Tuesday, October 14, 2008


At age 10, I used to go back on our farm, and 'clean up'
in a creek such as this. I do not have a credit to publish.


This morning I was given the opportunity to chair a meeting. 80 people is a lot for a discussion, but we do it every single morning of the year (just had a thought: I counted 81 people, and $88.50 in the basket--I think that's good for "these hard times"). I always love to chair--and I never ask, "Does anyone have a topic they wish to discuss?" I figure they should have asked me beforehand. Also, I have heard some mighty weird topics come spontaneously from the floor.

So, my topic was (is now) "Knowing God". And I wanted to cram everything I've learned about God into 12 minutes, not an easy chore. So I tried this: that if I know God, no explanation is necessary. For those who do not know their Higher Power, no explanation is possible, and only a fool would attempt to define "It". Often have I been that fool!

So, where are we then? How can I learn about God, how can I acquire knowledge of my Higher Power? The answer to that is hanging on the walls of most rooms where Alcoholics Anonymous meetings are held--Our wonderful Twelve Steps! In the taking (working) of those Steps, THAT is the way I found "It". provided I have become open-minded. If it's not hanging there on the wall, then try our wonderful Big Book, page 59, the Steps are there...

NOTE: There were the usual ,
"old-timer's group"--Hell, I AM an old-timer--sitting together, who believed (and said so!) that we did not need to talk "God" in a room where there were a dozen people with fewer than 90 days sobriety. I disagree, but did not say so. God will speak to whomever needs to hear. That's what I now believe.

Later, I find (again!) in our BB, Chapter 2, Page 25 ..."The central fact of our lives today is the absolute certainty that our Creator has entered our hearts and lives in a way which is indeed miraculous." (italics mine)

It seems to me that if our Big Book speaks freely about God and "our Creator" so early, (Chapter 2) page 25, then this "Higher Power", or "God Thing" should not necessarily be kept under wraps--from a beginner's eyes--for too long.

Today, I am grateful to have a 'room'--YOU readers, my real friends!--where I can vent, if I feel even in the slightest... "wronged". I got 'happy' again, just writing this to you. Thanks for listening. I ask God to bless this day for each one in our blog community.



Cat said...

I came back from a noontime al-anon meeting. This was my 5th meeting and I think I may have found what some call their 'home group'. It felt like home, I hope I am able to get to know my higher power the more I work at this process.


AlkySeltzer said...

Oh Cat, you will, YOU WILL! Believe me this, you keep it up, stay close to the girls in this AA blog community
and especially to the GIRLS in your new-found group, home-or-not...and with that attitiude you have (yes, it comes right through my monitor!) and humility--you ARE one of us.

I'm SO glad now that I wrote about God
Steve E.
Looked for your blog, not up yet -grin

Princess Powerless said...


Totally, totally totally agree with you. I also think that using the term "higher power whom I choose to call God" is a great way to slip around newcomers' resistance to the spiritual side of AA. And of course, suggestion page 569 - Spiritual Experience.

Thanks for the reminder, Homeslice.

Hugs - PP

Lou said...

I don't understand the controvery about God..but that's just me.

Keep preaching to the choir!

Anonymous said...

I like it when you talk about God. I'll be that God likes it, too.

Syd said...

I think that the HP especially needs to be there for newcomers. Many won't hear and will be scared by talk of God. But maybe just talking about the group's higher power won't be too scary. It takes time to come to believe.

Pam said...

One of my (many) pet peeves is when the leader asks if anyone has a topic. You're the leader Bucko, you are responsible to bring a topic!
THEN...sometimes the topic is so "outthere" that I want to raise my hand and say "where in our beautiful book did you find that?"
But alas....I sit quietly because I do not know what God has planned for the guy next to - maybe only "out there" topics will get thru to him.
Enjoy your day sugar.

Mary Christine said...

I also don't ask for a topic. I figure if I agree to chair the meeting it is my job to have a topic.

Akannie said...

...and I never ask if any of the googly-eyed people in a meeting have a topic. I am the topic queen when I chair--that's my job! lol

Seriously though...people always talk about whatever they want anyway, especially if they have a burning desire to discuss something.

I think most people believe in a power greater than themselves. As long as you're not preaching, I don't see the problem. Preaching makes people's little minds snap shut. It's an automatic response for most of us alkies.

This comment is almost as long as your blog now. LOL
Topday is hubby's 28th soberversary and he says it is because he didn't drink and didn't die. And NO, thing-a-roni...he wouldn't blog if his life depended on it. Or maybe he would..if I would just show him how to do it.


big sloppy smoochies

AlkySeltzer said...

Annie K., for 15 years I procrastinated writing anything online. Then around July 1 this year, some taught me (Email) how to blog...not how to set up, but how to get started, to join in, to be a part of. I am SO grateful for that person's help, and I'm even now positive that God's hand was working here.

Your 'hubby' if he is computer literate, if he has a desire to express himself, and if he is willing, might be receptive to someone online helping him get going via Email.

BTW, please give him my congratulations also, for 28th anniversary, and also for not dying!

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...


Jess Mistress of Mischief said...


vicariousrising said...

I think the problem with "the God thing" when it comes to newcomers is that the old timers can sometimes sound very uniform in their ideas of their HP (even if there are shades of differences, the newcomers is kind of overloaded with info at first) and it can sound preachy rather than comforting. I don't think it serves anyone to completely avoid God talk to make things smoother for newcomers, but I don't think many people realize how strong their personal religious convictions come out sounding like they are actually specific AA rhetoric.