Sunday, November 29, 2009




Starbucks takes a couple of my bucks before every rehearsal. This morning I gave the the Barista my order--Venti Bold. A man just ahead of me in line said he'd have the Mild. Out of my big fat mouth--it shocked me--leaped the loudness of one word, "SISSY"!

Some day my mouth will get me killed, but not today--yet.

I found myself next to the same fellow at the condiment cupboard, he said that he cannot take Bold coffee at 9:30 AM. So I told him (what else?) that in past times I was frequently found passed-out-drunk by 9:30 AM. He responded with "Me, too!" So, within seconds of the first time, I was shocked once more. Here I am, in a matter of few  seconds running into a stranger who--as you will see--is one of US!

He said he was sober 6 years, and asked me...so I told him 35 years. Since I DO go to lots of meetings I wondered aloud why I've never seen him? "In which AA meetings would I find you?".

He went through a litany of the meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous where he USED TO go; USED TO be a regular at my home group 7 AM meeting, USED TO 'attend' the Serenity Club; USED TO go to the New Attitudes Club; USED TO be at the cookie meeting; USED TO "hit about two to three meetings a week"; USED TO have a sponsor; USED TO work the Steps, etc.

He then launched me into a brief discussion of the "YET's" in AA. His words: "I have not totaled four cars in 3 weeks--YET; I have not been in jail longer than a month--YET; I have never been to prison--YET; I have never hit my wife or children--YET; I have not killed anyone--YET; I have not gone back to that chaotic life where alcohol was my God--YET! A small patch of sand and weeds under the Gordon River Bridge is NOT my home--YET!"

When we had done with that, I got him to agree to meet with me at the 7 AM AA meeting Monday morning (today) and we'd "do" coffee after, or maybe breakfast. OK!

Something entered my brain then, which refused to remain there, and so I said to him--and to myself, "One way to avoid all those "YET's" is to not have so many "USED-TO's"

Peeps, he and I intend to stay sober tomorrow--with you.
I love you, I really do!
Peace is for all of us!

Life is SO much simpler, easier, if I let go and let God...than NOT!


Anonymous said...

Steve, you are such a good person. God will make you live to at least 100 so he won't have to work so hard!


Syd said...

That is very cool. And not a coincidence to run into another alcoholic in need of a tune up.

Silver said...

You got away when you call the guy behind you 'Sissy'?? ;D some laughs there.. BUT i'd rather you NOT do that again! ;)

He was lucky to run into you!


Silver said...

or shd i say, shd be the other way around? ;P

Tall Kay said...

Oh I just love cool stories like this! Thanks for sharing and welcome back. You were missed :o)

linda said...

what a blessing for him are you...and what a very big mouth you have! that cracked me up although I do realize it's beside the point! ;)

Dulce said...

Hey! Sweet Peep you are back and so am I! I loved our meeting outside this world of blogging last weekend...( Let everyone think we really met... )
Souls can fly so far so far... and I promise I saw you and had coffee with you and I loved our conversation,a bit too sissy (ha ha)but so interesting indeed.
Sweet Hugs my friend
And 'besitos' ♥

Scott said...

i LOVE when stuff like this happens. I am a bit of a "sassy" one myself and have no trouble striking up a conversation with a stranger, only to find out we've got stuff to say... it's fun!

Shadow said...

its amazing how you meet people. i'd be interested to know if he came to the meeting?

Nevine said...

I think people come into our lives at certain moments with certain purposes; I really don't believe in coincidence. There is something in this for both of you - something good. Even if it was just the moment of the meeting, you somehow connected - and this after calling him a sissy! ;-) I wish you a beautiful day, Steve.


Calli said...

I am in complete agreement with Nevine's comment. I do not believe in coincidence. There is always 'something' to be gained from meeting each person we meet, each conversation we may over hear and each smile passed on the street. Everything has meaning.

Sometimes, it is just a smile for the sake of smiling~
smiles for you...

enchantedoak said...

Hubby and I call those "chance" meetings "divine appointments." Good to know God plans these meetings and puts us somewhere to be a blessing and to be blessed.

Anonymous said...

I simply can't say I believe in coincedence so I will say, God knew better and directed him to you. What a wonderful Monday story to tell. Good work! Hugs. Tammy

Ed G. said...

Nice to know you were on time for this appointment. If you call me a sissy at Starbucks, I might lay you out though - it IS all about my image, you know...

Blessings and aloha...

Anonymous said...

I'm glad your back I missed you. you found your calling ,hopefully I will fine mine. don't leave again. I need my biggest fan

Anonymous said...

Steve, did he show up at the seven am meeting???

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

I love how God works!!!

Even when I feel I'm completely defective.

SO AWESOME how random circumstances turns into spiritual opportunity and miraculous signs of a Loving God as he expresses himself...through us!


Love ya steve!!!

Anonymous said...

Ah, Steve-O. You have the most amazing experiences.

This is a good one!

Anonymous said...

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