Thursday, March 11, 2010


Now and then, I get a bit mushy and reflect on the wonderful gifts which God has given to me.  I am grateful for many things--among them:

Music, which lifts me from this worldly world

Singing in the Choir at St Ann Church

Art--all genre, all form, all color

I will get to "ride" to my meeting tonight

It is my "home group" meeting (Thursday)

I am librarian for this group

Never figured I'd be proud to be a librarian

I will tell my weekly joke tonight to about 200 people

They will laugh

Laughter is good

I use my computer for God's sake!

I have several 'families'

Prayer Girl and our children is one dear family

My early 7 AM meeting is my other dear 'family'

Other AA meetings I love

You bloggers--Yessss!--are also my 'dear' family.

I love all my families

My families love ME!

I wear a beautiful solid gold cross

Daily Reflections (A.A. Readings)

Anthony De Mello (Author)

The Cloud of Unknowing (Book)

Water aplenty

A roof that does not leak

A toilet that does

A wide TV screen

That I don't watch TV

Knowing how to pray

Learning how to meditate

My contact with God as a Friend

Do not ANYONE who reads this think that I am not grateful--in the extreme!

That's about enough for now--more to come...tomorrow?  Before signing off for this Thursday night, I've GOT to tell you all:

I am most peaceful, most serene, most happy, most thankful, and I know that God is close to me--at these moments in front of my computer.  This is whether I'm reading you, blogging, commenting, Emailing--and/or praying with you.  I love you.

MUCH Gratitude.


Cat said...

I am a sucker for mushy post's so thank you for this today~!

drybottomgirl said...

I loved your post today! I also like that you like wide screen TV's and don't watch TV. I watch little to no TV and I don't miss it. I would rather read, or talk to people. You are blessed!

JStar said...

Great list~!!! Aww we love you too Steve!! Stay blessed and highly favored!

Angeles said...

You've left a blank space, to keep adding blessings??
Really valuable things to thank!!

Gabriella Moonlight said...

This is a wonderful way to start my afternoon at work the gratitude of our lives, the families we create, the families we have...thank you for being part of my family and for your blessed gratitude...xo g

Margie said...

Hello Steve
Loved your gratitude list!
Thank you for sharing!
I believe that gratitude is a most wonderful thing to have.
My list of gratitude is a very long one!

You are blessed, indeed you are!

Much joy and many blessings to you today!

Margie :)

Kim A. said...

I'm gonna take your lead and post my own list today. You are awesome and my life is a better place (read that more serene) because you blog and other blog. hugs, bro.


Syd said...

Sounds as if you are having a great day. I'm glad. Enjoy all of it.

Dulce said...

Yes sir this IS a list... am sure you could even make it a bit longer
Loved it
Sweet Peep...

Anonymous said...

You demonstrate gratitude almost with everything you do.

Nevine said...

And I love you, Steveroni. And you're so blessed to feel gratitude, and so much of it. There are many that feel no gratitude, though they have much to be thankful for, if they only stop and look, and listen, and smell, and and and... Again, you inspire on a higher level than you will ever know.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for reminding me to be thankful for all the things I have.

g-man said...

You are just full of Love today Stevarino!

Andrew said...

Love you too Steve.

Be well.

Brian Miller said...

heard you had a pretty rockin list tonight...yep!

Anonymous said...

Right back atcha, Scooterman. Right back atcha.

Shadow said...

you are a lesson in positive living. thank you!

Shayla said...

Nice to meet you, Steve. Aren't gratitude lists great? It's been two years now that I do one each night before bed and it changed my life. Thank you for sharing yours.

Susan said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog and yes, I am serious but lighthearted as well.My seriousness is in my determination to change my outlook, my responses and reactions, all that good stuff!! My sense of humor, thanks be to God, remains well intact. Your gratitude is contagious and a gentle reminder that there is always "the choice". Blessings, Steve!

Clueless said...

I just love this...good thing to contemplate this morning!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Terrific list!! Have a great weekend--I feel pretty sure you'll appreciate it!!!

Nessa said...

That's a very wonderful list. No wonder you are grateful.

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