Tuesday, November 17, 2009


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Is not the beginning
The end?
And the end, the begin?
And do I sit here
Without single sin?

"Bless me father"

To begin anew,
Meet and love you
That's what will give
Reason to live--
Now and ever

"I have sinned"

Meet and love
Again and again
Early love's infatuation
That wonder of life
Right now

"Since my last confession"

Meeting, loving, are
More common to some
Than others who love
from afar than near,
Right here

"Which was so long ago..."

First is knowing,
Loving after that.
Then it becomes
Beautiful happening
One more time

"How many times, Father?
I do not remember."

Enveloped in tenderness,
Arms reaching, all-around loving,
Gentle lip-sucking caress
Everywhere, everywhere, yes...
Right there

"For your penance--
do three good deeds"

Then, in peace,
The fulfillment
To us

"Go with DD and sin no more."

And after that
What is one to say?
Come back, oh yes,
Return another day

Love arrives, intrudes unmercifully.
It brings the aged back to their youth

Fantasized Ego says, "Hello, youth!"

Sense says, "Go away. I left you
Long ago for dead...."

Reality says, "Just live in this moment,
This day. Live it well, live it to the full.
Love it...cherish it, and
Find happiness in that--
For it is God's gift for you


Shadow said...

you are so very right. every end is a beginning. hard to see sometimes since the sun may not yet have risen, but watch and wait and you'll get to see...

Silver said...

Your words touched me.. i know that it is important to always live in the NOW except that most of the "NOW" moments can seem so long and draggy most times.

And perhaps to be able to find happiness, i should adopt the wisdom of Albert Schweitzer: "Happiness is nothing more than good health and a bad memory."

Btw, what does "Amor y paz!" mean? It sounds like vocabulary in the language of love.. but no good if i can't make out what that is! haha ;)


Ann said...

Beautiful poem!!! Love being a part of your life through this blog!!

Steve E. said...

This is just so I can receive an email telling me someone has commented...OK?

(I forgot to click on "follow-up" comments below.)

♥Shann♥ said...

I love this!!!!!!

Nessa said...

Lovely poem.

Tuesday's Tales in Two Hundred - Going In Circles

Gabriella Moonlight said...

Steve, I have no idea how you are finding these words, but they are powerful and I am so glad that you are writing them, they have great meaning to me right now...

Love you,

Syd said...

You are so right about living in the day. It is all that I can do to live this one the best that I can.

G-Man said...

When someone blathers on and on and on about something, and ends up giving you way...Too Much Information!!! Thats TMI..hehehe

Go and sin no more....
In Nomine Patris et Filii et Spiritus Sancti!

Dulce said...

Dear Sweet Steve,
This love of yours, this passion of yours is so beautiful...
But what does God have to do with it?
Sinful, guilty to be alive and feel?
No age for that man, no age at all.

In Nomine Patris et Filii et Spiritus Sancti!AMEN
Which means God has forgiven you for being human.

Feeling alive ...that's soooo sweet... and you so much deserve it, peep of peeps the king... (bla bla bla) :)
Lots of love

Silver said...

You sure crack me up..haha.. love your humour. Has anyone told you that? ;)

From me, 'Amor y paz' to you, too!


Linda S. Socha said...

Love this one Steve. You are a true romantic?

Silver said...

You are one very cooool heck of a guy, you know that? I've got to run for now- gotta take the boys out for lunch. Mc Donalds or Pizza? We really have got to be more creative!


Anonymous said...

STeve you know I WUV U, you always make me laugh even on your serious posts. I am loving this poetry from you,!!
LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE!! each day as it is our last!!!

Keep the poems coming. Carpe Diem
HUgs and much love

Anonymous said...

This is so beautiful Steve! I was greatly touched by the tenderness of these words. You have been quite the poet lately :)