Saturday, October 4, 2008



Really I have not the slightest clue what this blog entry has to do with sobriety. Well, for one thing...the writer is me, and I'm sober! Another Happy Day!

BTW, I think I should let y'all in on a secret. Up to now, only Mary C has known that Prayer Girl is my wife Anna. She's getting pretty busy these days, but I certainly hope she continues to blog...I believe Anna has a lot to offer us. And she prays a lot...to Someone Who listens a lot! She's as much a 'keeper' as all you, my new friends on these blogrolls. (IMHO!)


One of my Adult Supervisors:

A real sober lady I know uses the term "adult supervision", when speaking of her sponsor, or others to whom she looks for counsel. She humbly and consistently provides uncommonly common-sense advice to all who seek it, and has developed a devoted 'following' of alcoholic recoverers. This fine woman says that she keeps herself removed from pot, cocaine, alcohol, and mind-altering men!

One story is about a guy who walks into the bar and orders a double scotch, neat (no ice, no water). Immediately he orders and drinks another, then another, and another. After about 20 'anothers', he gets up to leave, and the bartender says to him, "Hey, the first drink you ordered is still sitting here, untouched." The weaving fellow slurs back at him, "Well, they told me that it was always the first one which would get me drunk."

New City, New University:

Ave Maria's Oratory (photo above) is now a parish church. Ave Maria, Florida sort of resembles a refined, and very catholic, Disney World section. In only a couple short years, the city now boasts that oratory, Ave Maria University with dormitories, a grade school, and a town, with a coffee shoppe! And People actually have moved there. It is 20 miles from the 'end of the world" so-to-speak. It's about 36 miles from our house, all country-type roads.

Anna and I attended the dedication where I had to pretend lameness in order to get a seat for the 2-plus hour event. Bishops, priests, nuns (from Spain--they are professors at the university), students, tourists and townspeople populated the palace-like structure.

We met and traded email addresses with people from Germany and England--we were even invited to spend time as guests by the British couple.

Before ending this posting I've GOT to tell y'all about Ave Maria dedication service. Most of the singing (even the mass) was sung in LATIN...OH! the JOY! It's been so many years since I've heard such beautiful choirs and soloists (AMU students) and expert organ handling. The acoustics rivaled many concert halls. I will not go deeper into this, because it would become a REAL blong!

Couple other times I rode out there on Flex (bike), once to meet a guy who works in Ave Maria, and wanted to stay sober. We attended the nooner mass, and he bought ME lunch! We were making progress for a few weeks, when he suddenly decided he is OK. This happened about two months ago.

I look forward to later today, visiting all your blogs, maybe even commenting (Ha! As if you could stop me from that.)

Received a few posts from Patrick this morning, thought he was long gone. It must be him who someone was blogging about the other day (getting rid of one more obnoxious blog visitor?) And Mr Paranoia thought she was referring to me! But, again, I'm still learning, "Steve, it's just not about you!" Well, thank God, again this time, it's NOT!


J-Online said...

Hey..I was in on your little secret!!! How quickly I'm forgotten these days! Yeah Yeah...I know, it's not about me! Hugs to you and Anna, Jenn

Anonymous said...

Well, what do you know! How appropriate that such a fine lady would be married to such a great guy. Kind of makes sense now.

I got a visit from Patrick, too. What I noticed is that my site meter didn't show any hits from Australia (where he's from.) All the hits for that time period were from north America. I think I should alert the FBI.

Molls said...

PG is your wife!!! ReallY??? OHMAN you guys are the best! That makes me SO happy!

pat said...

I hope she does continue blogging. How great to know she is your wife.

Lou said...

I didn't know. How fun!

She is a sweetie, Lucky-O-Roni.

Gabriella Moonlight said...

I agree with Kristin, it all makes sense!!! That is amazing!

I got a visit from Patrick too, i had 15 visits from him and my husband who blogs and is linked to mine ended up getting 34 (he's not a sober blogger nor related to AA at all) so he lurks too...

Thank you for the post and revealing one of the most awesome partnerships I could imagine.

Shadow said...

here's an ahhhh moment. so that's why your blogs look alike....

patrick's been busy. i looove comment moderation. don't have to read the mumbo jumbo. can just delete, delete, delete. happy days!!!!!

Mary Christine said...

What a beautiful church!

I can understand Prayer Girl's stopping blogging. It really is a p.i.a., as you are finding.

AlkySeltzer said...

If p.i.a. means "pain-in-the-ass" (and if it really IS that, for me) then I'm a masochist...because I LOVE these blogs, comments, and the few wonderful email acquaintances! Of course, being busily retired, I do NOT have to report somewhere 8-5 five days a week, etc.

Makes a BIG difference. HUGE!