Tuesday, August 31, 2010



In St Augustine, Florida, and the sound of a train nearby is so peaceful, so reminiscent of days gone by. I had forgotten that mile-long trains still snake their way--whistles a blowing--across states, countries and directly behind motels where Peeps are trying to sleep! Fortunately, the rumbling sounds of a long train are to me the same as that lullaby of sea-waves which used to rock my boat...yes, and float my boat.

I stay awake just long enought to realize what is happening, then fall into deep sleep, before I've had time to pray, to enjoy...OMG, does that sound "familiar" to anyone here?--grin!


I checked over my scooter carefully--something I should do each time before putting up the kickstand. Anyway, I found the front tire looking strangely like a seriously blocked colon, all lumpy. No wonder! And I thought all the roads in Georgia and both Carolinas were in terrible shape. It was my front tire creating the extremely rough rides! Half mile from motel is a very large dealer where my scooter is featured. When i saw the SUZUKI sign, I thanked God.

Mechanic said it had been a long time since he'd seen a tire that bad still on the road. I got a new one, and am very happy about that. A blowout is something I do not even wish to dream about. Smooth riding happens...NOW!


"Indulge myself" Day: I'll treat myself to a couple AA meetings, do laundry, eat at a Spanish restaurant two blocks away, and participate in a favorite activity, as follows:

 A friend rode on a scooter 22,000 miles several years ago. For world PEACE! She did not make speeches, she did not address conferences. ALIX--age about 33, went all over the US asking peeps (one-at-a-time) what they thought about PEACE--WORLD peace. In this way, she had not the goal to create world peace, but rather call attention to it. Anyway, that is what I've been doing the past couple days, and will continue. I simply ask strangers (when we get to talking,  like "Where you from, stranger?"--grin!), "What are your thoughts regarding world peace?" It does not surprise me that peeps simply have so much ELSE on their minds, that world peace is way down at the bottom of most lists.


St Augustine (not in the downtown but several miles inland) is a MOST comfortable place for me to be. I feel much at home here, and will stay another day, sort of regroup, catch up on sleep, and "think about world peace"--grin!

Also I think much about how easy it is to be cheerful, upbeat, positive. I become more aware of  how to be helpful to others.  Be grateful for those who have been helpful to me/us. I consider these as special attributes of peeps who live the AA way of life, and of bloggers in general: sharers of experience, strength and hope for happiness, joy, love--and world peace.

I sometimes feel like a loner (a hermit? God forbid!) out here "on the road"...but not A-lone. Does that make sense? It continues to amaze me how utterly nice people are--strangers. How giving of themselves, and yes, how spiritual. At everyone I smile, and ya know what? they smile BACK! isn't that marvelous?

Have I mentioned the many times I sit under an overpass during a storm?  Invariably I'll be joined by from two to eight bikers, and in minutes we are like old friends, laughing, joking, believing.

It is time to shut down for this day, and anticipate the next day, ready for whatever is sent this way...there is always something new, strange, exciting and wonderful (full of wonder!)...May god bless you peeps.

I am sober today--had to tell my friend the Spanish chef, "NO WINE in my sauce, OKAY?"

And in my heart there is love for everyone, believe that!



Syd said...

The roads in Georgia and SC are bad! But glad that you got your tire fixed. I think that people don't even think on the world scale much anymore, sad to say.

A Daft Scots Lass said...

Enjoy the Spanish food. Have fun!

izzy said...

Just adore St. Augustine, so glad you are ! Cheers, have a great day.

drybottomgirl said...

I'm in the office early and dealing with a mess regarding the Canadian border and semi's of the company I work for, that need to get accross....lots of red tape...was feeling less than positive so I decided to check out blog world. Your post today was like a mini meeting. It almost immediately changed my attitude and frame of mind. You're just what I and so many people need. Thank you Steve!!!! Godspeed and God bless on your travels!

JStar said...

Amen to this post! They say smiles are contageous....St Augustine is nice :)

Claudia said...

enjoy your trip and the spanish food - and glad your tire is ok again

Nevine said...

Steve, I am a huge train fan, as well. And yes, the sound of trains going by is truly like a lullaby for me, too. And I'm so glad you checked your scooter and discovered a booboo before a bigger booboo happened. These are the moments when I say, "Ah, Someone is watching over me."

Keep smiling while you're on the road. I've discovered that when I frown at people, the whole world frowns back at me. Smiling is by best bet to make it through this life happy and intact, oh yes!

You are so awesomely optimistic and UP! Don't ever stop, Steveroni! ;-)


Dulce said...

Sweet Veroni
So glad that wheel did not break in the middle of wherever you were riding at 100 miles an hour...

Hey you take care...

God is with you no doubt about it... and He is with us through YOU!

joanny said...


Traveling along with you, I live near or close enough to hear the train sounds being carried over the hill in the night air, it use to bother me but I hardly notice now. I do like watching the train pass by at the train stop and I am mesmerized by the graffiti and the sound as it whirls past.

That coffee/latte looks mighty tasty.

Safe journeys,

Geraldine said...

Hi Steve, Got here via Sel's place, I noted your comment there. Interesting blog you have here, Ill be back to browse later.

You mention the days gone by when trains were the way to travel. Thought you might enjoy my take on that topic:


Our family's ties with the railroad have been for a long, long time. This poem is about a special lady, if you read the PS to the Night Train, you'll understand.

Have a wonderful day and peace, G

Betty Manousos @ CUT AND DRY said...

I'm a huge train fan, too!
I fond of trains, they seem so magical to me, so many stories and secrets trains conjure..

I'm jealous! I'd love to be on a road trip!

Have a great time!

Take care
Betty :)


Crystal Mary said...

I reckon Jesus rides on that scooter with you. He loves your generous heart.

Crown of Beauty said...

Am so glad you got to change your tire before anything major happened.

You have written such a heartwarming post here Steve, and I have felt good reading it.

So happy for you. Your joy is contagious.

Praise God, you still have a great mission to fulfill... mostly just being thankful to be given a new lease on life!