Sunday, November 22, 2009



And here are the words, which frank Sinatra sings: so appropriate for me at this time of my life. Thank You God, for giving me this beautiful respite in my later years, I am SO grateful!

You make me feel so young
You make me feel so spring has sprung
and every time I see you grin
I'm such a happy individual
The moment that you speak
I want to go and play hide-and-seek
I want to go and bounce the moon
Just like a toy balloon
You and I, are just like a couple of tots
Running across the meadow
Picking up lots of forget-me-nots
You make me feel so young
You make me feel there are songs to be sung
Bells to be rung, and a wonderful fling to be flung
And even when I'm old and gray
I'm gonna feel the way I do today
'Cause you make me feel so young
You and I, are just like a couple of tots
Running across the meadow
Picking up lots of forget-me-nots
cause you make me young
give me songs to be sung
fell like bells should be rung
and a wonderful fling should be flung
and even when I'm old and grey
I'm gonna feel the way I do today
cause you make me feel so
you make me feel so
you make me feel
I feel so young

Just be SOBER
Just open up to some PEACE

Thank YOU, DSDP -grin!

"You Make Me Feel So Young"
Words by (Lyricist): Mack Gordon
Music by (Composer): Joseph Myrow
Additional notes: Written 1946.
Artist: Frank Sinatra


Tall Kay said...

What a lovely way to start the day! Frank is definitely a classic...just like you my friend!

Peace and love to you too!

Angeles said...

Pablo Picasso said:
"It takes much time to be young"
I add : it takes much time to understand that.
Thanks for the lyrics of the song.
you make me feel so good!!

good Sunday!!


Silver said...

I came by earlier and read your post on Gratitude. I am glad you have the support that you need as well as lending your support for others who will benefit so much from you too.

And i like Ol' Blue Eyes! And it's good to be feeling young! We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old only because we stop playing.
George Bernard Shaw


Madison said...

Now that's a happy tune. On my father's deathbead in the hospital, he asked us to have Frank Sinatra singing in the background. Our family gathered around his bed and I don't think he heard a word we said. He was listening to the song on your blog and to Frank singing 'I Did It My Way'. Thanks for the memories.

enchantedoak said...

You're beautiful, Steve. Loved the Sinatra song. I running outside with my hubby and blowing soap bubbles. Glorious Sunday post!

Dulce said...

So beautiful.
Oh that youth regained.
Isn't that magic?

I agree with Silver 'We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old only because we stop playing'(that is I agree with B. Shaw).
Stay Young Sweet Peep

Thanks for sharing this

Nessa said...

I am glad young are enjoying yourself.

Sunny Sunday #7 - Say a Sunny Thank-You

It's Sunday - Do You Know Where You Are?

Anonymous said...

And the song is old, but it's also timeless.

linda said...

as always, he is timeless...

thanks for the song this day :)

Anonymous said...

I'm still around, you was my biggest fan

Indigo said...

I'm constantly saying, age is a state of mind. I think as long as we continue to see beauty in life, it's a sort of renewal for us. (Hugs)Indigo

Steve E said...

TALL K A "classic"! How perfectly nice. All I gotta do is change the oil now and then!

ANGELES: LOVE that Picasso! And what you added --grin!

SECRETIA and LINDA: I don't suppose you realize that "timeless" means "ageless" --BIG grin!

NESSA: I'm GLAD you configured another "blogspot" blog! Actually, I have been enjoying myself for quite a long time, mostly...being without hangovers, and able now to be truthful (finally!) helps to bring PEACE to a heart!

DULCE: Thank you for showing me that I too, can write a poem, regardless of what others might think of it. And how to stay young also. You're a neat-o Peep!

ENCHANTED OAK: Soap Bubbles? Glad you liked the OLD and YOUNG music. So I hear RUNNING will keep you staying young ALL THE WAY (A "Frank" song).

MADISON: Thank you for that comment about your father. Maybe that's one reason I picked this tune, for that memory to be shared with us by you.

SILVER: As you have seen close-up...time is nothing, only an invention to keep us from knowing that everything EVER, IS happening right now, in this present moment.

Linda S. Socha said...

Hi Steve Glad you shared this one. To me it is a wonderful truth and a reminder...All that is is now.

AJAB said...

Thanks for your generous, and thoughtful comments on my blog, and for checking out one of the blogs that I recommended :)

You have a VERY interesting, and eclectic profile (farm/orchestra etc) & group of blogs that you follow.

I just read your earlier post, "I'm Grateful/Gratitude Dinner" and was REALLY moved by it. My father was an alcoholic, and it precluded us from ever meeting. He saw me just a few times as an infant. I think that he was so afraid that he would screw up my life if he stuck around, that he felt the need to bail. Ah well. It would have been nice if he had found AA. Congratulations to you for doing just that, and for sticking with it for as long as you have.

Anonymous said...

Hey Steve thanks for posting but i have desided to stand my ground and not hide. I will understand if you and your wife cant follow me on my jenoury of my life
but I do admire you both

Just Playin' said...

Oh yeah! I love feelin' so young even though I am not. I don't feel any different! Yea!!!! Take care!

Shadow said...

absolutely lovely these lyrics, no wonder he was a successful as he was...

Laszlo Brown said...

Chairman of the Board for a reason.

Anonymous said...

Sweet music to my eyes this morning :P Thanks for sharing, Steve... love it!

Syd said...

I think that we are as old as we feel. I feel about 25 most days. I'm glad that I have that attitude.

John DeFlumeri Jr said...

Getting out my Frank Sinatra CD now, thanks for the idea.