Friday, October 24, 2008


Picture yesterday was posted in error.
Above is the boat we have chartered for our
7-night Gratitude Cruise through the Caribbean


Sugden Theater is the name of a playhouse in downtown Naples. Groups such as The Naples Players produce theatrical presentations throughout the year. It is one outlet for retired, and/or visiting actors and actresses, dancers, singers, etc., to perform. In Naples however, it a far cry from "typical" small-town theater. The shows here are first-rate in the small-town, resort category.

I have long wanted to see if I could still cut the mustard in an orchestra pit, but the opportunity just never happened. This afternoon I received a call. They need a violinist to "fill in" for this Saturday night performance. The caller even told me that I was at the bottom of his list of available players. -grin-

In the past, at such a remark, I would have already been "busy"--yeah, busy sitting at home blogging! Or watching TV, or riding my bike. But, you know, I was 'inspired' to recognize the caller's honesty. It was almost as if (this might be stretching it!) it was God Calling, to say, "I'm sending you a chance to play this show, get back in the swing of playing with others, under a conductor. Do your best, and We'll take it from there."

So, tonight (Thursday) I attended the performance, and sat in the orchestra pit next to the violinist I'll be replacing. Sort of like "Show-and-tell"?? Try to understand the next paragraph, in the light of someone learning how to play the music--like I did tonight--just by listening to the orchestra, and taking notes.

This reminds me SO much of a Charlie Brown "Peanuts" comic strip: Charlie's uncle wants to learn how to play the violin, so he goes to a concert, to see how the violinists DO it. He goes home, only to find that he cannot even play one note. When Charlie asks, "What is he going to do?" The answer: Oh, he's going back next week, and try it again, but this time he'll sit real close, up front!"

It is like a newly sober woman or man, sitting at meetings, never working the steps, never getting a sponsor, never making coffee, or setting up chairs and tables, never sharing...in other words, not practicing our beautiful program, yet expecting the result to be a happy and peaceful sobriety. It just ain't gonna work that-a-way.

Anyway guys, say a little prayer for me--I'll have to get Prayer-Girl on it also. These shows last several weeks each, and so playing a few throughout a given year COULD pay for the October 2009 Eighth Annual Fall GRATITUDE CRUISE!*


*In case ya missed yesterday's blog,
we're sailing
Sunday on the Freedom of the Seas,
(as of now) the largest passenger liner afloat.
Day after tomorrow we'll board for the 2008
Seventh Annual Fall Gratitude Cruise


Shadow said...

haaa haaa to that picture change.... i've got this feeling you like teasing.

Laura said...

Wow..love this post and love that you are getting to do something you love again! Definitely prayers...and wish I could attend. :)

Anonymous said...

I am very happy for you and Anna, on the cruise and the opportunity to play in the orchestra. I love to hear that people are enjoying their retirement!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Steve-O. You will be great :)

kel said...

What a wonderful weekend you have ahead of you!! I am sure you will be outstanding Saturday evening and hope you have an amazing sober vacation!

Lou said...

That was funny they said that about the bottom of the list. How nice you took it with your usual panache(wink,wink,grin,grin;).

AlkySeltzer said...

Lou, there is an agent who tells everyone "You are at the top of my list, the FIRST one I call for a gig."

Few years ago he called, "Steve, I an desperate! I've called everyone I know, and nobody is available for tonight. Could you do the job for me tonight? It pays real good!"

HA! I went to bed early that night... -BIG GRIN-


Cat said...

Playing in the orchesta sounds like a dream come true - good for you!

Again I wish you and prayer Girl the best time on your cruise - I told my husband about it and he said that would be a good get away for sometime next year for the both of us - so now to do my research!

Be safe and have a ball - oh and take lots of pictures!


Gabriella Moonlight said...

Wow what an amazing opportunity being brought to you! I am sure you will be amazing and how much freedom you possess to hear this man's honesty and commitment. I love the new pic and it's my kind of cruising boat for sure!
xo Gabi

JubilantOne said...


I can't stand it! I want to go on a cruise tooooooooooooooooooooo!

Freedom of the Seas... is that Royal Caribbean? I am soooo jello, I can't stand it.

Have a great time. :-) JO (formerly PP)

Molls said...

Hey mustard! You are going to kick some serious musical butt! I'm so excited for you. Thanks again for another fantastic post.

Anonymous said...

I'm quite stoked for you! How cool to have such an opportunity just plop itself in your lap. Coincidence? Nah, I don't believe in that anymore, coincidences that is. *Doing happy dance*

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you'll be great. Put it in God's hands, Roni, and don't worry about it!

Now wait a minute....I don't drink coffee so I rarely make it. The very few times I do, I have to always ask my husband what ratio to what.

Luckily in my Alanon group, we are mostly water drinkers. ~grin~