Friday, July 16, 2010



 (My first MAGPIE--hope it is correct procedure)

Rusty and old
Top used to be gold
But in the cellar
Still some color

It Is said
'Twas fire-red

Left on a shelf
Before it...you know,
Extinguished itself.

Something like me
Over the hill
Or even like Thee
When the years will
Until the final ill


The challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to write a story in exactly 55 words. Flash Fiction 55 is hosted by the G-man, a host with the most.


steveroni said...

So there will be ONE comment on this stupid "55".....--grin!

moondustwriter said...

you got that 55 under the wire

glad you made it - not a party without you

Nicely done I might add.

Hope you have a great wkend

Moon Smiles

The Muse said...

Something like me
Over the hill

I want to chew on that for a spell.

Crown of Beauty said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Claudia said...

This was nicely done - and with a twinkling eye - and I don't think you're over the hill at all. Years may have accumulated - but wisdom as well...

Crown of Beauty said...

Hi Steve

Sorry I deleted my previous comment and wrote a new one here.

The story is nicely written in exactly 55 words. I counted.

I only wish the ending word was something else, like "eternity" instead of "nihil"... but I know, you had to make it rhyme with the other "ill" sounding words.

And hey, you're not over the hill! I wouldn't agree with that.



Dulce said...

Until nihil...

I must grasp every second left sweet Man, I really must. And so must you... but it seems you know how to do that really well.

Great post VEroni <3

Brian Miller said...

i have only yet begun to climb...only yet begin to climb...nice 55 steve!

Syd said...

What was in the cellar I wonder....

g-man said...

Better late than never!!
As an artist, you see things that non-artists do not. I had to read this a couple of times before I began to understand it. Of course I'm NOT the brightest bulb on the tree in spite of my moniker.
Maybe I'm sitting right there on the shelf with you.
Great 55 Stevo..
Always an honor and a pleasure.
And Maestro...Have a Kick Ass Week-End...G

willow said...

Magpie + 55 = Magnificent! :):):)

(yes, your are in fine form on all fronts...no errors that I can see on the Maggie Linky....welcome xx)

Nevine said...

Always love your 55's, Steveroni. And we will all auto-extinguish, one day... we will all be nihil. So it is good to live the day as the day is... and to enjoy life while climbing the hill... before we inevitably have to climb back down...

Wishing you a lovely Saturday, Steveroni!


Scott said...

thats nifty!

kathew said...

there is life after 55....trust me! Great poem-!

Susan Deborah said...

nice and sweet :)
why did you anticipate a single comment, though?
have a great weekend dear stevie :)

joy and peace,

brenda w said...

Wonderful Magpie, Steveroni! Seems to me you are aging gracefully...I'd love to hear you play some music.

Helen said...

I loved this Magpie .... hope I'm aging as gracefully as YOU!

signed...bkm said...

It twas said, fire red....love that line ....Great Magpie..bkm

THE BEATY said...

I've never seen anyone mix magpie with 55. I always thought it was too dangerous lol. still thanks for doing what noe of us were able to

Catalyst said...

That was wonderful, Steveroni!

margg. said...

great magpie.
wonderful poem.

izzy said...

Just to let you know- I had a flash 55, from your picture- and had to follow it! A bit late ( no time to finish yesterday, we had a job) but came around OK this morning-
Thanks for yours-

steviewren said...

Let's not talk of extinguishment...I'm not ready for the firehouse in the sky yet and neither are you!!

Nice tale in 55 words. Sounds hard to me.

Tumblewords: said...

I enjoyed your take on the prompt - the years DO accumulate, accentuate...and then...Clever work, for sure.

Anonymous said...

Nicely done!