Thursday, November 12, 2009


Flash Fiction Friday 55
is a story written in exactly 55 words.

Let the G-Man know if you write one
and read the ones of your fellow writers.

 ME! Pick me. Pick ME!
Yesss it is I, fruitcake of fruits
wishing to become
not necessarily
Chosen One--
Just one of

Pick me, pick me
might well have meant
Pickle me
Again...about being chosen
As belonging. Oh!
The myth of

Alone and lonely
Fitting in nowhere
Pick This
Piece of Shit

SOBER, Peeps
LOVE, Peeps
PEACE, Peeps
From me to you, Peeps


Just Playin' said...

Good job with your 55 words! And yep, everybody want to belong and everybody feels "less than" when they don't. Fitting picture. I hadn't seem this 55 words thing...will look into it.

Syd said...

This is kind of a telling one for me. I felt out of place at a lot for a long time. It's good to actually fit.

Anonymous said...

Sure is nice to be "a part of" these days instead of a piece of shit. Did you do the drawing? I love it.

I'm up:

Friday Flash 55 ~ DELETE

Anonymous said...

I have those days
hey you have something at my blog love yea

Just Another Sober Guy said...

Yeah... I did EVERYTHING I could to fit in in EVERY situation I could put myself in. It is nice today to fit in, every day, anywhere I go, just by being me.

Nice job!

Monkey Man said...

Haunting in its own way. Great 55. My 55 is here.

Larry said...

Wow kind of tough when one feels this way but then I think we all do at one time or the other. Nice 55 Love the drawing also look forward to reading you again.
you'll find mine below.

Drive In Movie

Larry said...

Wow kind of tough when one feels this way but then I think we all do at one time or the other. Nice 55 Love the drawing also look forward to reading you again.
you'll find mine below.

Drive In Movie

anthonynorth said...

Powerful words - a feeling we simply have to learn to rise above to survive.
Excellently done.

Shadow said...

don't we all want to be picked. its desolate and lonely to be the last one left... great 55!!!

Hootin' Anni said...

Y'know Steve, we've all been there before!! This is most powerful.

My is now posted today - just scroll down a bit, below my show n tell Click Here

Brian Miller said...

haunting 55. there were many a day i just hoped to be picked...nicely done.

mine is up!

Scott said...

I've felt that 55'er as well my friend, well told

Laszlo Brown said...

Cool drawing! Those lines are awesome.

Dr.John said...

Your 55 caught my childhood. So sad.

I have finished my 55.
You’ll find it

But it’s a groaner.

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

Oh this one I feel keenly

Dulce said...

Oh I know that feeling so well... Damn- this makes feel sad again

(The unloved have met here today)

Sweeet Peep
Great 55

Anonymous said...

Wow, Steve. Powerful one this week. You are very talented.

Love to you.

Anonymous said...

I truly hate seeing someone being picked last.Feeling ALONE is horrible.. but we have all gone through it. great 55.. and BTW lol as always you made me laugh though this, PICK ME pick this piece of shit. LOL

Blessing and have a great WEEKEND.. HUGS

Tall Kay said...

I think you touched a little part in each of us. Excellent 55 Steve-O! The drawing just illustrates your words sooo well!

♥Shann♥ said...

I pick u, because you are like me
Happy Friday!

Nessa said...

This is oh so funny and sad at the same time. Well done.

Flash 55 - Blue Gill

Mom of Opiate Addict said...

I was always picked last in school for sports and such. Looking back, I was not athletic in the least so I can see why they may not seek out the one who fumbles the ball all the time! But oh how I desired to fit in and be picked. So now, I just try and pick myself:) Great 55, mine is up.

clean and crazy said...

i always said i didn't want to be picked, great 55.

Margie said...

Sad one Steve ...very sad!
But one that so many can relate to.

Well done!

Have a great weekend!

Blessings to you ...always!


g-man said...

Very powerful, very fitting to some!
You sure can capture an emotion!
Excellent 55 Brother.
Thanks for playing today, and have a Wonderful Week-End...G

Angeles said...

Piece of Steve!!
Lindo Steve!!I pick u!!

enchantedoak said...

I pick you!

Mine is even sadder than yours.

Anonymous said...

we love beach meetings.

Mona said...

the sense of belonging is always so soothing