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Grandma Moses, 1953
September 7, 1860December 13, 1961



Noticeably, several of the contributors to these amazing blogs are Grandmothers, and I just would enjoy to comment on that momentarily.

Grandmas are God's special gift to children, and (you know who you are!) you certainly are one of those gifts! A Grandma sometimes is 'taken for granted' by her own children, occasionally even 'used' as in "...please watch the children, I have something important which needs attention!" But Grandchildren know! They know who their Grandma is. They know that she means to them kindness, compassion, love, care giver, candy, a gift. A child realizes that Grandma IS a gift, and gladness fills the heart of a child, when told that, "Grandma is coming!"

There is something very spiritual about a Grandma. She has been a mother to a mother, or a mother to a father. She is the link between me and my ancestors. Grandmothers--since Eve--hold the key to spiritual togetherness, that spiritual connection of all humankind, from never to ever, from eterne to eternity.

My (very much German) Grandma saved my younger brother's life. he had fallen down from a hayloft onto concrete floor on his head (big-time fracture) and temperature was 106+ & he went into convulsions. He had turned the color of a purple grape. Grandma quickly assembled a tub filled with ice, and held him in it. Doctor said that act saved his life. (I was 8 years old...Jack was 3). We lived on the farm at that time. Old Grandma was simply visiting that day. Everyone else panicked. This is my recollection.

Another memory which stands out, is a happening in the year 1944. We had just acquired a new Victrola record player-recording machine. The heavily-weighted needle cut grooves into a plastic-type disk, thus was sound transmitted onto media, which could be retrieved with the record player. That's about as scientific as 'soundman-a-roni' can get! -grin- And so...Grandma was chosen as one of the first to 'cut a disk' or 'make a record'.

I'll never forget the sound of her Germanic-laden words, as she 'prayed' in her fashion, for the farm, the livestock, the hired hands, for all her own children, for the success of their businesses. Grandma prayed for her many (more than 40) grandchildren. Then she took another tack, prayed for the poor cold, wet, muddied and bloodied soldiers (on both sides) in Europe, in her mother country, those dying souls, who had not even the barest of chances to develop, live, and grow.

My real surprise came then, like a gunshot--I heard her pray for those who "could not put down the drink", those whose "...lives were in shambles, due to their obsession with alcohol." She did not use the word 'alcoholism', or 'alcoholic', but I knew of whom she spoke.

Funny, but that was the age when my own nickname had been reduced from 'Alkaseltzer' to 'Alkie'. None at that time realized that my nickname, the casual word 'Alkie', would soon prove prophetic, and would define my existence for the next thirty years.

And I would never, in a thousand years have believed, even thought for an instant, that you YOUNG Grandma Triathloners, and others like you, would let God work through you to save MY life. And now I know the secret...you did it so that you might stay sober, and so that I might be one day helpful to other alcoholics.

And you did (stay sober) and I AM (helping other 'Alkies')! I'm EVER so grateful!

Love ya, Grandmas!




Very nice!

God bless grandmas.

God bless alcoholics - sober and otherwise!

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My ad reads: I ended up posting a blog after all. - PG

AlkySeltzer said...

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Anonymous said...

My kids have really super grandmas. I'm grateful for that.

Anonymous said...

I miss my Grandma. My father felt she was a cold mother.

She was not a cold grandmother. Always had a drawer filled with things for us.....new undies, stationery, silverware, and the jar of cookies on top of the fridge. (She called it the ice box)

Shadow said...

that's a beautiful blong! i never knew my grandmother, only got to meet her once, at the age of 88, very briefly while visiting germany. and the bean hasn't got one either. we're a grandmother/father-less family. makes me a little sad. must be because of this that the bean has all these 'adopted' aunts and uncles...

Akannie said...

Nice post.

It's a very elite club, grandmas. lol I just told my friend at lunch yesterday that

"Grandchildren are your reward for not killing your own kids."

I grew up in a German farming community, so I this blog today really struck a chord with me.

If I didn't know better, puff-a-roni, I'd think you were a big old marshmallow...

Mary Christine said...

I am the youngest of five of a mother who was the youngest of eight... both of my grandfathers were dead before I was born. Both of my grandmothers were so old they frightened me. When I had children, my mother was dead and my father was far away, and we moved far away from my in-laws. So my kids had virtually no relationship with grandparents. It is a revelation to see how close I am to my granddaughters. I had NO role model for this.

But my sponsor always talks about her grandmother, and I know how precious these relationships are. I know that my relationship with my granddaughters is a gift - to all of us!

Syd said...

My grandmother was a wonderful woman. I loved her dearly. Thanks for bringing up a good memory.

J-Online said...

I am fortunate to have had both of my Grandma's play a huge role in my life. One is still with me today and is a Great Grandma to AngelSon.

Grandma's are a true gift from God.

Lou said...

Auch du Lieber, Oma!

Molls said...

Hey roni! Love this post. I miss my Grandma's very much.
And thanks for missing me. Things are good though, new post up tonight.

Zanejabbers said...

Grandmas! My Mother Lela was very special to me. She was Mother's mother. My father's mother died the day I was born. I had my Mother Lela until I was 20. I always say Hello Mother Lela when I pass Ravenswood Cemetery on I-45.
Memories can be precious.

Mary LA said...

Loved this post!


Kathy Lynne said...

I can't wait to be a Grandma! My grandmother was more influence in my life than my parents.

Cat said...

What an absolutely beautiful post! Its all about returning what is given and in doing so giving back!