Saturday, November 7, 2009




Meetings early this morning, wedding music rehearsal later--after that a 2.5 hour bus ride for a concert of Festival of Choirs at the Cathedral in our diocese.  Just got home after a very long day, feel exhausted, but spiritually renewed.  The Festival of Choirs was extraordinarily beautiful, hundreds of singers joined together from about a dozen South Florida counties. This was part of the celebration of the Jubilee Year of the founding of our diocese.

God is so Good.  I got to witness many people's lives being affected, changed, altered, during this day.  It was a day of Love and Peace, my favorite conditions (feelings) of humanness.  Life is wonderful (for me) when I realize more fully the Oneness we are, all of us, with one another.  The single huge reason for this Oneness is that God is within each one of us (Big Book p 55).  Like it or not, that seems to somehow tie everyone together, in my opinion.

What is...IS.
What was...WAS!
And what ain't...Ain't!

I can only know fully--about me.  What was, I certainly know about.   I'm pretty sure of what is, at least for me.  And what ain't, that is sometimes difficult to ascertain. Of course, I do not know--really KNOW--any of "is, was, or ain't" about anyone but myself.  When it comes to the performance of God's will, I cannot, must not, be a judge of another's actions or behavior.  I can "like" it or not, but no gavel-pounding.

Back on the farm, OH! those were the days--those days I hated so much.  I now look back on them with contriteness and awesome love.  Anyway, the work horses always wore blinders, pieces of leather sewn or riveted onto the bridle or the harness shoulder pad.  These blinders kept focus of the horse on the job at hand.  I was always  amazed how much more work got done, when a horse or a team could only see the way in front of them.

The same with me--you get it, right?  When I allow myself to only see the path in front of me at any given moment, my work--in essence, God's work--will more likely be accomplished. Not exactly the same thing, but Coach used to say, "Keep your eye on the ball!"|

When a new guy is trying to talk to me, I am training myself (it works!) to give him my undivided attention.  If I'm looking around for recognition, or simply to catch the eye of a friend, the Peep talking to me senses that immediately, every time.  This is one of the ways in which God is allowing me to change.  There are others...for future posts.

It is nearing 1 AM.  When Peeps rise at 5:30 AM, they have a name for 1 AM.  It's called "bedtime"...Good night!

Peacefully, and lovingly sober today, Peeps. OK


Bhavesh Chhatbar said...

what a beautiful artwork

Dagdusheth Ganpati

Just Be Real said...

Stevie, what a great post. And you are right, you do witness a lot of wonderful things in healing on your journey. Blessings and thank you for sharing!

Anonymous said...

We are born of free will; we choose our spiritual destiny. God is the creator of our soul we are the designer of its destiny!

Great post Steve, I hate when I am talking to someone and their eyes are all over the place, sometimes my spouse, friend has done that to me and it HURTS, so I just tell them, like this, bla bla bla bla bla, Ahahhhhhhhh, it was surely nice talking to myself today, I am so glad you helped. I get up and walk away because if I don't I will have a few more words to say, . sometims when that happens one wants to give up, I have gotten up from the chair, walked over to the wall, while saying, I may as well be talking to the wall, Then I get attention, but that is not the kind of attention I wanted. God is good, you are Good,it is wonderful to feel and see happiness, goodness.

Nessa said...

A great reminder to focus on the moment.

Silly Saturday #4 - Purdie Pyrate "The Pen is Mightier than the Sword"

DreamDancer said...

Beautiful pic, Steve, something refreshing to wake up to. Yes, I agree... God is so good. Have a blessed day :)

Anonymous said...

You have two kinds of focus. One is the wide view, one is the narrow. From reading your blog, I believe that you have a keen sense of both. Good work you do here.


Tall Kay said...

God is sooo good! I really liked the analogy of the blinders. I think undivided attention is a gift we can give to others. I always like it when I get it from someone else. Have a nice weekend!

enchantedoak said...

It's always good to wake up in the morning, pour a cup of coffee, check your blog and others, find out more about you and the connection we share. You were out the gate with a gorgeous photo and raced around the track with a compelling message to tell. A note on talking with new people: I love it when I grab a newcomer and talk with her while the tide of AA folks flows around us. I don't get to chat with my friends, but I sure do have a wonderful time! Thanks for the horse tale. It was great!

wolfie185 said...

Good post Steve, oneness and interconnected are a part of being a Buddhist so I really like that passage from the Big Book. The July 4th Daily Reflection quotes that passage, so I read it the day my granddaughter was born and it was a strong spiritual feeling. I like your bit on blinders too. I try my best to do as you do when talking to others as well.

Have a wonderful weekend!!

Anonymous said...

love the picture, Thank you for sharing

John DeFlumeri Jr. said...

That picture says it all, it's a winding way to get somewhere.

Angeles said...

Here now and watching the path.

When I go as you describe horses and watching the sky .. the best happens.

Madison said...

When you meet someone who walks through life like this, you remember them.

Pete Hoge said...

Thank you for demonstrating
the grace of God.


Zanejabbers said...

As always, a good post.

Just Playin' said...

Enjoyed this post Steve. I am glad YOU had such a full and glorious day. You slept well I bet. Thanks for promoting the good. That's the best way I know how to say it. God is good and we are all One. Awesome!

Syd said...

The path has turns and twists but I don't like the ditches off to the side where I derail my thinking. I'll stay on the path too.