Monday, October 20, 2008


This angel is on Prayer Girl's desk. Name is Flex (Flexible) PG pictured it recently
and I thought you'd like to know--it isn't just a --you know--Internet pic.


The daily, hourly and minute-by minute action of turning my will and my life over to the CARE of God as I understand Him (MY Higher Power) is a piece of our program, that if I skip it, is like going to a play, walking out before Act III, and returning at the beginning of Act IV. I just might miss something.

Why did I not let go, and let God? I'll tell you why, it was because I did not want to give up my power--as if I HAD any power! I pretended that I was 'in charge'. I had pretended all my life. I believe, looking back, that was/is the most difficult shortcoming of mine. That, and denial that I had any problem, whatsoever.

I became willing to give it up, that I had to finally ('humbly') say to God, "I'm ready! Take it away, please. I cannot do this alone". And He DID remove it. But, even yet, this grave emotional problem returned, now and again. What did I miss? Aha! In Step six is an unobtrusive little word, "ENTIRELY"! How important are those little every-day words in our steps? Bill W. was ever so careful with words. He communicated to us through our Big Book, utilizing great consideration and thoughtfulness.

I sometimes say to my Higher Power, "Please God, You choose for me today, what to do and say. I will go about my necessary daily chores, try to be where I'm expected, but You will decide WHO to put in front of me, and when. Further, I HUMBLY ask You to give me words to say, Your words of support and comfort, Your message of Peace and Love." Wish I could remember to say this every wakeful hour.

NOW! When I DO say--and mean--words like that to my Higher Power, it makes life oh! so much easier to live. (The easier, softer way?) Taken from me--and automatically, it seems--made for me are numerous decisions through a given day. Mostly small decisions, which lead, sometimes rapidly, to more important ones. And, if I am maintaining my spiritual life, my day likely will end with a good measure of serenity, and an even larger portion of happiness.



Shadow said...

here's to each of us finding our easier and softer self!

Lou said...

A good prayer you say there. It keeps one mindful in this busy day to day life.


This beautiful angel must have two names. I think angels aren't bound by our rules.

I know Flex as Morningstar.

I did finally turn my will and life over to God the day I woke up from my last drunk. I do the best I can to leave it there. The more I am able, the better things go and the happier and more serene I am.

Anonymous said...

I like that simple prayer that says so much.

indistinct said...

I like your prayer, might have to steal it, or at least bits of it.

Thank you.

Syd said...

That's a prayer to remember. Thanks for sharing it. There is an easier softer way.

Anonymous said...

Another great post Father-o-roni. Happy Tuesday to you!

Akannie said...

Thanks for the- making her think again- post.

When we get tangled up in our problems, be still. God wants us to be still, so He can untangle the knot.

Trust. Gratitude. Ah....the easier, softer way.

Mary Christine said...

That angel is beautiful!