Saturday, August 28, 2010


AMENDED: Just now I went to office for their "Continental (stale doughnut?) breakfast. Guess what? The place has closed down!! This is TRUE. Altogether! Guess I got here yesterday in the nick of time--grin!
(No wonder it was "$33 cash--pay in advance!")

Lots of rain forecast for today where I am riding, so I'll cover my gear NOW instead of later..."under an overpass"

May God/Allah Bless you ALL!


In a little part of a little town named "Littleton" 
(actually, Walterboro) on State Route 63 in 
South Carolina, I came upon this beautifully secluded--yes, another--OASIS in my travel day. 
"I hope there is 24-hour coffee pot", 
I spoke out loud to nobody!


The girl who checked me in ($33...cash only) looked a bit under the weather, she was a member of the housekeeping department. In fact she WAS the h/keeping department. So I asked her if the manager was in, and she responded, "Nope--they's out to a drunk-brawl party this evenin'..."

Me: Do you know when they will return?

She: Nope!

By the way, are there any meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous around here?

Well, i dunno. Me an' my husban' don't go out much, ya know?

My next questioning was in regard to WiFi (Wireless computer access). (Peeps, did I tell you this is mostly a true story which happened only MOMENTS ago?)

She told me I would need a PIN number, she called it a "prin number"-- whatever--grin! To get the "prin" I had to pull a chair in that externally  elegant lobby, reach to the top of an antique bookcase, and pick up the old, dusty, hot, hot router. There it was, Scotch-Taped to the bottom: the prin number: 578839400 (it was written "prin", BTW!!!--grin!). 

And peeps, do ya know? It WORKED, and here I am blogging this really--and I AM serious, YEP!--this really WEIRD piece of my trip. 

The lady brought me a towel, a coffee pot and maker, some filters, etc., and showed me how to turn on the water, believe this. 

As far as I can determine, at the present time, 6:30 PM Saturday night, there is as yet but ONE guest in this place...ME!  72 rooms, and only vehicle--a motorscooter.

Peeps, I TRULY feel as if I'm a character in a Stephen King story here. I keep walking around to the front of this building to see if my scooter is still there. Oh yes, I forgot to show you a photo of the REAR of this place...MY ROOM!


This was inspired by Willow's blog Magpie Tales
Please go visit for more creative poems, stories etc!
And join in, so simple, almost rule-free--most of all
IT IS FUN!!!! Go HERE for quick information....

--steveroni "A mostly true story"


steveroni said...

This is the GREATEST fun--LOVE it!
Thanks, Willow!!!!

marie said...

Wow! You are having an adventure, aren't you, steveroni? Stop by my blog and check out the quote I found on simplicity today. Based on the looks of your last pic you are definitely living simple tonight (except for the WiFi access - that you need a PRIN for :) That's great! Be safe - especially if the manager comes back tonight after the drunken brawl party.

Brian Miller said...

wow. they worked so hard to make the front look nice...wonder who would do that...put up a false front...hmm...glad you are having fun steve!

Teresa O said...

Ohhhh myyyy...this is my first visit and I'm nearly speechless (typeless?) You're a brave soul, indeed and I sure hope it doesn't rain tonight, but what a fun read your Magpie was.

Claudia said...

ha - you won't even need a key to get into your room - you can just climb in through the "open" windows…smiles
glad you're having a good time!

Crown of Beauty said...

Wow, Steveroni,
It was good of your to take a photo of that room -- I am sure you enjoyed it, having had it all to yourself, and us your readers of course. What a funny story you wrote about the PRIN... you have a great sense of humor...reading this somehow makes me want to LAUGH OUT LOUD. Were there mosquitoes,or bugs? Hope not.

Well, Steve-roni you're a real trooper, and thanks for sharing with us.

Am really enjoying reading your scooter stories...and the visitors' comments as well.


Sue J said...

A most enjoyable read. Was there a banjo player on the porch?

dulce said...

LOL -Comfortably you are sleeping then!
This was fun to read, cause your life is full of interesting amazing experiences...

Enjoy your coffees!and take care!


apartments in dubai said...

I must say you had an unforgettable experience there. The place looks so uncomfortable and like a hosted house to me. And the answers of the housekeeping girl was also weird. I amazed how could you manage to stay there!!!

Sam Liu said...

Good gracious, if I was you, I'd be a bit unnerved! But you seem to be taking it all in your stride, your wonderfully kind and witty nature will surely see you through. And "prin number" - ha! Love it :D

kathew said...

wow....what an adventure....you are braver than me!

Manon Doyle said...

LOL!! Your post made me smile and LOL!! Don't lose that Prin number...lol!!

little hat said...


Syd said...

There is a Alano club in Walterboro. It's a good group and Miss Ruby has been sober over fifty years. Also, ther have been gang problems there in Walterboro.

joanny said...


What a ride you are on, fascinating how our country differs from one region to the next. Stephen King -- well it was better then Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho --LOL, otherwise we may not hear from you in the next day adventure.

Thanks for taking us along on this trip. Hope the weather clears up for your trip.

Safe journey's always.

J Bar said...

What a great adventure.

Tumblewords: said...

Adventure indeed. Hope you can call 911 with your wifi prin number. Good luck!

willow said...

Stay away from any Norman Bates characters that might want to serve you a sandwich and milk in the office! The prin made me grin.

Anonymous said...

Awesome. I so want to accompany you on a road trip. Love your attention to detail and how you notice all the interesting quirks of life. Prin number has completely cracked me up!

~T~ said...

Yikes! South Carolina is a hoot.