Friday, August 27, 2010



Fri., Sat., Sun., riding south on I-95 
toward St Augustine FL


 Riding EAST (my deepest apologies, Mr G-Man!) across the state of Virginia toward Norfolk, I felt suddenly Tired, Hungry, Lonely--but NOT Angry ("H.A.L.T.")...three out of four, though, is NOT good for this alcoholic. I blinked once, and there before me stood this little old building--beckoning, only one U-Turn away.

Inside, two women owners became immediately the friendliest of friends. Another of those "on-the-road" connections--blessings--on which I thrive. I was introduced to every trucker, logger and deer-slayer (Ugh!) who stopped by, as "this alcoholic violin-playing scooter rider from Naples Flow-reeda".

More to this story will just have to be posted another time, but my "55"-word Friday was thus inspired. See MR G-Man, if you are interested in writing one of these. It is simple, and fun:


 Out of gas--almost
Out of song
Out of energy--
Been riding too long

Vision appeared
Just west of Emporia
Place called "Woodruff"
Highway 58! Virginia

Chicken salad
Stories for blogging
Men been logging   
Will remember always
Liz and lifelong friend
Happy faces
Happy places

Oasis of giving
Day of living
Ride on



A Daft Scots Lass said...

Ride on! Rock on!

mrsnesbitt said...

Oh yes - we will be riding out this weekend!
Wonderful feeling isn't it?

Bring a fork over to my 55!

Jinksy said...

"Chicken salad

Now that's a dish might take a bit of an effort to swallow! LOL :)

Brian Miller said...

nice. cool the lives you meet along the way...you were that close and did not give me a shout!

dulce said...

A great bunch of experiences you live on the ride Peep.


G-Man said...

As an Old Biker dude myself with THOUSANDS of tired miles logged on the road, I loved your little Oasis. But I am very curious about how if Norfolk (where my baby brother lives) is on the Ocean, how can you be riding West towards it? Does your scooter have pontoons?
Loved your misguided 55 Maestro!
You Rock The South Brother.
Ride Safe... And have a Kick Ass Week-End

Lyn said...

Completely taken by this..want to go there now!!

clean and crazy said...

sounds like an wonderful oasis your higher power provided.

izzy said...

Thanks! I can relate...
Good thing you realized you 'Were out of gas' and needed refueling. Sometimes we really need to reach empty to hear,see, feel, how blessed we are! then gratitude can rush back in. Continue to enjoy the journey-

steveroni said...

Hey Mr G...Riding EAST on #58, I had to make a U-Turn to get to the "oasis", therefore going west for a few yards.

I knew I'd have to explain that for "some" older Peeps--GRIN!


Had no idea you lived nearby...I had blogged where I was headed, and some bloggers let me know where they live. SOME bloggers, that is--grin!

Syd said...

I know Woodruff. My neck of the woods is Gloucester. At least that's where I was raised.

willow said...

Ride on, my friend!

Shadow said...

Make me miss the old times. Remember going down Delhi Pike wide open at 30MPH with Joe Schneider on the back. I said "Joe quit shaking the bike." He said "I'm not." Had a blowout. Some fun we had.
OLD biking friend Larry

PattiKen said...

I knew you didn't find a place like that around Naples. Nice to meet people like that on the road. It says something about you that they were so friendly. Keep smiling.

Enchanted Oak said...

Close encounters of the blessing kind! I have no doubt that you walked into this with your heart wide open.
Mine is here

Brother Frankie said...

you got me thinking bout a long ride brother..

(be safe)
Brother Frankie
A Biker for Christ

g-man..... good catch LOL bikers never follow da rules

Eric Alder said...

Ride on - right on!

drybottomgirl said...

So glad you found an oasis! Usually those little "finds" have great food! Looking forward to the rest of the story! happy travels....

Sylvia said...

So great! Ride on, my friend Steveroni!... I loved it.

Claudia said...

..out of petrol..no problem - out of song…big problem…
i guess you miss your violin...

Scott said...

roni, you make me long for the road! be well! God Bless!

Monkey Man said...

I'm with Jinksy. I prefer my chicken salad without gasoline. If it has onions, I will have gas anyway. My 55 is also up.

Cheryl said...

Nice nice nice! HALT is dangerous. Glad you stopped and took care of the 3 that were on the rise.

Mine's here

Jingle said...

u r blessed,
very adventurous 55.

Smitty said...

My son has just started cello, and the musical coincidence made me wander on over to see what you were up to!

Love that "ride on" word play. I too am right-on only I spell it Write-On. It happens to be my business moniker. I am a word-smith, or that is how I tell it. Would love to hear you share music metaphor on your blog, Violin-Man!

G-Man said...

You do have a flair for the dramatic...
Love ya Brother....G

joanny said...

Love your adventure, and the dialog between you and Mr G, I sure got a laugh out of that, my east and west has been all out of whack since I moved west. Sounds like some of the small towns here in Oregon , with truckers, loggers, and -- sigh-- deer slayers. Hope you keep on enjoying your journey and keep playing your song.

Nice 55er,

margg. said...

ride on indeed :)


joanny said...

Hi there

Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog, and ditto to the number thing,I pay attention to numbers as well...don't know whence it came...

Normally I would not response, long story anyway encase you wanted to read the last 55er, its here..



Heather's Mom said...

What great adventures you've been having! Went to St. Augustine last week for my birthday - it's beautiful there - and did I mention the Outlet Malls??? Enjoy the ride home :)
God bless.

marie said...


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hope said...

Ride safe...and keep us on the adventure. :)

Boccone Claire said...

Un petit coucou de France!