Friday, March 19, 2010


She was telling me, "Look what I've done. Smile for the camera little one!"

Duck on roof we think is Grandpa of the new babies--the Mother's sire. It IS one big family--we know that now. He is "spotting" enemy encroachment...ME!

These little ones on the left are taking their first breaths of oxygen


For six or  seven weeks we have been "caretakers" of a group of Muscovi ducks.  The Momma has been sitting in the nest she built RIGHT AT our front door. She has sat through the coldest nights and days I have experienced in Naples in 45 years, incubating her nine eggs, leaving the nest only to find water for herself, once every one or two days.

Sentinelled throughout the neighborhood have been eight drakes DAY AND NIGHT guarding our front door from cats, dogs, moles, possums, and people.  For more than a month we have been the only ones allowed in or out of our house. Very safe! We could hire them out?

Last July and August an identical scenario played out--same (exact) spot, in front of our front door. (Fortunately we have a garage!). The nests they build with sticks held together with fine, fur-like feathery material from Momma's breast. We are fairly certain that from last year's batch of babies came the mother and father of the 2010 hatching.  Forgot to mention the nests (both) were constructed sunken into a six-inch-deep egg-rock covered area. Further, we believe the Mother and Father from last year, were here also, because of their recognizable colorings.

How does this tie in with alcoholism, one might ask?--grin! Or maybe one isn't even vaguely interested--grin!  ANSWER: The little hatchlings broke through their shells on Thursday!  What a nice 36th sober anniversary present! As I left for the meeting Thursday morning I heard a faint "Peep", and immediately knew what was happening. (That "Peep" I heard has absolutely nothing to do with the Peeps I meet and trade posts with here on the blogs, OK? "Just so we're clear about that!")

Friday at noon they were gone....

One more thing...
I might pose the question
--as if even I care
--as if even I dare:

"Which came first,
 alcohol or the alcoholic?"


Mike Golch said...

6 of one and a half a dozen of the other.Ok it is not that original,I'm just not at the top of my comment game.

Julianne said...

What a perfect way to celebrate our rebirth through the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. And just in time for Spring!

Jana said...

Those chicks or is it ducklings are cute...

And the guard duck looks ferocious

very nice 55!

Sh@KiR@ CK said...


I really like the way you celebrate LIFE!
Again, you are awesome in every way
and surrounded by people who brings the BEST out in you, especially PG!

Thank you so much for sharing this.

If you ask me, English being my third language,
of course, Alcohol comes before Alcoholism right? I mean , count the words!

Steve, please do join us for the Weekend Funnies , the link will only end this Sunday. It is Weekly. Lets CRACK ourselves up?

FuNNiES#2 to join us?

Keep the FUNNIES in your weekends!


Scott said...

clever, clever my friend! it's amazing to witness the miracle of life, which is what these ducks have in common with us alkies. we're all benefactors of God's grace and his divine love

Garnet said...

Bee-u-tiful. What a neat birthday present. I would be over the moon with delight.
8 guardians? We should all be so lucky.
Hm. Maybe we are.

susan said...

What a lovely present for you on your big day Steve! They are beautiful!

My cat on the other hand , who is on my lap as I drink my morning cup of coffee and wake up has a thought for you. She says of your lovely photos, "breakfast, lunch and dinner". Please forgive her. She is a cat, and has never seen a duck and thinks they are giant squirrels.

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

God came first, maybe he made the duck and egg simultaneously... that possibility had never occured to me.

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

OH OH OH DUCKIES!!!! I would have a very hard time not touching and loving the little duckies!

I guess thats why momma is there and not here.

Nessa said...

What a lovely gift for you. They are adorable.

1st Day of Spring!

Carol said...

One of those magical Florida things, recurring ducks and one on the roof!

Clueless said...

What a wonderful gift. Congrats on your anniversary. Thanks for sharing the pictures...they warmed my heart as did your post.

Kim A. said...

omg..those pics are so cute and the duck on the roof...I would feel at home at your place!! Which came first? the barley and grapes?


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your Anniversary. Big accomplishment! I'm not sure about which came first, but I've got a pretty good line on why the alcoholic crossed the road! Have a great weekend!!!

Susan Deborah said...

Steve, only you can do things as these. First the coincidence of the ducklings as an anniversary present and then the 'peep' is not the 'peeps' (meaning all of us). Okay now how many celebrations did you have and which are the events you count as 'your' presents? Be clear about that and tell us.

Oh! Steve you are so sweet :)

Joy always,

Anonymous said...

We'll never know if the egg or the duck was first. But I think the first person to discover alcohol became the first alcoholic.

Gabriella Moonlight said...

What a sweet gift on the first of spring and a 36th anniversary gift also...I would be heartbroken to have them go, but their tenacity and love is amazing...thank you for sharing your peeps with us...

Dutch donut girl said...

Congrats to you and the ducks.

Ily said...

Without alcohol there would be no alcoholics and without you there would be no pretty photos of the quackers.

Thanks for sharing them with us.

Happy SUN day!

Dulce said...

The alcoholoc came first, as the chocaholic, the workaholic, the blogholic and etc

Andrew said...

Ducks and more ducks. They have found a safe place to nest.

Thanks for taking care of them Steve.

Syd said...

Good question: I don't know but I suspect that man's craving to escape reality came first. Such mind changing drugs have been around for thousands of years.