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AMENDED Aug 5, 2010:

My friend and I have had many conversations through the years about God (he had been "trying"!) Yesterday he did ask me why I thought he lived through this.

I told him, his story--if he chose to share it--could help many Peeps "Come to believe", or reinforce the faith of others, or be a special consolation to those who are confident in our knowledge of a "Power greater than ME".



My friend I talked to this morning for the first time in over a year. He plays 'cello. I play violin. Together with a flautist, we have played many weddings, maybe hundreds. over a period of 25 years.

He is an Atheist, for all of his 87 years, until March 4, 2010 at 3 AM.

That afternoon of March 3, my friend felt his heart beating like a pile driver, but did nothing at that time. In bed for the night, he felt all the symptoms of a heart attack. 20 minutes later in Naples Community Hospital, he was being worked over by a nurse, who saw his Blood Pressure drop to 30 (I guess that's low!). She called for help. Four nurses were working on him. He could hear them mumbling to one another, "This guy is a goner", "He's not going to make it", "Should we stop now, or hold on for a while longer?"

All this time, my friend was in a tunnel, and the proverbial--NOT!--white light shown SO brightly, as to hurt his eyes. He did see at the far end lots of hands, human hands which were calling to him. They seemed to him as caring, loving, gentle, and VERY HAPPY Peeps, but only the hands did he see, and feel, as they pulled at him, kept pulling him forward.

This same time, the nurses behind were "pulling" him back...he said "No, no. I don't want to go back. I want to go to that peaceful, resting place up ahead."

The nurses won out, he revived, endured  surgeries, and that was March 4, 2010. He is now alive and eating, and exercising, and calling friends who did not even know what had occurred.

He told me--this Atheist of 87 years said, "Steve, from that moment, I knew, I KNEW there is a God running things, a Loving, Giving, Creator, who "knows" each of us. I became a believer, immediately from my experience. I have joined a congregation, and I'm an active participant (he is Jewish) and I have nothing left but gratitude for the God who let me live a while longer. I was SO close to death,and I "SAW" heaven right there up ahead...."

As we hung up the phones, goose bumps were still plying their invasiveness on my skin--all over. I shiver now, as I write this. Shiver in excitement of all that is, was, and will be--whatever that is. I shiver in the JOY of knowing that we are not automatically in that "hand-basket". And may that same God bless us all, all who are here, and elsewhere.



A Daft Scots Lass said...

I smile in the power of change.

Linda said...

these mysteries are always that which draws us deeper within and in reading this i thought about god, who is that, patriarchal and wise, matriarchal and wiser still or are there many gods all awaiting all and when all return that place of light will they find all their gods standing before them looking exactly as they thought they did when human, as they walked suffered asked fell down upon the earth weeping, knowing the darkness of their own ignorance.... xx
thoughts at 2am for you, kind sir.

dAAve said...

Thanks for passing that along.

Claudia said...

ah - that's good news

sherri said...

I am a believer...always have been. But you know, there are times in life when you doubt...when bad things happen you have to ask "God, where are you?"

It's so reaffirming to hear stories like this. In the telling, you have given us all that affirmation of our faith.

And one more person has become a believer! That is so wonderful! God's army gets just a bit stronger!

steveroni said...

Thank you, Peeps, for reading and commenting on this post. I had hoped for some feedback.

My friend and I have had many conversations through the years about God (he had been "trying"!) And so yesterday he did ask me why I thought he lived through this.

I told him, his story--if he chose to share it--could help many Peeps "Come to believe", or reinforce the faith of others, or be a consolation to those of us who are confident in our knowledge of a "Power greater than ME"!

Syd said...

A wonderful experience for him. Thanks for posting it here. I have believed since the epiphany before my parents' death.

Brian Miller said...

giving me goosebumps here steve...not just the experience either...that one more came into the fam gives me goosebumps as well...we all have our stories and i love to hear them...

JStar said...

Steve, this has me chocked up and tears flowing out of my eyes...My brother had a similar happening two days before he passed...My brother had AIDS...He said that he was in the most beautiful garden walking with God...That he wanted to stay but he didnt want to leave my mom. When my mom encouraged him to go so he wouldnt have to be in pain anymore...He passed shortly after...My brother also didnt believe...He was 26 when he passed but got saved on his death bed after this experience....

Thanks for sharing!

izzy said...

Great ! thanks- there is always more to learn.

" If God seems far away
who moved ?"

" He is as close as my breath, my hands, my feet-"

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

YAY!!! I LOVE GOOD GOD ENDINGS!!! Because when we hear them it's a whole new life that the end has brought, a whole new life to enjoy!!!!


dulce said...

How good... to get to the light and then be brought back... only a few have experienced that... and no matter how much detail they give us about the experience, the rest of us mortals will never truely understand...
... BUT You seem to have!


drybottomgirl said...

This is so awesome! Thanks for sharing. Have you ever read the book "Final Gifts"? You would like it. You gave me goosebumps all the way in Wisconsin with this one....

AlmightyHeidi said...


G-Man said...

It's never too late for Miracles!
great Story Maestro....G

Sam Liu said...

Fascinating tale, Steveroni, thank you for sharing it. I have heard many tales like this, of people who have converted due to an NDE (near death experience).

However, I am and, I think, always will be an atheist. I can't except the existence of a Creator, and even if there was one, I don't think any religion has yet to understand the being. I guess faith isn't for everybody.

Once again, thanks for telling us this story, Steve - it was a really enjoyable read :D

DJ said...

Isaiah 40:31

Jingle said...

nice shot,
your knife is still sharp and shine like new,
keep working on it.
Happy Friday!

Crown of Beauty said...

Yes, the story is worth sharing, and thank you for taking time to type it out. So well written Steveroni. For sure many people will benefit from it, and become believers themselves.

Thank you for your care and concern.


Caroline said...

Wow wow wow...that is an amazing story. To become a believer at 87. Oh man... This put a big smile on my face to read. Thank you for sharing his story!!

Jingle said...


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