Tuesday, July 6, 2010


    San Antonio 

For years he'd shivered and cowered
In ever-changing shadings of tower
This man who begged for his meal
Fellow whose shoes had no heal

I gave him a buck
Wished him "good luck"...
But before walking away
I looked back to say

"Friend, let's go have a coffee,
And talk about today...and yesterday". 


Comments are not going either way 
for me today, so I have not responded. 
Hope GOOGLE gets it right tomorrow???
(Gotta blame SOME one!!!)

NOTE: After most went home Sunday, I decided to do a little touring, ascended the tower. While there I learned something of the history of San Antonio, from murals adorning the inside walls on the observation platform. 


If ya don't like "getting high" (UP, I mean--grin!)
do not visit the observation deck!

photos by steveroni


Brian Miller said...

yeah it seems blogger is eating quite a few comments today...hopefuly it will be fixed soon...

cool about the guy...so you met with him? did it go well?

Heather's Mom said...

You are such a caring person. I wonder how many don't stop?
What an awesome tower! Oh my gosh!
Hope you made it to the Riverwalk.
God bless.

Em said...

what a beautiful poem and reflection of you

steveroni said...

BRIAN: I shall never know if it "went well" will I? But it was a rewarding meeting, with coffee, apple rools, on a concrete bench with the river water rushing by. A few smiles, maybe some HOPE. Who knows? Thanks for asking, though!

EM: You are a sweet one. Thanks for reading mine, and I'm SO glad the comments are coming through on this one!!!

HEATHERS MOM: Made it to Riverwalk several times in those five days. One of the country's best convention places, IMO. NO FIREWORKS ALLOWED! Can ya beat that? NO where in town, only at US Air Bases.

Dulce said...

This is a HA HA which means WOW and ooohhh!
I don't know where to start here. So much to comment...

Beautiful are your words Veroni, but you forgot to dedicate them to me... For what other reason is there to post that picture of that part of the history of my ancestors?

Oh- these Canarian people have gone far, as any other people, of course... But these islands are so tiny that facts like this outstand to me.

Amazing ain't it?

You'll find some more in Lousiana, Puerto Rico, but especially (hundreds of thousands) in Cuba and Venezuela... So many of my granparents and great grandparents' brothers and sisters went there and I've lost all trace of them... shameful, but true... Somehow we may all be relatives of the rest of the relatives around the world...

Thanks for the reference. Come for a coffee when you like PEEP! :)

love u 2

drybottomgirl said...

remember when I said "Angels are among us" I forgot to mention you! What a wonderful heart you have....

Syd said...

Ice that you helped him. No, I am not Nick but Ms Moon seems to think I am!

steveroni said...

Syd (Nick!)..I did not "help" him, really. As you know, I helped myself to him and his plight. If and when something rubs off me onto someone else, we both win...but there's always at least one winner.

DRY BOTTOM GAL: "remember when I said "Angels are among us"...of COURSE I remember! But to put me up there with an angel--well, dear, you REALLY just do not know me, and that's the truth. OK? But don't hold back, I LOVE the strokes!

DULCE: I almost put your name under the photo, to make sure you see it. But I guess too late for that. Well, Canary-Girl, everyone knows where you live. Thank you for your sweetest comment.

Ces said...


I thought of you this weekend as I listened to classical music, especially the violins. Saint-Saens WHOOOOOOAAAA! I would have loved to watch and listen! Maestro!

Nevine said...

Steve, It's nice to know you got out into the city and did some digging around of your own. SA has a rich Spanish heritage... and Mexican, too.

And what a beautiful poem about a lovely exchange between spirits. Sometimes, when strangers meet, magic happens. And this, I do believe to be true... ;-)


Kim A. said...

I think it is amazing how the offer of a cup of coffee can open a whole new world for us. ::I have been the recipient, it matters...::


steveroni said...

NEVINE: About strangers, I am reminded of out-of-context words from "Some Enchanted Evening":

"...you may see a stranger
Across a crowded room
And somehow you know..."

CES: In case you should read this???
Rondo Capriccioso is one of my "regulars"...those tunes which play incessantly and lovely in my head from morning until sleep. Fortunately they stop--when I do!

Note: I am IN LOVE with your art!

steveroni said...

KIM A: You are sweet. That last line is such a beautiful reminder to us ALL, that whatever little we do, well, like you said, it matters!
Thank YOU!

Manon Doyle said...

Beautiful poem!!
Steve.... love the look of your blog. I haven't been a very good blogger lately but I'm slowly making my way back. I'm sure both you and Ces understand this since you both seem to come and go!! LOL

Jingle said...

lovely tower..
thank you for sharing!

steveroni said...

JINGLE: Girl, YOU are just EVERYWHERE!!! And it is GoooooD!

MANON: Is it not just wonderful that we can go and come back, and be welcomed as if we had not moved? Between you and that "Ces-Girl" I am somewhat happy to get a break--you both keep a lot of us busy, just roaming, commenting, trying to keep up. Thank you for driving by--

The Muse said...

Enveloping more than a moment~
Encapsulating the heart/the soul....exploring what great depths a human holds...

In your piece both the explorer and the lost soul are each at that moment genuinely and gloriously without pretense.

I can hear the discovery now...

Ces said...

OOOOOH! Steveroni, word warrior!!! I understand the "come and go" and leave then return in a few hours. HAHAHAH! Steve, I wish I can hear you pplay. You should set up yourself on your pc camera and play and I can listen. A private performance! I am listening to Saint-Saens now.

I love Rondo Capriccioso

margg. said...

i think this really is rather wonderful.
it encapsulates a moment that a lot of people fail to experience.

thank you for your kind words on my blog as well :)

steveroni said...

MUSE: "...without pretense." Oh! Yes, maybe THAT is the problem in the world? I think Pride, which begets pretense, greed, one hundred kinds of fear, self-centeredness, and so on...Thanks for visiting!

CES: You are so nice to me, responding in such supportive fashion. I am reeelly blest to have "met" both you Peeps, you and Manon.

I believe now it is your ENTHUSIASM (for everything) which is so attractive.

MARGG: It was great to "find" you on MAHA'S blog. You are on my Blogroll now. OK? Thanks for the visit. (Wish I were better at encapsulating--grin!)