Thursday, March 4, 2010



Oh, if I could only be more patient, tolerant, and kind with others.  If I could end my grudge, and not judge as I trudge.  If I could replace my hate, my fear, with love, with understanding tenderness.

When anyone, anywhere reaches out asking for help, my program teaches me to be there, to offer what experience, hope, and maybe strength I may conjure.  Surely God sends grace to aid in this endeavor.

As an alcoholic, I can be changed through working the Twelve Steps.  Drinking does not define me as once it did.  Learning about Right Living is now my definition, and I try to adjust  to a sane and sober way of life, a life which hurts nobody any more, evermore...not even me.

I would SO much wish to let Peeps know what and how God did for me what I could not do for myself. Yep, I have to work with God...daily, or He will let me drift about until I am more ready.  I am more ready now.

Lord, this time...change our hearts!

Sober today.
Ready today.
Live today.
Love today.
Joy today!
Glad for today!




clean and crazy said...

hey me too!!
awesome post!! i am feeling just like that today!!

Akannie said...

Listen up--if after 36 years (almost) you're still "adjusting"...I'm thinking you're taking too many naps! lol

Kim A. said...

me too. I'm not the person I was, I'm more me then ever. I just never bothered to ask God who "me" was. I do now! You are a dear soul and you can take as many naps as you need!!


Anonymous said...

May all of those who are drifting, reach the shore safely!


Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

LOL, I can hear my sponsor now. Jessie stop trying, just do it.

It seemed that each time I said, "I'm trying" I was actually not in motion; I was contemplating and getting stuck in what I was thinkin' and wanted to be fixin' Mostly I was moved in another direction of service and suddenly the stuff I was judging didn't seem so overwhelmingly bad anymore.

I'm glad now God gives that power to do other stuff while I'm trying and suddenly I realize change is happening in my trying area and I was thinking about something else completely.

This sounds sane in my Dr. Seuss head. Maybe not so much to someone whose head is not in seussland :)

Gabriella Moonlight said...

Great post, it's true that no matter how much we trudge the road of happy destiny there is always so much to learn! Thank you for being here and reaching out.

Dulce said...

TODAY is that great DAY... yor other day, like yesterday and tomorrow-- no sorrow


JStar said...

AMEN to this!!! I am still struggling with my issues...but He is making my walk and temptations easier...Read my 55 today, I hope it serves as inspiration

The Turning Point said...

Love the post.They always overwhelm me and my puny efforts.
I'm aware I'm sober in spite of myself and whole lot of help from HP and friends.


chitowngreg said...

Thanks for the great post! Reminds me of something else I heard a while back: "Dear Lord, So far today I haven't said anything unkind, acted on my resentments or taken any actions against others that I will later regret. I'm going to get out of bed now, though, and think I may need a while lot more help with the rest of my day! Amen"

Findon said...

Amen to all that Steve.

Steve E said...

Clean and Crazy: Isn't it WONDERFUL to feel this way--when it happens?!!

Annie: I'll probably keep adjusting until "adjustment Day"

Kim: Thanks! ZZZZzzzzzzzzz.......

Secretia: Yep, just gotta drift in the right direction! Now, where did I put that compass--or my Big Book???

Jessie: What you wrote is PROFOUND! One field is bearing fruit, while we are yet plowing the second field..you really ARE a philosopher.

Gabi: Yep, I keep yearning, churning, burning, and...learning!

Dulce, you are SO right...(Shhhhh! you've been reading my blog) I am "in a good place" most of the time, and it AIN'T boring, BTW!
Take Care.

Jstar Jennifer: I loved your "55" today, and commented there. I also tried reading it up and down, and ya know? It is fabulous either direction, WOW!

TURNING POINT: I thought your first "55" was the BEST, it put me in the "driver's seat". Your blog posts are GooooD! Do not sell yourself short...and false modesty won't work here either --grin!
Love ya, Man.

Chitowngreg: Glad I'm not in Chicago this winter--or any winter!
Well, since I got out of bed I have also "not done" any of those things to Peeps. But now it's time to DO something! Get me up, and out!

Sylvia said...

Fantastic Post. Yes, today I felt that too... "Glad for today." I had a meeting with my past and I didn't feel but the joy of seeing my wonderful friends once more. Life has strange ways...

Nevine said...

Steve, if you were more kind, your kindness would ooze and drown us. You are one of the sweetest souls I know, and I've never even met you. Your kindness shines like the radiant light that you are! And that's all I'm saying, Steveroni! Hugs and warm wishes for the weekend.


Dulce said...

There is an award for you at my site.
nice weekend!

Susan said...

This sounds like one of my favorite songs we sing at mass! "Change our hearts this time" is one of the lines. Loved the post!

Scott said...

"not judge as I trudge..." I love that!

Anonymous said...

I try not to judge be we where being judge good of bad