Friday, August 13, 2010



My first "Freedom Ride" 
was to be a full-sized 
WILLYS JEEP, a 16th 
Birthday present. 

"Young People will never remember our words, but they will ALWAYS remember how we made them FEEL"

When but a youth of sixteen
I received a birthday present
A brand new half-inch machine-a Jeep
Hidden under my breakfast plate

This was the greatest
Of my entire life
Before or since.

Promised months in advance
Coming down the stairs that morning
I took a 'proper' stance
Almost like a dance
A prance.
Then, without a bit of warning

Farm hands and Family
Stood around me laughing
I had misunderstood their mirth
Thinking it support, and worth
My joining them, my Peeps
Happy for me and my Jeep.

Joke was on the Jeepee
Yep, the joke was on me.
That laughter I yet hear
When I direct my ear

Oh, how I remember that day
That morning without warning

Through my heart, the spear
Drove me to grow up (Yayy!)
And be hurriedly out of there
I have been getting "out of there"
Ever since

Now I listen to music in my head,
Play symphonies in my bed,
Enjoy writing poetry
In somewhat symmetry

And stories give me interest.
Writing them, I feel like a guest,
An honored one (written in jest!)
But then backwards I leap
To that  16th birthday long ago
Served with breakfast--Ohhhh!
How I miss my little Jeep.



Brian Miller said...

i dont know how far you are going to ride in that one steve...smiles. i can feel that disappointment...

Sam Liu said...

:D This really made me laugh, Steveroni, but poor you - how cruel, but oh well, I'm sure you treasured your wonderful Jeep, even if you couldn't drive round in it :D

willow said...

What a mean joke. And you're still thinking about it all these years later. Families can be so cruel.

Susan Deborah said...

Tell me why suddenly you thought of this jeep? Is it your birthday? I can imagine the joke and the scar it left. Such practical jokes are detested by me :)

It shall pass way dear Stevie.

Joy always,

margg. said...

haha, oh.
that's a terrible joke.

dulce said...

I have been getting "out of there"
Ever since...

Only insensible peeps do that to sensitive ones.
let call you honey for you are that 'sweet' to me... this has made me sad...too bad
it reminds me of the 9-year-old i once was, dancing with my mum heels and scarf in front of her mirror and my grandma and sister laughing -hiding- at me...
Yes, these are things we can never forget, and they'll never understand what a big disappointment they can bring to our hearts-for life.

Now, thanks for that comment in my site, the longest and deepest of all the ones you've ever written, and i really mean it!

Love my Veroni man!

Syd said...

People often don't know how much their actions can hurt. We put on a brave face and act as if nothing is wrong. I learned as a kid that the things I wanted weren't what I got. Hard for a kid. But maybe a lesson for later in life?

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...
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Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

How awesome that driven by that you became a beautiful instrument of God! You found a voice (violin) that carried a tune, you had adventures you may never have had if the farm and the family there were the perfect and comfortable type, you even remember some of the adventure (LOL) though you took on a new kingdom (the kingdom of another spirit) to worship in.

And now, you live in a beautiful southern spot where people who work on farms and in cities go on vacation, and YOU live there year-round and get to jump on a cool vehicle and feel the wind against your face and riiiiiiidddddeeee... captain ride upon your mystery ship...


Real Jeep or not you still got the adventure you craved. The jeep was it in your imagination, I'll wager, a means to freedom and adventure, a vehicle to a new world. It represented a way out and a way in...to a new life. And you, well God gave you a way out and a way into the new life anyway, and it was given (driven) with a jeep. A pocket sized jeep.

Hmmmm... sounds like it was a gift of epic proportions just took years to realize it! Perfect!

In my estimation (thats opinion) There is always an underlying desire which is answered perfectly buried under every every resent we have in the present isn't there? The desires of our hearts perfectly given.... we just don't realize how perfectly that de-sire is answered until much later and until... well you know! :) You are the adventure story of a lifetime!

Now I (like you) see that de-sires root is directly of the-father and that when I find the gift in the resent it becomes a perfectly given gift in the present.

YAY STEVE for knowing this beautiful gift of truth and YAY God for continuing to shine it through you!

Claudia said...

oh steve - this must have been a big disappointment - but nevertheless - the Lego jeep DOES look cute...smiles

Nevine said...

It seems such memories haunt us forever... though they say the most wicked memories are the ones our minds discard... or push back. I have never believed that. They are there... ever present... waiting for one small trigger to bring them out of their hiding place. The good news is you can think of this, now, as a mere memory... of an event long gone.