Tuesday, November 3, 2009



Do you know why many sea birds stand on one leg? 
Answer at bottom of post*



So many subjects there are to touch. You know, I think I'll just (just? --grin!) write out a Gratitude List:


SOBRIETY  Mine and others, for my STAYING sober is dependent on others. It is definitely "we" who do this together. It is number ONE on my list, as you can see.

GOD  Well, of course, God's Will is primary in my life, but without sobriety, I can just throw God and all His Creation out the window.

LIFE  An do you know, I read in the Big Book, "We absolutely Insist on enjoying life." p. 132.  And Peeps, I DO that, maybe too much. But I try to know through it all, that it is God being GoooD to me. Do not ask me why?

FAMILY  When it comes down to the wire, when the race is nearing the finish line, it is usually a family member who will show their love the most and that has been proven in my family as well as a blogger in Texas--I sometimes forget the importance, the naturalness of family love.

PEEPS  There is NO WAY ON EARTH that I can give proper expression to my Gratitude for you Peeps, both far and near.  Some I have had GREAT pleasure in visiting--spending quality time of days together. Others I "meet" daily either in reading, commenting, or posting mine for you (and me). Some I email now and then--special friends! And at least one I enjoy hearing in voice calls--and with no doubt in my mind, I LOVE YOU ALL!

MUSIC  Listening to music is not my relaxation. Playing it is. The violin is my other self. Classical. And anything else. My "favorite changes daily, sometimes hourly, ranging from symphonies to standards, old and new.

MEDICINE  Thank God for dedicated doctors helping people always. Also for Cyberknife, and for TRELSTAR, a hormone injection. These have kept me cancer free (prostate) for nearly three years now.

NATURE  Maybe it is age, but I have found it so lovely to "smell the roses", literally, and actually smell everything else. And touch, and listen, and see--I'm just loving it, Peeps!

ANIMALS  A new-found interest has led me to a love I had never known, for animals--right Lucky?  He is the German Shepherd living with us now, or are we living with HIM? Hmmmm?

AA  Without AA none of the above--NONE--would be or could be possible. And, although it is certainly NOT a function of the (very spiritual) AA program, AA DID bring me back to......

CHURCH  (My opinion): This is no longer to me a simple building. It is a community of people, world-wide, extending beyond the next life into eternity.  I get to play violin occasionally at mass or other functions. And I get to sing in the choir, having only ONE month ago found that I COULD sing. My audition for the choir:

Music Director: Can you sing in tune? Yes. Can you read music? Yes.
Be here next Wednesday evening at 1830 hours for rehearsal. (I will blog about this encounter soon--it is worthy.)

My Peeps, I wish you PEACE!
My Peeps, I LOVE you all!
My Peeps, let us be SOBERLY "a part of" rather than "apart from" TODAY!

Ans. So they won't fall down!


enchantedoak said...

I'm online this morning, so I got to read your fabulous gratitude list and feel grateful all ooooverrr my body. And thanks for that wonderful photo of the ibises. Loved that you came to my post this morning, too!
Chris A

Mike Golch said...

Steve,I always read all of your posting.I unfortunaly do not comment on every posting.Sorry about that.

Anonymous said...

such a beautiful post , I think we all need to write one of thse once a week or a month, I find them uplifting and makes me stop and smell the Roses, think how each oen, thing, has touched my life. How I am feeling lucky to be alive, to enjoy the simple things, and feel laughter inside mem bursting to explode ( yep even PP my pannies on occassion . ) OOPS!!.

I am thank-ful you wrote and shared this . THANKS, Blessings, peace, Gratitude. Such warmness visitng you Steve.. SMILES

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

I'm nobody! Who are you?
Are you nobody, too?
Then there's a pair of us - don't tell!
They'd banish us, you know!

How dreary to be somebody!
How public like a frog
To tell one's name the livelong day
To an admiring bog!

~E. Dickinson~

I'm glad I'm nobody with you!

Pete Hoge said...

Practicing keyboards is certainly
more relaxing than listening to
other's music....its a gift of
sobriety to concentrate and
play scales, finding new chords
and melodic combinations.

I agree.


John DeFlumeri Jr said...

Without sobriety, we fool ourselves about what is really happening to us and around us.

Angeles said...

Every day we should make a gratitude list, Every day God blesses us.
Thanks Stevet for sharing your list.

Dulce said...

So much to be thankful for Peep...

wolfie185 said...

Great list Steve, Thanks!!!

Nessa said...

I'm reading your post. A very nice gratitude list.

Tuesday's Tales #1 - John

Gabriella Moonlight said...

I don't sadly make it up too late these days, but this list is brilliant and filling my heart with the nourishment it needs!!!
Great picture too!!!

Love you

~ Tabitha ~ said...

I read it!
Great list-even if it's different than mine-it was still very nice to read.Cheers.

Tall Kay said...

I guess late depends on where you are in the world...I'm always 3 hours earlier! And I'm reading! Wonderful gratitude list...just about sums it all for me :o)

garden-variety drunk said...

Love your gratitude list- it had me saying "me too" the whole way down.

and i do all of my blog reading at night

Just Another Sober Guy said...

Thanks my friend... I needed to read this today. Good luck with the choir thing too! Thanks again, PEACE

Sandra Wilkes said...

Oh, Steve, I just love your list! EVerything on your list is important to me too. I so applaud you and celebrate your life with you. Thanks for being persistent in finding me again! I'm working on figuring out a redirect if possible!

Scott said...

I LOVE music... I am so glad I finally got back to playing after several years of abadoning God's gift to me.

love how you did your gratitude list, mr steve!

Selchie said...

I love it when you give thanks.
Am always late to postings anyway. But see it makes no difference when.

Peace to you peep, peep.)


Shadow said...

i love your gratitudes, especially your nature and animals!!! and heee heee heee, yes, they would fall down, heee heee heee...

Syd said...

Thanks Steve. I am glad to read this today.

diane d said...


Good luck with the choir!

DreamDancer said...

Thanks for reminding me of some of those things for which I am grateful. Peace to you Steve.

Anonymous said...

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