yep!"
SHE:  Oh! My Great-Great Grandfather was a violin maker, a luthier."
ME:  "Was he a famous maker?"
SHE:   "Yes, his violins are played by many orchestral musicians around the world."
ME:  "What was his name?"
SHE: "George Chanot. He is French."
ME:  "Lady, you won't believe this...but this violin of mine--under the seat--IS a Chanot!"
SHE:  (Thinking I am making an advance), "Welllll...may I see it?"
ME: (Hearing her disbelief), "Of COURSE!" I am just in awe over this happening here...what are the odds? ASTOUNDING!

I opened the case, uncovered the instrument, and she properly gasped--yesss, she gasped--grin!  My fiddle has a beautiful reddish color, which is envied by many. As she looked inside the "f" holes (Allright, guys, STOP IT now!!!) she could read the inscription of her ancestor's signature, the city, country and date. "Georges Chanot, a Paris, 1856" Some other words illegible...

It was an awesome moment that we sat there, each thinking of the wonders of this moment, this situation, this connection.

There should be some kind of ending here. whenever I think of those few moments before we landed, I feel like something is unfinished. I should have asked her name--she lived in Ft. Myers. I guess I and she were each so struck dumb by this event, we were beyond normal "thinking" stages of behavior. So, that's it.

Oh, just one more thing. She asked if I'd play something. And so, still seated and belted, I bowed out a couple brief show tunes. She cried softly, silently, genuinely and tearfully.  The passenger Peeps enjoyed every minute of this whole episodic adventure, even my playing.  Passengers and airline Peeps alike, were supportive, and agreed that God had a plan here, but nobody could guess what that was.

...and fifteen years after--neither can I


Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

I love stories, stories are teh make up of life, especially as you're living them out :)

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...


Dulce said...

I don't know my sweet Steve.. Will you ever stop amazing me (us) with yous stories?
15 years later still you can't, how come?

Love u peep

A Daft Scots Lass said...

What a brilliant story! Perhaps you should go back to the airline and get a passenger list.

Brian Miller said...

steve, what a wonderful story...and as many people as you stop and talk to it does not surprise me..that you touched a life that day. smiles.

Maha said...

That was an absolutely amazing story. I love how sweet these little coincidences can be.

Kim A. said...

Beautiful. Maybe the point of that meeting was that it be told, and retold...in the sharing there may be a seed for a soul...


linda said...

darling, i was not in the mood to weep...... and yes, this is the loveliest thing i have read in quite some time....and you are a word weaver extraordinaire..

Crown of Beauty said...

I found your comment at one blog quite interesting, which made me decide to hop over to your place. This is a heartwarming account indeed. Generally the blog world is full of kind people, that must be the one common trait most blog people have. And so is your post so full of kindness. As a violin player, one has to be gentle and tender hearted, I believe.

The amazing thing about the blog world is that you get to meet such remarkable folks at a mere click of a mouse.

I also loved reading about the devilled eggs, if only you had a recipe for it, or is it all a matter of trial and error?

Would love to try it... as I understand all it needs aside from the eggs are mayonnaise, mustard, paprika, salt and pepper?

This is my first attempt to comment at a blog outside my usual comfort zone circle, but I just couldn't help leaving this long comment here.

Have a blessed day.


Syd said...

Not a coincidence I think.

steveroni said...

JESS: If there is anyone out there who knows about miracles--it is YOU! I have watched them worked through your persistent trudging up the roadway of "HAPPY DESTINY ST." You have my utmost respect, and you shine as a beacon for boats which get off course.

DULCE-GIRL: YOU! Always you say you have enjoyed my "stories" until i nearly believe you. Of course, I keep telling them--it is all I know--grin! Take Care, Sweeter Poet. Love!

Daffy Scottish Girl: That event happened 15 years ago, but it is still a fine idea you have--Delta Airline...Are they still in business? Thanks for being here!!!

BRIAN: Yesss, THAT is what life has become: touching lives. I wish I had a "list" of today's "touches"...Seriously. YOU certainly touch YOUR share, though here and probably elsewhere

MAHA: ...and *I* love how *YOU* love these sweet little coincidences. Nicely stated.

KIM A: Baybeeee! Now THERE is a thought I never imagined. How resourceful your imagination. I'll bet when y'all go camping, YOU are the one who plans the trail, picks the camping area...I am jus sayin'.....

LINDA: You are once again, TOO kind in your beautiful support. I would miss you forever, should you be unable to post blogs and comments, and paint your wonderful pieces now and then...and walk the fences in the "back quarter"!!!

LIDIA: WOW! You certainly know how to lift a blogger's spirits!
Only other thing about the eggs is do not be too conservative with the mayo AND mustard. Just to taste. Paprika on top, of course. And remember the needle prick in each egg--I forget if that is in a certain area of shell

Again, Welcome here, please come back. I have not yet been to your place, but WILL, I promise. Almost don't want to--because I'll probably find another 20-30 blogs to follow. HEELLLLLLP!

SYD: I am positive that you think correctly!

Lu Ann said...

Like Jess said: miracles.

Oh! this is truly amazing!!
One of those things that happens once at life as a gift for us to feel amazed, am I right?

:) It truly made me smile :) It is simple awesome.

Probably God just knew that "Ellen" needed to see that violin, to hear you play it.
We´ll never know... still it is terribly awesome.

RNSANE said...

That is such a phenomenal tale, Steve, but wonderful....one of those once in a lifetime sagas that makes you feel really good.

margg. said...

I love stories.
This will be one I'll always remember :)
Thank you.

Claudia said...

That's just amazing - you must have thought you're dreaming.
I don't play violine (but love to listen...*sigh*) - but an Altosax and I just recently wrote a tribute to my SA 80 II on my blog.
Have a look if you like
Claudia at http:/splittergewitter.blogspot.com.The post is named like my Sax SA 80 II

NabilaHazirah said...

wonderful! miracles do happen (:

steveroni said...

LU ANN: I suppose all of us experience the joy in relating a happening in our lives, and then reading that Peeps actually read the piece and enjoyed it. How interesting, and WHY did I not think od the fact that SHE enjoyed hearing music coming from an ancestral artifact of her own history. Thank you SO MUCH for that thought.

RNSANE: Yep, "feel good" all the way with that story. And ya know, God does not often show Himself to me in such vividly graphic way.

MARGG: You are so sweet, I left a long comment on your blog.

CLAUDIA: Yesss, do you know? When i got home, as I wa telling PG that story long ago--I DID wonder, "Was it all a dream?" But I had one PROOF that is was real.
I was NOT going to tell you but I will: I smelled her perfume, even the next day, on my violin!!!

NOTE: I will visit your site this morning, for sure!

NABILAHAZIRAH: Yesss! YOU know that. And I know that. Praise the Creator!

Claudia said...

I feel honored that you want to take my idea for a violin post - and I can't wait to read it!!!

Thanks for your refreshing comments on my different posts. You are very honest - and maybe a bit uncomfortable - but guess there is the wisdom of a long life speaking to me....
There is a life to be lived - right/ It's never all one sided - right.

So Mr. Violin-player - I start to like you ;o

And it must have been so nice to smell her perfume on your violin...

Rebecca said...

Lovely story, indeed. I agree with all the others here. :)

drybottomgirl said...

Loved this story, and sometimes there is no answer just a chance meeting, a God moment :)

Heather's Mom said...

What a great story & memory! Amazing! I love that you played on the airplane too.
God bless.

Ces said...

Okay, I wish I can hear you play Saint-Saens Rondo Capriccioso. I too think of you when I hear that music. The eye on the header does not belong to a guy, more like an elephant! Hehehe!

steveroni said...

Ces, I wrote in your blog comment: You could paint a pile of cow manure, and it would win first prize in any show in the world.

All the music you post IS very pleasing, even though some of it I don't know.

HEATHERS MOM: Some of these stories for me are unforgettable...now THERE would be a nice title for a song: UNFORGETTABLE...That's how you are

GIRL OF DRY BOTTOM: Guess we don't need answers for everything. But I don't even know most of the QUESTIONS! Thanks for coming over here and commenting!

REBECCA: You are nice with your comments, Thanks. I've got to visit and see if you had time yet for a new masterpiece--and I MEANT that word!

CLAUDIA: Would you allow yourself to write where (near which city) you live in Germany?