Sunday, August 22, 2010


Early on this trip, I stayed at the house 
of one who was SO proud of her yard.
What I found there, I share--with you.


At one house where I stayed is a huge back yard, wood-fenced, and loaded with flora, fauna, and vegetation also--grin! Of particular interest to me was  something you all probably knew...but being born in the dark ages, I somehow missed.

A year ago my hostess (Florida) stuck a sprig of milkweed in the ground. It flourished, although slowly...and then came the record-cold winter 2009-10, which killed the milkweed, which is really "weed"--I didn't know that, nor did I even care.


This summer the weed came back and multiplied itself into a "milkweed garden".Of course returned also the Monarch Butterflies! Lots of them! They eat the seeds from the budding and flowering beauty of the "weed". This weed's stalks--stems--then become home to eggs, left behind by the Monarch.

The eggs-turned-larvae, then turned caterpillar, eat the leaves, cleaning the stalk of them. At the "appinted time" a transformation takes place, and the worm becomes the mighty and heavenly beauteous MONARCH which/who will one day return here to lay IT'S larvae. And as the milkweed garden expands its own root systems and boundaries, the Monarchs continue returning "home" to the place of their birth-memory to visit their relatives, eat, love, lay and hide their eggs.

...And the beat goes on....

And the whole magnificent creation of this singular universe is reminiscent of those universes within universes--and those without, beginning to form and fulfill their own functions, as One under All, for All and with All.

Did I mention that milkweed exudes some kind of sticky poison from which the Monarch is immune, but many--most--insects are not? Also, FYI, you must realize that I have not researched this topic, the above is simply my understanding from a quick interview.
But isn't this all just a LOVELY facet of Creation?

NOTE:  This is my second installment of RIDE 2010. this trip is packed with AA meetings, friend old and new, and "God" events happening almost constantly. 

In Charleston SC my very special friend has herself blogged a some (trip) experiences, which might be of interest to a few of you Peeps. Her name: Jess (Go ahead, please click on it!! And read Aug 21 and Aug 22, and then blogroll this woman!)


Ces said...

Hello Mr. Steveroni! I just love seeing you! You always make me so happy. Thank you very much. I have been under a lot of stress lately, I quit blogging for several weeks. I returned and wondered if you will still visit me because I have been incredibly selfish by not returning visits. You made me laugh when you were trying to make the comment count reach to 300. That little exercise kept me sane. Well, I am not insane yet, getting there. Thank you for your and Prayer Girl's offer. I accepted it quietly. Thank you very much. You gave my heart comfort when I needed it most. I thank you so very much!

Ces said...

I have your second nut but I realized I sent you a white matted nut. Now I have a black matted nut. So that will make you have a white and black matted nut. So I am still trying to find a white mate for your nut. I am packaging the nuts to the others now. I will find one somewhere here so that you will have two uniform cream colored nuts!

Crown of Beauty said...

Lovely post,lovely story of the milkweed and the monarchs.

You have such a personal way of sharing these lovely events!

So glad I came by today.

Blessings on the rest of your trip.


dAAve said...

As I read this, I'm watching a show on the telly about nature and it's too much to believe that it all "just happened" without some force to create it all.

Syd said...

Nice about the milkweed and the monarchs.
Hope that you enjoyed Charleston, although this weekend was really hot and humid! I was out on the boat and it was stifling which is unusual.