Monday, August 23, 2010


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on writing a short one (140 characters or fewer)


"Well, your papers seem to be in order, Mr Bones. 
What is the condition of your health? 
The Insurance company does wish 
to know about that!"

Just decided to take an "off" day from
everything...and spend another day in
beautiful Charleston. And yes, it IS hot!
Thank you for all of your good wishes
and prayers for "safe riding".....


steveroni said...

Couldn't resist--just HAD to do it--grin!

jabblog said...

Very neat! I like it :-)

MorningAJ said...

The insurance companies always hit me hard too. But I'm not in THAT bad a condition!

Good story.

A Daft Scots Lass said...

Happy Monday!

Maha said...

that was great!

G-Man said...

Ah Yes Steavarino...
The same city that you invented that aptly named dance from over 90 years ago this week!

I bet you can still shake em baby!

K said...

Well. I think it is safe to say that he doesn't have any health conditions.

SouthLakesMom said...

I can see the next line:

The agent turned to look at the client and realized, once again, the mountain of paperwork had produced the inevitable result.

clean and crazy said...

looking at the patient it is a little late for insurance

Prayer Girl said...

I've never tried my hand at Microfiction Monday, but someday I will - - I might. :)

Liked this one a great deal. Very cute and so creative.

I'm glad you are in Charleston.


Pat said...

I think the insurance company might reject him for his pre-existing condition. I'm just sayin...

Scott said...

lol clever indeed :-) my guess is that the underwriters will not look favorably upon Mr. Bones's application!

izzy said...

Good one ! my thoughts run on
similar lines ! thanks, enjoy your trip-

Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said...

Fingers crossed for Mr Bones, but I don't hold out much hope for a good report.

Nicely done.

Sylvia K said...

Oh, a good one! Ah, insurance agents! This one needs to take another look at his prospective client!! Enjoy Charleston!


Brian Miller said...

the insurance just need a few questions "fleshed" out? smiles. nice steve!

JStar said...


Sylvia said...

Those insurance companies devour us.
Have a beautiful journey... And dance a lot! Big hugs.

sylviamorice said...

I'll keep my fingers crossed that the insurance company doesn't dig too deep! Cheers!

Nevine said...

Aha! Yes, it is just as I had imagined... you are riding all around on your scooter. And a day off, Steveroni... lately, I have been taking them aplenty. I just finished my first day back at work after my summer break, and ouf! I am tired. But I suppose I should be thankful... and so I am. As I am thankful for having you... and your friendship... and your little violin that brightens my heart when I see it. And your micro fiction... Mr. Bones... is quite delightful. I wish I could write something as meaningful in as few words... but, I ramble!!!

Thank you for sharing the brightness of your soul, Steveroni. And I hope you enjoy the rest of your day... in Charleston... and wherever else you will be.


Sam Liu said...

Charming and witty, Steveroni. I' glad you still have time for a spot of writing. Wishing you all the best :)

hope said...

Since I live in SC, I'd say the HEAT melted all the good parts away. :)

Jack M said...

Hey Steve, this is my first time. Thank you for listening tonight!! Just what I needed.

steveroni said...

JACK...good to see you here--it's about time. Peeps, Jack asked me to be his sponsor...so don't, please don't tell him the truth, and spoil the illusion!

HOPE: I have some parts which I wish the heat would melt away..LOL

SAM LIU: You are so kind with words, even when the topic is silliness. That takes a true professional--YOU!

NEVINE: So young, so beautiful! So happy. You must last forever, for without you, the world would suffer greatly.

SylviaMorice: Well, that's what ins. companies DO! Dig, dig, dig, dig...so they do not have to pay.

JStar: :)

Brian: Fleshed out...or flushed out?

Sylvia: Thanks for visiting, girl!

BILL: Do old skeletons fart? I wonder? if you answer---how did you find out? Hmmmm--grin!

IZZY: having GREAT time--riding in morning to Charlotte, NC, about 250 miles, to see my one-year-old great grandson

SCOTT: Insurance might just accept him, as they sure cannot lose money on him NOW!

PAT: Pre-existing condition--that's GooooD!

PG: These things are MORE fun...just an idea, and write it. SHORT, though--that's good exercise for ME--grin!

CLEAN AND CRAZY: Well, the skeleton is...well--CLEAN AND CRAZY!!!!

South lakes Mom: Yours is my FAVORITE comment, Yep!

steveroni said...

K: No health condition! Nobody thought of that one! Great!

Mr G-Man: I invented the "Charleston"
Did who (you?) invent the FRUG, and if so, is that a misspelling? Mr, YOU are everywhere--checking up on the competition???

MAHA: Just for you to come and read this stuff, is an honor for me. thanks!

DAFT SCOTT'S LASS: Now it is "Happy Tuesday"

MORNING AJ: You look in pretty good shape to ME!

JABBLOG: I like your HAT, also!

Linda S. Socha said...

It is good to come here and visit and smile. I have been away too long. Hope your trip is wonderful friend

KB said...

I hope he took out life insurance.