Wednesday, October 1, 2008

WHO...me? busy?


Today I was asked to speak at the rather large "cookie meeting" October 9. That will be fun for me, because it is the group where I walked into Alcoholics Anonymous for the first and only time in March 1974. There is only one lady left from those long-ago days. She is in Alanon. She is not young. About 200 people usually go there on Thursday nights.

I have many friends who attend regularly--from other groups. A lot of us go to a lot of meetings, and feel very much at home in a lot of groups.

My Home Group is the New Dawn 6 AM and 7 AM every day, and I go there every day.

Also I'm speaking at the ******Club October 18, that's a Saturday 8 PM. It's called a "structured" meeting, because men must remove their hats. I laugh at this--should not men remove their hats ANYWAY? And they require that the speaker wear a tie. I might wear a tie, might not.

I used to say,
in an UNhumble way,
"I only wear a tie when they pay me."

But that thinking is in the past also, so I'll put on a (Ughhhhh!) clean shirt and a tie, no doubt.

Also I was asked to chair for October the Tuesday morning 7 AM meeting which is a Topic-discussion. That will be easy. After all these years, I have beaucoup topics, except when I 'blank out'.

And these people are my friends, at least that's the way I see them. Often I hear God speak to me--through them. That used to be the only way I could be reached by God, through others. But sometimes (seldom) he sneaks into my brain while I'm meditating, with no distractions--none.

Also Anna and I and about 250 others who we have not yet met, are going on an AA cruise leaving October 26 returning November 2. There will be many more people aboard than us alkies, but a coffee room will be open 24/7 for that week, and we'll have meetings, meetings, etc.

Seems as if God thinks I need some extra doses of humility this month, or maybe these activities have piled up, for me to just see if I can Keep a tiny bit of humility? It's in His hands anyway, because that's where I've put it all.

Also playing masses at St Elizabeth Seton is a weekly thing for me now, this week Saturday at 4:30, and Sunday at 7:30. The times are my choices. I love doing that. But the congregation likes it all so much also, that I have to keep my ego in check. I just remember that I'm using God's gifts, in His house, for His people, and many other persons are engaged in many other activities, most of which are not so visible (nor aural!). But ALL are so very worthy.

This Sunday at 1 PM, lots of bikers (and me) are assembling in Naples, to ride to Bonita Springs to attend a memorial service for AA biker Tim G. He was killed recently when a truck slammed into his Harley. His wife sustained severe injuries also (on her own Harley) in the same accident. She will be there Sunday.

I've never ridden with a hundred bikers before this. Of all the things I have going, this is the one which scares me. Maybe (oh, this again?) let go, and let God? Hmmmmmm?

I wish you all Sobriety, Peace, and God's love.



Zanejabbers said...

STEVERONI. And your friend's spirit will be leading the pack on the way to his funeral. Beautiful. I've done those and they were the most emotional times I can recall. Ride to Live and Live to Ride.

Shadow said...

you have so much to share, good things to say, many people to influence. you have a way of building inspiration to emulate what you have acieved. you do it in such a wonderful manner too, judging from your writings. and the best part... i get to 'hear you speak' just about every day on your blog. thank you!

Molls said...

Hi steve-a-roni
I'm still reading you blog, so your advice did not infuriate me (why would it?)
I like hearing about how involved you are in AA and I hope we'll get there someday too.
Haven't gone to alanon yet, but it's on my todo (four letter word) list.

Lou said...

Slow down, Kid-at-Heart-A-Roni!

J-Online said...

How Cool that you and Anna are going on the cruise! What a wonderful opportunity. I'm very excited for you guys.

Syd said...

Steve, what a great way to celebrate the life of someone. It is so much better than somber church services. I think that it is the life of someone that should be celebrated rather than the death being mourned.

~Tyra~ said...

I wish I could attend a meeting that you speak or chair.

AlkySeltzer said...

Tyra, I wish you could attend one also. I'm dying to meet someone on these daily pages f2f. Maybe some day. (sigh)

I swear to you (and others), it's probably my greatest wish before I die--that gives me at least 20 years


Akannie said...

Hey there, go-go'a-roni!!
Don't let these young whippersnappers tell you to slow down, lmao!!! I keep going fast so the grim reaper can't outrun me. Of course, like you, I suspect, it's all between naps. LOL

Here's a grand idea. Why don't we all come to my house next summer? There's some nice cheapish motels in the general area (10 miles away) and if we make plans for June 2009, it gives everyone plenty of time to plot and plan and save. I live out in the boonies, and room for camping too. For a nice weekend. Whaddaya think??

I love you, roni-roni...and you better tell Anna that it's all on the up and up. Man, we could have some kind of fun. And you could bring your fiddle and my Chris could bring her viola and I will pretend to play my dulcimer(who knows, I may find a teacher any minute) and I can sing too...it'll be like the grand ole opry (or something). Think there might be enough interest? Could be fun....we can eat communal meals from my little kitchen. We can sit until the wee hours talking and recovering and laughing and even go to a local meeting or two.

It's feeling like an idea......

(oh yeah, and thanks for staying sober and showing people like me the way. I'm about sober half as long as you, I think, and the role models tend to get a little few and far between)

Love and big sloppy smoochies, Annie

molly said...

we could all try to do a skype meeting!!!!!! all that is required is download skype and a video cam

i've only used it one on one with friends but i think there is a group option. that'd be fun huh.

AlkySeltzer said...

I'll have to GOOGLE Skype, never did the IM or PC-TALK stuff.