Thursday, August 12, 2010



Early next week
I go to seek
God and his peeps
And in my blind'
What do I find?
A toll booth!

"Get off this red Highway
Drive on the "Blue" By-way
Make it to the Maker
--Be giver, not taker"

These words said
By Flex my Angel
And One other, too:



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steveroni said...

C'mon! tell me you've heard ENUFF about this dammm scooter trip--grin!

Brian Miller said...

so are you making a political statement with the red and blue comment there?

go have fun...then come tell us all about it.

nice 55 steve!

Syd said...

You will have to be singing On the Road Again.

Yvonne Osborne said...

So you really are taking a road trip? They're the best. You have to take the back roads not the red highway. Is Flex your guardian angel??

Jannie Funster said...

This is one rocking fun place youhave here, Steveroni.

I think a lone violin , a lone note is the sweetest instrument sound since the human voice.

Happy road trip!

swputh said...

love can make a man follow traffic rules... ;)
like that

A Daft Scots Lass said...


Have a great weekend.

My 55 is up too.

Claudia said...

off to new adventures - love this - enjoy your trip, bet you will have to tell us lots of things when you're back - and - i think you're already more a giver than a taker...

Mona said...

Don't tell me , that you plan to ride to the heaven on a scooter! :D

Austin said...

Scooter fun! I smiled the whole time reading this one!

Mine is up here

John's comments said...

Did I miss something? Scooters? Trips? Americans taking time off?

To hear or read my non-PC illustrated Friday 55 click here. Warning you may have to read the footnote after to make sense of it!

jinksy said...

I hope your 55 trip is a sweet as that strawberry!

Prayer Girl said...

From - the One other

P.S. you better not drive the ""Blue" By-way.....to the Maker". We have a cruise to catch in the near future. :)

drybottomgirl said...

Godspeed, God keep you safe. Have fun, live life and then tell us about it :)

Cheryl said...

Hope you have a great trip. Ain't sobriety grand? The world is your oyster when your eyes are so wide open to the possibilities.

G-Man said...

Life is GREAT eh Maestro?
You are retired.
Motorcycle Adventures
(The best one)...Prayer Girl!!!
You have the love and respect of your minions.
(And believe me...You have minions)
Loved your 55...
Thanks for playing, and while having a Kick Ass Trip...
Keep the 'Tank side Up'!!!!

Sam Liu said...

Beautiful and lots of fun, Steveroni. Enjoy your travels, I can't wait to hear about them :)

dulce said...

You really seem to be looking forward to the long ride... greatly put here, btw

Hugs Steve!

Lu Ann said...

be giver, not taker.


Lu Ann said...

That was exactly what I needed to hear and I saw it written here :)

RNSANE said...

Are we to expect a motocycle diary, Sir Steveroni? How long are you going to be gone anyway? You know, there have to be some FL roads that don't have toll booths...maybe throught the swamps...but, then, you'd be a gator tidbit and what fun is that?

Maha said...

Very true! As opposed to the common belief, giving makes you richer!

Stan Ski said...

Safe journeys and have fun.

Kavita said...

A scooter trip?!?! That itself made my jaw drop!
What else did the Angel tell ya?! :)

Have a fun ride!!!

KB said...

This was fun, happy travelling.

Mine’s here.