Monday, November 16, 2009


One said to me this morning, "Steve, don't always believe what you THINK!" And so I got to thinking about that--yeah.

When not drinking I used to think I would never be more than a piece of shit.

When drinking, I knew I was better than the next Peep...or ANYONE else.


I'll live forever.
The leak in the roof will not get worse.
I can get by without practicing (my violin).
I can get by without practicing (My AA Steps).
Satisfaction will be mine, even when I do not practice "being satisfied".
I can eat a half gallon of ice cream every night.
Plus peanuts and potato chips.
And I will not put on weight.
I can live happy joyous and free on only 3 meetings a week.
A few weeks ago a daily meeting was essential.
She loves me.
She does NOT love me.
Nobody cares.
Of course, it is NOT about ME!
My special Island I'll call
Bali Hai -- is calling me.
Every night, every day.
Temptation is more than the name of a song.
It keeps calling me also.
Freedom is "getting away from"...
Blogging is more important than anything in the world.
I am utterly happy and without turmoil.
And I WILL live forever! Hmmmmm?

NOTE: The above are thoughts which I try not to believe, OK?

Another note:
I love living, I love life--

And I hope all the same for YOU, my PEEPS!


Gabriella Moonlight said...

Can I come live with you on Bali Hai?

What a true post. I feel all of this so much and then realize, "omg this is all in my head!" LOL, but it's the acknowledgement of it that helps me get through too!!!

I love you

Anonymous said...

I think you're a special person, that's what I think!

clean and crazy said...

i think we sometimes thing alike... i like ice cream too..
i think this is a great post, thanks i am glad i stopped by

Just Playin' said...

This is so good. It is amazing the thoughts we think sometimes. Really admire you.

Angeles said...

Temptation is more than the name of a song.
I try to live each day, step by step, This is taught in AA??
I think tha's true.
Love & pace..
Amor y paz.

enchantedoak said...

When someone in my group remarks about the sign on the wall: THINK THINK THINK--she says, WITH WHAT WHAT WHAT????
Another guy says, Just because my head is attached to my shoulders doesn't make it my friend.
Good post reminding us about the unfriendly neighborhood upstairs.

Dulce said...

Let's see... to comment here perhaps I am going to need a glass of wine... or perhaps not.
'Trite'... That word really wants to mean something...
And that island.. are you sure that's its name?
I tell you because I live on an island you know?
... and it's very temptating!
Love U Sweet Peep!!! ;)
And this post and the photo I love too!

mile191 said...

Beautiful post....i am trying to believe.

i have stayed sober....but have every temptation possible every day...it feels so scary right now.

thanks for your hope. i do love reading. take care my friend...

garden-variety drunk said...

if they were all true, they'd be called facts and not thoughts :)

i, too, could use a reminder of the difference

Tall Kay said...

"I used to believe everything I thought!" Still do sometimes...reality is tougher in some areas than others!

Shadow said...

aaaah, just because we think it, does it make it true???? hiya steve! have a super week!!!

Linda S. Socha said...

So good..so true....Thanks Steve

Nessa said...

Sometimes it is very hard to control our thoughts. The best trick I've found is to just let them pass right on out of my mind. Fleeting, unimportant.

Tuesday's Tales in Two Hundred - Going In Circles

Anonymous said...

"Hi, Steve!" (waving)

Anonymous said...

I think I love this post,Great thoughts.
I think the mind is a great gift, if used correctly, I think it will help US in who we become.. I THINK

Syd said...

You sound as if you are having a great day. I have to say that blogging isn't the most important thing in the world to me. It is another great tool for honesty though.