Tuesday, November 10, 2009




Peeps. I am trying out a new medium of expression.  It's ahh...well...poetry.

  There, I said it!  This first time, it is not about alcoholism or recovery.  However, without my program of Alcoholics Anonymous, I could never venture this far away from my usual AA dissertations.
Always I have tried to find the "meaning" of poetry or poetic prose.

I shall not work so hard at trying to 'interpret' poetry, because I am beginning to understand that the words have an ebb and flow sometimes of their own.

This evening I have come to a realization that Poetry, as Music, Painting, Dance, Architecture, Computer Graphics and other art forms, is created twice. The writer and the reader together are co-creators.  A favorite Poet-Peep was kind enough in helping me to this understanding.

What is the experience, or where is the fun, the pleasure, the spirituality, of a work of art, unless I take part in the author's effort?

For me to comprehend precisely what a poem denotes, I  would have to know what even the creator of the poetic lines did not.   For it is not in knowledge that I grow, but in the EXPERIENCE of doing, feeling, writing, enjoying, sharing and  loving all things and Peeps as they are, as they appear to me...as they choose to be.

I asked a famous artist two years ago about a certain "Lady in Red" which he'd painted--a wall-covering canvass, beautiful (Price $32,000).  I wished to know what was meant by the expression of her facial features, of what was she thinking, saying?

He said to me  "She is thinking and saying whatever you wish her to be thinking and saying." And he walked away from me.

So is it with poets and poetry? Maybe!

Here is my first serious (LOL--Me, serious?) attempt at writing a short poem.


Into haze-filmed arms
of early-morning ball of fire I ride
As the warmth I feel within
Tries to match the cool outside

On the path to anywhere

Does it least matter
Who I care to meet
What I wish to happen
Just take me there, oh feet

Over that path to anywhere
And Nowhere

Arrived is the age to see, to do
What is different from before
Change is what's about
Either now or evermore

To be anywhere
To be nowhere

There is but thin space remaining
One year leans into the next
So the time is now to be
Me forevermore...nevermore vexed


NOTE:  For her patience and time spent in helping me with poetry composition, I dedicate this poem "Nowhere Or Anywhere" with love and peace to my Blog Friend and One Top-Peep DULCE whose blog is named Sweeter Poetry. Visit her HERE!


enchantedoak said...

Steve, I applaud you on your first short poem. The longing to be on an adventursome path comes through loud and clear. You have a fun device in the anywhere/nowhere repetition, so there's an epiphany for you in the last lines, as you express your willingness to go anywhere and everywhere as the years close in on you.
I think of poetry as a painting in language form. It should swiftly draw a scene with some dynamic in it, some conflict, something slightly off. And the beautiful masterful language of poet/painter gifts you with a way of seeing something in an entirely new way. When a good poem is read, you should feel something like WOW in your heart. Maybe the poem gave that to you, maybe your understanding of the poem gave it to you, but that AHA or WOW or even a deep hmmmmm are the only way we have of knowing if the mystery of poetry has entered your heart.

Gaia said...

Steve, its great! urh from one who knows nothing about poety and had my first attempt some weeks ago... I thought this is great. It made sense yet not and it flows beautifully. Thank you Dulce too.
Bless you all

Tall Kay said...

Knowing NOTHING about creativity or poetry...I'll just say 'ditto' to everything Chris said! I did like the ending! Kuddos for trying something new.

Shadow said...

and you may carry on writing. this is great. the constant that's change...

and the picture you posted today i am totally in love with. wouldn't mind that one on my wall...

DreamDancer said...

It's great Steve... I love it! I hope there will be more to come :)

Nessa said...

Your first serious poem is seriously good.

Wordless Wednesday

Gin said...

I think you have a gift Steve. From now on I do believe that every post your write should be in the form of poetry!! Seriously though, I love it!

Dulce said...
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Dulce said...

I could say 'Lovely'! And go...
I could say 'so beautiful' and go...
I could say 'great try' and go..
I could even say WOW and go or hummmm-
But let me say a few more things. You CAN do it for it comes from the heart... and I -as reader- can discern oh so many things in those lines. Your choice of words are the ones you need to utter, and that's it.

Dulce said...

You flatter me as always. I've always considered myself an amateur poet. Now as so many peeps out there and here like it so I must consider myself a poet (good? bad?... never mind as long as I do it from the soul and heart and through observation... and the choce of my words is what make my little creations unique, and so is yours)
Again you flatter me for mentioning the fact that I've 'taught' you something about it. I am not an expert but have experience, am not wise but I follow the path which leads to wisdom. And while I write I find myself in the right direction...
Love you so Sweetest Peep!
PS So it seems I had to comment in two parts...

Scott said...


That was really nice... I enjoyed reading your poem and I felt as if I was along with you at points... way to stretch your legs sir!

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...


Inky said...

WOW Steve this is wonderful. clap clap clap, , You and many others kept at me about what I had previously on my profile about not being a poet, you even called me a liar LOL ( no offense taken there ).

I did allot of soul searching and I still will not PUT myself in the group of wonderful poets on here like Dulce, Shadow, SarahA, Kay, SG, and so on, but I will say I did change my profile and this is how I feel.

I have never studied the art of Poetry, I have no structure, prose, style, which are all important for a poet and like any art , studying will sharpen those skills. I do write about life, love, pain, anger, joy, happiness,hope , These are my own personal expressions. I guess if one feels all the above can make one a poet then " call me a POET.

I call you a POET and a Great one at that , I hope we see more

AlmightyHeidi said...

Thank you for the comments on my blog...I adore yours and will be back.

Secretia said...

Write on, write on! Pretty good.

Dulce, Shadow, and Dream Dancer are watching over you, so you'l do OK.

They are, of course the Three Queens of the Universe of poetry!


Calli said...

This is just beautiful Steve! Isn't that Sweet Dulce, something else?! ... and yes we create, we create from the soul outward. That is the only way to truly create.

much love~

♥Shann♥ said...

I soooo bleepin dig your poem!!! whisteling, clapping hootin and hollerin would be me if I saw you read it!!!
I say keep going, more more more... just sayin, as long as you are getting out of it do it!

wolfie185 said...

That was great Steve!! I use to write but the muse doesn't come around much anymore but when she does I let her in and write. For me writing is just another form of the Spirit coming through me, giving me glimpse of the amazing things inside. This is what is happening to you, the Spirit is coming though you and coming to us.

Thanks for sharing and keep on writing.

Gabriella Moonlight said...

First off, I am so adding Dulce to my Blog Roll!!! Wow, thanks for that Steve.

Secondly, poetry such a muse oriented medium of art, I am always amazed by those who can write it and I love comprehend the poems when I read them, let them caress and flow over me...

Third...wow! You are truly a creative spirit! I am so blessed to know you!!!!


Just Another Sober Guy said...

Good stuff my sober brother! I like it! Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

we love our beach meetings.