Thursday, August 26, 2010




First I heard the sirens, wayyyy behind me, approaching. Since I was slowing from about 80, they were not coming up on me--public servants don't "do" 80...at least on the job.

A few cars and a moving van were stopped...then I saw it with my eyes, a motorcycle sort of crumpled up. All by itself, the bent front wheel still circling itself. Maybe caused by the breeze out here on the Interstate.  It is Tuesday. I've been out a week from Naples. Nearby the bike is a body, . Apparently a young man lost control of his two wheeler machine, got into sand on the side of the road, and wound up--as it turned out--quite dead.

I sat in the roadway and recalled feeling as if in a trance--near the lifeless, as crumpled up as his bike. As I looked around, I noticed the little unevennesses in the rocky asphalt, those slight street-indentations. In these places were little spoonsfull of blood, like miniature puddles of unevaporated red rain.  The sirens were getting closer now, and I sat contemplating a tire valve stem cap, some old cig butts,  gravel-sand and a string of marching ants carrying whatever. I moved as the officials took over. They discovered I had nothing useful to offer them.

Peeps were trying to revive the obviously dead corpse, and while walking at the pace of a land turtle back to my own scooter, I realized something. This is the second time today, that I have received a message from outside myself. I stopped in a Starbucks at Exit #123 (Is it the real number?) to write this while it is fresh.


Two hours I spent at the home of my granddaughter, her mother, her husband and my one-year-old great grandson.  L had prepared a lovely dinner.  I had let them know only 24 hours earlier that I'd be coming through their city. It had been one year since we'd seen one another.

In near darkness I continued my ride (won't do that again--ride at night). Before long the big trucks had regaled themselves in thousands of beautiful Christmas-tree-like running lights. Every speeding 18-wheeler appeared as a rolling circus to these tired old eyes. Real darkness set in...and the cold, the biting cold had my hands shaking as I held the handle bars. The Christmas trees began to slow a little at a time. In truth I thought maybe a police roadblock ahead might be the reason. After many miles it seeped  through my thick skull that we had been climbing a mountain. All the while, the scene from earlier that very morning kept flashing through my head

Just before midnight I succumbed to nature. Tired, sleepy, and fffreezing cccold, I checked into the settlement's inexpensive (only) motel, built on a hill high above the village's only gasoline station. Morning arrived and it was clear (and cold--grin!) that I had spent the night at the top of a  mountain, in "Fancy Gap", Virginia.


While packing the scooter to move on, I met an old Alkie-type guy. he was sweeping, emptying trash, and installing new TVs in room units. We talked. He looked just like the old Alkie guy who had checked me in at midnight. He was. And he IS! (Ya never know!)

He suggested I take the Interstates wherever I was headed. But I chose a US highway #58 East. So happy. The sounds, the smells, the views, the "visions" all made this my BEST travel day. Earlier that morning I had been phone-counseled by a Peep friend who several years ago rode a scooter 22,000 miles--by herself--for world PEACE.  Thank you Alix!

I was a bit scared for a while, riding so close to the edge of (the world?) with very little--if any--railing-guard protection. The answer is "Focus, focus, focus"...but NOT on the scenery.

Again, the awesome sights, precious sounds and fresh smells which adorn the many crowns of nature as I ride my Suzuki 650 Burgman through the mountains are indescribable. Delicious! Tantalizing! Tempting!

Maybe I'll just write a 55-word-Friday for tomorrow night/Friday. A "short one". Does anyone believe THAT?--grin!

Writing this--with its inherent memories, made me reflective and tired, so good night...



Katherine said...

Wow Steveroni you a traveling man. It sounds like your trip is giving you heaps of inspirational writing material. How sad though that you should stumble upon the great misfortune of that other young traveler. I pray his next journey is a peaceful one. I will look forward to reading some more about your travels. It would seem that in the craziness that is my life at the present time I have missed much on Blogger. Keep safe & have fun!

Susan Deborah said...


You are having a whale of a time. The scooter looks so inviting. It makes me think of unseen roads, thick forests and lots of fun.

Focus, Focus . . . Susan! Not on the travel but in your thesis!

Blessings and joy.

Travel mercies for ye!

~ Susan

A Daft Scots Lass said...

Just a wee 55 and we'll be happy.

Brian Miller said...

saw a wreck yesterday...grisly...keep the eyes on the road and travel safe my friend....

Syd said...

Sad about the wreck and death. So it is cold in Fancy Gap? It would be good to have some coolness head this way, although yesterday morning was nice with low humidity. Enjoy the ride but watch the road.

An Irish Friend of Bill said...

yes. scary.
Bikes have that effect on you. make you realize the closeness of death should we falter.
yes. be careful. thats all we can do. no unnecessary risks. sad about the death. not nice.
well thanks for the posts of life on the road. we get a snapshot of your traveling life which is nice.

izzy said...

Having lost 3 nephews ( brothers)
to some form of road disasters- 2 on Motorcycles- I can well imagine
that scene you came upon...
Is the cup half full ? today it is !
sounds like you rebounded well-
Enjoy ! -and yes " focus" stay in the now
while riding, can't wait for the 55 !

Susan Roux said...

Wow, powerful! My girlfriend came upon a motorcycle death before the ambulance last week. She's still shaky from the experience. Be safe.

Crown of Beauty said...

Dear Steveroni,

Awesome post.

Painfully honest.

But heartwarming.

Well, really your blog is quite something. Lovely bike on the pic (I'm assuming it's yours.)

Stay out of harm's way, oaky?


Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

God be with you continually on this journey of yours. May he keep you safe and may you find him in each and every moment of your experience!

Danger is around every corner when you live on the edge, you have to trust and count on God fully there, it is in those moments when we can see miracles and grace functioning very fully too!

:) God bless Anna if she read this post or hears this story and be anything at all like me. It's hard to give the ones we love to the care of God without worry especially with reflections of the nearness of danger.


Unceasing prayers :)

MUCH LOVE Mr. Steveroni! God sure does have you in the palm of his hand!

JStar said...

Have safe travels Steve! I couldnt have witness that accident...Thats sad...

Claudia said...

i would love to see a pic with you, sitting on that scooter…have a safe trip steve!

drybottomgirl said...

We get exposed to all when we are "out and about". Sorry you had to witness the outcome of that terrible accident but very glad you are safe and enjoying yourself! God be with you....

mrsnesbitt said...

We are bikers and I can empathise with this.

Take Care

marie said...

thanks for sharing. keep writing or at least takes notes. This trip would make a great book by a great author (I'm talking about you by the way.) Be safe!

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Really that scooter is quite attractive. I feel like go for a long drive on a lonely ride with my music system. It could be a great ride. And as everyone said be safe dear. :)